2 Sheets – 4 Cards (12×12)

Here are the cutting directions for this set of cards using two (2) sheets of 12″x12″ card stock.

Both pieces of card stock will be cut EXACTLY the same.  Cut them one at a time or cut them both stacked if your trimmer will handle it.  A video of the cutting directions is post.

FIRST CUT:  Place the card stock in a trimmer large enough to handle 12″x12″ paper.  Align the left edge to the 7″ measurement and cut straight down so you have two pieces.

SECOND CUT:  Using the paper still on our trimmer, the 7″ x 12″ piece, turn it horizontally and trim at the 10″ mark.  This paper, on your trimmer bed, will be the 7″ x 10″ card base.  Remove this and set it aside.

THIRD CUT:  Take the 2″ x 7″ piece you just trimmed off and lay it horizontally on your trimmer bed.  Cut this piece at 5″.  You will have a 2″ x 5″ piece, and a 2″ x 2″ piece.  Set these aside.

FOURTH & FIFTH CUT:  Now working with the 5″ x 12″ piece, place it horizontally in your trimmer and cut at 10″ and then again at 7″.

The remaining 5″ x 7″ piece will be the second card from this first piece of card stock.  Score the center of the 10″x7″ card stock at 5″, then score the 7″x5″ card stock at 3-1/2″.

Do this all over again with our second piece of card stock, if you did not stack them and trim them together.  You will have two card bases, six strips of 5″ long and 2-3″ wide pieces, and two 2″x2″ squares.

The papers I’ve used are Summer Sun, Creamy Caramel, and Really Rust.  I’ve also used, as background paper, Bella Bleu Designer Series Paper which is no longer available for purchase.

This card making business is a bit tricky.  Having spent several years on a learning curve for making scrapbook layouts, now I find myself faced with another learning curve for making cards.  I made a glib comment one time to my sister, Pati, telling her that card making is just a mini version of a scrapbook layout.  Boy was I off the mark on that one.  Maybe as I get more experience in making cards I will find a better comment to make to new card makers.

While I spent some time getting the cutting part down, well enough to video it and make sense of it all, I had no idea what I was going to do with the cards once it was time to work on them.

I have gathered a good bit of items from Stampin’ Up! to be able to create things using exclusively Stampin’ Up! products.  So much, in fact, that I was not sure where to even start.  So my first set of cards is hit and miss.  Mostly miss.  But it was “practice” and I figured out what I needed to do to make them more appealing.

You're Sweet

  • Card Stock Summer Sun and Really Rust
  • Scallop Trim Corner Punch
  • Rub-On – Chateau Bella (Clearance Rack)
  • Jewel Basic Pearls
  • 1/8″ Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon

This card I figured out how to use the Scallop Trim Border Punch and make it look straight.  There is so much empty space on the front of this card.  The elements seem to float around with no anchor.

Notably Ornate Stamp Set

  • Paper Summer Sun
  • Notable Ornate Stamp Set
  • Upsy Daisy Stamp Set
  • Chateau Bella Rub-Ons (Clearance Rack)
  • 1/8″ Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon
  • Scallop Trim Corner Punch

This is the card I experimented with the Corner Punch on.  I did not do such a good job with it.  Instead of punching through the two layers on the lower corners, as I had with the top two, I did not get the punch aligned right and they are a bit wonky.  Oh well.

I used the Notable Ornate stamp on the front of my sister, Pati’s”, journal I made for her.  Thought I’d give it a try again.  Alas, I stamped the image upside down 😦

Upsy Daisy Stamp Set

  • Paper used – Summer Sun, Whisper White, and Really Rust
  • Upsy Daisy Stamp Set – image and sentiment
  • Chateau Bella Rub-Ons (Clearance Rack)
  • Scallop Trim Border Punch
  • 1/8″ Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon
  • Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder

This card I experimented with Shelly’s (tachar) technique of using Versa Mark, ink, clear embossing powder, and the embossing folder.  I like how this card came out, I still feel there is just a bit of something missing.  Not sure what it is.

Cafe Matutino Stamp Set

  • Paper used – Summer Sun, Whisper White, Really Rust
  • Ticket Corner Punch
  • Wide Oval Punch
  • Modern Label Punch
  • Cafe Matutino Stamp Set
  • Notable Ornate Stamp Set
  • Stampin’ Write Markers
  • Blender Pens
  • 2-Way Glue Pen
  • Dazzling Diamonds

This poor card, although cute, is just lacking in something.  I like it, but I’m not “over the moon” with it.

