Scrap Rehab – Triptych

Today’s card is a “Thank You” card.  This card was inspired by Operation Write Home Card Sketch #5.

Triptych thank you card

Triptych thank you card

I have used a Stampin’ Up! set titled “Upsy Daisy” on this card front.  I’ve used Close To Cocoa ink on the stamp.

The card bases are yellow.  I’ve made another set of four (4) cards.

Yellow card bases

Yellow card bases

I went for a monochromatic color theme.  Oranges and yellows with brown ink.

Scrap paper used on these cards

Scrap paper used on these cards

The inside of the card was stamped with a Stampin’ Up! set titled “Of The Earth” and I used Close To Cocoa ink on this as well.

Card insert

Card insert

Here are the four (4) finished cards.  Once I had finished making them and had a few minutes to sit back and have a look at them it struck me that I had used fall colors.  Wonder if the cooler days are what inspired the color choice?

Finished cards

Finished cards

The scrap and trash left over from creating these cards is just this little pile.  There are several pieces I will keep to use on a different project some time.

Little pile of trash left behind

Little pile of trash left behind

If you would like to see how this card was created here is a full tutorial video taking you step by step through the entire process to do one of these yourself….or several of them 😀

Hope this has inspired you to go digging around in your scrap paper stash 😀


Hello. My name is Leslie and I am a paper hoarder.

Scraps.  Man those bits of paper can take over your craft area.  They are the abandoned children of the whole sheets of paper.

Most paper crafters get so excited about the new lines that come out several times a year.  We hot foot it to the nearest scrapbooking store or craft/hobby store to romance the new collections.  I do mean romance these papers.

Alright, I have to speak for myself and no one else.  I’m really bad about this.  I love paper with texture and that has some weight.  I’m not a big fan of the design paper that is almost the weight of photocopier paper.  I like my paper to have some heft to it….some meat on its bones – kind of like me 😉

If you have gone to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and picked up a pad of paper by DCWV, K&Company, or Recollections to find the 2 inch round sticker holding the pad closed torn away that means I have beat you to the paper.

I have to see the full page, feel the texture, look at the printed designs, feel the weight of the paper, listen to it as I flick from one page to the next.  If a particular sheet of paper captures my total attention I have spent several minutes looking at the colors, images, and light reflection.  If the paper has that machined embossing that shines over some of the images I have to feel the whole sheet.

My craziness is akin to when Joe and I were first married.  Every chance I got I would run my fingers through his hair, touch the skin on his arm, brush my hand over his clothing, give a little squeeze of his backside.  This paper “fetish” is almost the same.  I have to touch my fingertips to the sheet of paper.  Let my fingers gently run across the face of it.  Open my hand and let my palm run over the texture caressing the slick surface of the product applied to the paper.  Let my fingertips trace the glitter applied to the papers.  Give the paper a gentle squeeze to feel the thickness of it.

When I have made my purchase I fantasize what I could make with the paper once I get home.  Sometimes I get so caught  up in my solo orgy that I forget to purchase glue, adhesive, or any other type of embellishments to go with the paper.  When I reach home I can’t wait to rip the packaging from the paper and freely run my  hands over each and every sheet enjoying it to the fullest without looking over my shoulder to see if there is someone else close looking askance at me.

When I have a project in mind for the papers I get out my trimmers and begin cutting away.  The scraps are shunted off to the side to be later dumped, unceremoniously, in a storage bin somewhere.  These scraps will languish away and be forgotten.  They no longer serve a purpose in my creative life.

One morning earlier this week I found a website whose sole aim is to gather greeting cards from crafters to be sent to our service people to be able to have cards to send home to their loved ones.  OWH “Operation Write Home” has lots of information about creating cards.  Videos on making cards, tips, techniques, and a really fun site to check out.   One of the videos and blog posts was on scraps to be used in card making.  Using Scraps is the title for the tutorial that I have used to reacquaint myself with my abandoned scrap children.

I made a note of the sizes used in card making.  The sizes for scraps on this website is to fit card fronts that are A2 or measure 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″.

Measurements to cut the scraps

In cleaning off my work surface yesterday I had a huge pile of scraps from the Christmas Card Boxed Set.  A massive pile.  I thought I would start there first before I gathered all the rest of my scraps.

You can see, off to the left of the photo, I have a white storage bin with the scraps of white and cream that I dumped in the bin last year.  I got a start on the papers on my work surface and began placing them in neat little piles with a small sticky note stuck to the top of the stack.

