Merry Christmas 2015

As I sit at our daughter’s dining table with my coffee this morning I reflected on the love and joy in my life….even though I do quite a bit of whining about it. 

There are many individuals and families who will not be having a very good Christmas this year. 

Our military personnel will be off in far flung places doing their duties. Christmas Day will be in unfamiliar locations without the sights and sounds of home. The military families will be missing their loved one as the tree and decorations twinkle brightly through the windows. 

Someone will have recently lost a loved one. This will be the first Christmas without a much loved husband, wife, or child. 

There are wives and husbands facing this Christmas Day without their spouse. The loss may be a couple years or many years. The ache and loneliness doesn’t change. 

These families need to be remembered in our thoughts and prayers as we celebrate this special holiday with our friends and family. 

Merry Christmas to each and everyone.  May your heart and faith be refreshed in this remembrance of Jesus’ birth. May you take delight in your traditions of this holiday and know that you are loved by family and friends. 


I remember when….

my daughter, Carissa, was little- starting at 3 years old. Christmas time was not much for us because I didn’t make enough money for a lot of the hoped for and dreamed of toys and things for her. 

What I did have was a kitchen stocked with everyday pantry standards. The bit of extra money I had went to buy stuff to make Holiday cookies and candy. 

Carissa at my side as I mixed, baked, and cooked. Her asking me all the important questions of life. 

Where does Santa live?  Does he live near baby Jesus?  Do Santa’s reindeer have wings like angels do to make them fly?  Will Santa come to Arizona?  We don’t have snow yet so his sleigh of toys won’t be able to land.

In a couple years she will be answering these very important questions posed by here sweet little girls. Pearl and Ruth. 


Yesterday I got to be at Carissa’s side as she made the Christmas cookies. This Mom is all testy eyed remembering those long ago days. 

Enjoy your Holiday traditions as a family and revel in the memories as those traditions get passed down. Now I need to wipe my eyes and blow my nose. 



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