Once again, doing the cutting for two more sheets of 12×12 card stock and this time videoing it I had a bit of time to think about what I wanted to use from the first batch of these cards and what I wanted to not use again.  I knew I definitely needed some kind of background image to make these cards look more “finished”.

Stencil Magic

  • Paper used – Creamy Caramel, Really Rust, and Bella Bleu
  • Decor Stencil – Vintage Ornaments
  • Versa Mark
  • Clear Embossing Powder
  • Jewel Basic Pearls

This card was the easiest to make and, of course, the last one I did.  The stencil worked well with the Versa Mark and I’d try this technique again.  I really like this card.  A video of creating this card is posted.

Blossom Party

  • Papers used – Summer Sun, Really Rust, Creamy Caramel, and Whisper White
  • Chateau Bella Rub-Ons (Clearance Rack)
  • Circle Fire Brads
  • 1/8″ Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon
  • Wide Oval Punch
  • Scallop Trim Corner Punch

The worst thing on this card was getting the ribbons tied in a knot.  That was a real chore and I wished I had a few more fingers to hold the ribbon down tight while I tried to make the knot.

I made a batch of “glimmer mist” using More Mustard Ink Refill, water, a touch of liquid hairspray, and Pearl EX.  The spritzer didn’t work.  It clogged up on me.  A video of creating this card is posted.

Cafe Matutino Stamp Set

  • Paper used – Really Rust, Creamy Caramel, Bella Bleu, and Whisper White
  • Cafe Matutino Stamp Set
  • Upsy Daisy Stamp Set
  • Stampin Write Markers
  • Blender Pen
  • Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder

I had a difficult time getting the bitty stamps of the cups to stick to my clear block.  After having stamped the sentiment, I put the block over the piece of Whisper White and straddled the cups with the sentiment in between them.  The cup on the left kept coming off the clear block and I was inking it.  Drat and double drat.  A video of this card is posted.

Upsy Daisy Stamp Set

  • Paper used – Really Rust, Creamy Caramel, Whisper White, and Bella Bleu
  • Scallop Trim Border Punch
  • Tag Punch
  • 1/8″ Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon
  • Jewel Basic Rhinestones
  • Upsy Daisy Stamp Set
  • Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder

I did a demonstration of Shelly’s technique with the Versa Mark, Stampin’ Ink, and clear embossing powder on video.  Turned out pretty good, except I put the paper wrong in the embossing folder.  Oh well, it still worked.  A video of making this card is posted.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with all of my results.  I’ve learned quite a bit and I’m getting more confident in making cards.

Alas, play time is over and I have to get “back on my head”.  Seems I will be working through October instead of being able to start being home then.  So…until next time….hope you have “Inky Fingers” 🙂

Using A Partial Stamp

Word Play Stamp Set

When I made the cards, referred to in the previous post, I wanted to make a Get Well card and I wanted to use a really pretty frame thing from the Hodge Podge set by Stampin’ Up!.

Problem was, this stamp is too big to fit in the frame thing.  I rooted around in my Stampin’ Up! stamps to find something appropriate and kept coming back to this stamp.  Everything was way too large, and one stamp was so small it would have looked lost in the frame thing.

What to do, what to do?  After about 20 minutes of agonizing over this problem I decided to just make do with what I had on hand and MAKE this work.

I’ll tell you what I did, you will probably need to watch the video to make sense out of my blatherings here.

I put the frame thing over the stamp and found what would fit within the “window”, decided what I was going to mask off and located my Post-It notes buried under a bunch of stuff I neglected to put away before I left town.

You can use this technique on a wood mounted or clear mounted stamp.  Just make sure, if you are using the clear mount stamp, that it is already on the block before you begin.  So much easier to do when it is nearly ready to go.  No inky fingers and blotched or smeared ink.

With the Post-It notes – two of them – I used one to cover up the “feel better soon” portion of the stamp and used the other Post-It note to cover over the “?”  Carefully I worked the stamp pad over the stamp, smearing on the Post-It notes which was alright, and got the image I wanted inked good.  Then I removed the Post-It notes and stamped on a piece of Whisper White.

Centering the stamped image inside the “window” of the frame thing I traced around the metal piece with a pencil and then cut out inside the pencil lines.  Turning the whole thing over, carefully, I used an embossing tool to mark the inside edges of the frame thing and  then cut the excess paper away.

Using two of the thin Pop Dots I rolled them between my fingers and created an elongated thin bit of adhesive and attached it to the inner part of the frame thing at the brad placement sides.  Stuck the Whisper White stamped image back into the frame thing and I had what I wanted.