Starting the scrap cutting

Once I finished with clearing my table I went to work on the basket of white scrap papers and got that bin empty.  This is what my scrap bins looked like.  Poor things.

Bins full of scraps

This is not a project that is fast.  It is quite time consuming to be exact.  I worked on two of the baskets yesterday all the time wondering if I had lost my mind and taken on a project with no end in sight.  The cutting and stacking went on today for another several hours.  I am happy to say that I have gotten through it all and am quite happy with the results.

Stacks of uniform sized scraps

This bin has all of the 4″ scraps ranging in size from 4″ x 4″ to 4″ x  5-1/2″.

4" wide scraps

This bin holds all of the 2″ x 2″, on up to 3″ x 5-1/2″ scraps.

2" x 2" up to 3" x 5-1/2" scraps

This bin holds all of the 1″ x 3″ to 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ scraps.

1" x 3" up to 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" scraps

These bins hold an assortment of card stock and designer series paper.  This project took so long to do there is no way I’m going to put these in color order.  I thought about it but decided I’m not that energetic.

I have one final bin that is full of cut apart embellishments from Club Scrap and various other unique papers I did not want to cut up.

Specialty papers and embellishments

I am really happy that I took the time to do this.  I think I may actually use these scraps to create things.  At least I had some ideas floating around in my head as I whacked away with the paper trimmer.  Rest assured I’ll be blabbing about any project I come up with to use these scraps.

How do you store your small-ish scrap pieces of paper?  Are you a card maker and find you need to cut up whole sheets of paper to use your punches?  Do you end up creating more scraps from whole sheets when you have a die cutting project?  If you do take this project on I’d love to hear what your solution has been.


An experimental card

I wanted to see what a particular photo would look like on a card front with the center popped out.


The photo I’m using today is of a fountain in Green River, Utah at the Tamarask Inn.


I wanted the fountain part stepped out from the flat photo surface. Using the rectangular shape template from Fiskars I set it up then cut the area out using my craft knife.


Behind the hole I cut out I placed a piece of orange textured cardstock from Colorbök.


I cut another piece of the orange card stock and used my Martha Stewart punch on the edge then adhered it behind the photo. A piece of black Offray gross grain ribbon was placed at the bottom of the photo and above the scalloped punched edge.

Using the small scallop edge on one of the Fiskar templates and a white gel pen I made faux stitching lines along the templates edge on both sides of the card front.


A happy find was a scrap of the Martha Stewart punched paper fit perfectly in the Fiskars scallops. I traced the punched holes onto the card front to match the punched edges.


After I had stamped three flowers from one of the Studio G stamps onto white card stock I realized I already had a piece in there from my oopsey yesterday in making the Triptych card. The 5″ x 7″ I originally intended to use was too small.


That is why this card is an experiment. Besides, I’m not all that happy with it. Sometimes that is what happens in paper crafting. You win some and you lose some 🙂

Have a great Sunday.


A Triptych card

We stopped early tonight so I brought my craft tote to the hotel room.

Using one of my landscape photos I made a Trip Tic for the card front. I think this would make a nice masculine card.


The photo is 4″ x 6″. I cut 1-1/2 inches off each side leaving a 3″ center piece.

The photo pieces are backed on black textured card stock from Colorbök. The card itself measures 12″ x 9″. Folded in half it measures 6″ x 9″. The card stock I used is a medium gray textured card stock from DCWV.

Inside I used a Hero Arts wood mounted stamp from the discount bin at Michaels in Greeley, Colorado.


The image is stamped using Momento Tuxedo Black ink I purchased in Salt Lake City, Utah. The card stock is white textured from Colorbök.

We have the weekend to go a little over 600 miles so I may get to play again.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


Photo card challenge

Have you ever had a great idea then find your tools and supplies work against you? Of course you have.

This is the photo I chose for this challenge.


I cut the photo into one inch squares.






Once I chose the pieces I wanted I mounted them on black card stock.





I couldn’t find a stamp set that was suitable for what I wanted. I did find a set of words by Tim Holts that I thought I could use.


This is my finished card. I had a lot of help with the balance on this piece from my husband. The glitter was a last resort because I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the open side areas on the front.

Hopefully the next one will be easier :-). Have fun with this challenge. Do whatever you want with your photos and color selections. Just give this a try.





A little bit of bling.

I punched three pieces of 2″ wide card stock in white, pink, and orange using the Martha Stewart scallop punch.

The card base is 5″x 7″. I cut a piece of white card stock at 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ then attached the scallop punch strips together. Leaving the strips longer than the white front piece I staggered the scallops of the punched strips until I liked the look of it all.

Using double sided sticky strip I attached the punched pieces together in the formation I liked. Then I adhered the solid strip piece to the white card stock. Eye balling the placement into a configuration I liked.

Once I made that decision I turned the white card stock over and cut the excess punched strips from the top and bottom of the white piece. I used the craft knife to accomplish this.

Next, I added some gray satin Offray 3/4″ ribbon to the left side and covered the strip edges. I attached the ribbon tails on the reverse of the white card stock.


Using the double sided sticky tape on the back of the white card stock I attached this piece to the card front.

Using one of the clear stamps and ink from Studio G I stamped on a piece of white card stock and trimmed the paper close to the stamped image. After measuring the stamped card stock I added 1/2″ to the measurements and cut a piece of the pink (red) paper to act as a mat. Mounted this piece to the card front with double sided sticky tape.

Lastly was to add a bit if bling to dot the “I” in the scripted word. The bling is from Jolee’s All That Bling.


Here is the finished card.


A close up of the bling.


This is the last of the 5″ x 7″ card bases I cut. Next will be some 5″ x 4″ cards.

Hope you are getting inspired by the orange, pink, and white color combination.


Color coded navigation bars.

Seriously?!  This website building has taken on a life of its own.  Looking through it and making changes I have been getting totally confused by what is there and what isn’t.

Using my FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software I can’t seem to remember what has been uploaded to the site and what hasn’t so I had to resort to some “Organizing”.

You know, like when you have to go clean a room that is beyond a 15 minute pick up.  A room that has been the place to stash and dash to keep the rest of the house neat.

I spent most of yesterday adding new information and then not remembering what went up and what didn’t.  So I tackled it by applying the “Keep, Toss, Give Away” principals of sorting and purging.

When you go to my website now, you will see the “Navigation” buttons have been stored in their own color category.  I have a guide for the “Web Safe Colors” and just picked numbers at random.  I had to keep a cheat sheet to remember what section was which color.

For me it has been a help.  When something hasn’t been uploaded then I see it right away as a glaring problem.  Before everything was the same and it was too easy for me to pass over the problem.

Heather will be coming by today to have another session 😀  I’ve cleaned off the kitchen table top in preparation for today’s work.  She is going to be doing some distressing and inking.  Today is going to be all about layers and we are going to get “Artsy“.  She is going to be using my hand held punches as well.

I’m trying to get her familiar with all the various “Techniques” so she has a good grounding in paper crafting which can be translated between scrapbook layouts and greeting cards.

As seasoned crafters we know the two work well together.  For a new person coming in to this they don’t realize that the line is blurred.  If you can do scrapbook layouts you can make greeting cards and the reverse is true as well.

The only major difference is the size of the project.  Greeting cards have a small foot print to be creative where as the scrapbook layouts have a large foot print.

In making scrapbook layouts there are areas that get all the attention.  One of the four corners or the center area.  Getting the focal point in a scrapbook layout is a bit of a challenge if you go about it as you would a card front.  All of the elements would be lumped in one spot leaving it to look like a single boat on an ocean out in the middle of no where.

I have to begin working her brain around the fact that each area of the scrapbook layout is akin to making four cards and giving the piece a cohesive look.  She will be better able to translate that into a smaller scale creation when I get her into making cards.

Her boys will be having birthdays.  Right now the only communication she gets with them is in her weekly visits.  She is not allowed to have contact with the Foster Parents nor have their address.  Sending cards to the boys during the week is out of the question.  However, she can make birthday cards and have them passed on to the birthday boy.  That is the only concession the powers that be will allow.

I’m not going to go on a rant about the DHS system.  It’s been broke since its inception and will never get fixed.  Trust me – been right in the midst of it myself.

My aim is to get Heather focused on the future.  She will have many birthdays with her boys as they grow up in her home.  Right now it is a speed bump she will just have to maneuver around and go over.  She will have lots of photos of the school programs her boys will be in when they get old enough to start school.  She will have photos of their “First Day” and of the excitement that holds.  She will have all of the holidays with them in her home.

The future is what I’m trying to get her focused on and not just today and the injustice of the crap going on.

Sorry, got sidelined there.  I’ll have photos in tomorrow’s post of what we do today.

Easter will be here in the US on April 8th.  Crafters break out the pastels and create all kinds of cute things for greeting cards.  I’m going to show Heather how she can make a two page Easter themed layout for her boys photos and how that will translate into making cards for them in her next visit with me.

So stay tuned.  Hopefully you will get an idea for your own creativity.


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