Hodge Podge "frame" thing

No one knows that I don’t have the proper punch for this doo hickey, nor that the stamp really doesn’t come just like this.  Well, that is not true any longer.  You know what I don’t have and what I’ve had to do 🙂

Next time you are stumped on how to use the stamp you want but it won’t all fit where you want it….then try this trick.

Don’t let some little thing get the best of you.  There is, most always, a way of getting around a problem and making it work.

3 Papers — 2 Cards

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The first Sunday in October is “National Card Making Day”, and in honor of the upcoming event I thought I’d contribute my two cents.

My card making skills are really rusty and I’m not totally happy with all that I made but the cards got better as I continued on.  The formula for these cards is fairly simple and I like the idea of making more than one card and having so little in the way of scrap left over.  My usual way of making cards leaves so much scrap behind that I forget about and it piles up.

Any technique you like doing can be done on these cards.  Just keep in mind if you will be sending these creations through the mail and they are abundantly embellished they will have to be mailed in a bubble mailer to keep all the goodies safe.

Let your creativity flow with these cards.  You can glimmer mist them, distress them, heat emboss, use texture plates, put them through whatever die cutting machine you have and use your embossing folders.  Glam them up or keep them sort of plain, use background stamps of your choosing to add pizazz, or use bitty stamps to create your background image.


You will need three (3) sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 card stock.  None are recommended here.  You can use any colors you choose.

All cutting is done on the HORIZONTAL.  You will need a paper trimmer that can measure out to 10 inches or more for the cutting process of these papers.  Papers 1 & 2 will be cut EXACTLY the same way.  Paper 3 will be cut differently.  The following instructions will note which papers will be cut and the dimensions to cut them.

PAPERS 1 & 2:  Stack them together, if your paper trimmer will cut through multiples, or cut the papers separately.

Align the papers horizontally with the left edge at the 10″ mark on your paper trimmer and make your cut.  Once that is completed move the paper over to the right and align with the 7″ mark and cut once again.  You will have two large pieces (7″ x 8-1/2″), two strips that measures 1-1/2″ and, two pieces measuring 3″ x 8-1/2″.

Place both of the 3″ x 8-1/2″ papers horizontally in your paper trimmer and put the left edge on 7-1/2″ and make your cut.  You will have two pieces of 1″ x 3″ for scrap.

The angle cutting of the 3″ x 7-1/2″ papers will be done next.  TIP:  After cutting your angled pieces align them, stacked together, out of your way and in the manner you had cut them.  Do not let them pile up at the end of your trimmer, this will complicate the process of assembling if you have a mess to deal with.

With these two 3″ x 7-1/2″ papers stacked together, tilt the papers under your trimmer blade and make an angled cut.  You will do this three (3) more times until you have a total of five (5) angled cuts.  Go back up and look at the completed cards I have done to see what I mean about the angled cuts if you need to.

There is a video of this entire process being uploaded now.  A link will be added when the video is finally posted to YouTube.

PAPER 3: Once again, the paper will be oriented horizontally on your trimmer.  Align the left edge of your paper to the 8-3/4″ mark and make your first cut, then slide the left edge to the 6-1/2″ mark and make the next cut, the final cut will be at the 3-1/4″ mark.

Pick up the two pieces of 3-1/4″ x 8-1/2″ you have cut and align them on your trimmer horizontally.  You will be making a cut at 8-1/4″ on these two.  There will be a 1/4″ scrap from the two pieces.  The total scrap your will have from these papers will be two (2) 1-1/2″x 8-1/2″, two (2) 1″ x 3″, and two (2) 1/4″ by 3-1/4″ pieces.  You can use this scrap in your card creations or put them in your scrap pile.


Score both of the 7″ by 8-1/2″ pieces of card stock at 3-1/2″.  Half of 7″ is 3-1/2″.  You will now have two (2) card bases that measure 3-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.  Set them aside for now.

This next step is only important in the way you lay out the angled pieces.  You can alternate the colors or make it a solid front.  You will now begin your card designing process and this is where your creativity begins.

I have used Low Tack Painters Tape to hold the five (5) angled pieces butted up against each other to create the 3″ x 7-1/2″ strip.  The painters tape works really good for all EXCEPT running it through the die cutting machine with a texture plate.  The pressure really makes the tape stick to the back of the paper and there is some tearing that occurs when removing the tape.  I would suggest using a repositionable adhesive on the backs of each angled piece if you will be doing any pressure embossing or texture embossing.

Get out your favorite background stamp, bitty stamps, texture impression folders/plates, whatever you wish to use and treat all five (5) of these angled pieces in the manner you want.  Once you have completed this process and like what you have done you can distress the edges of each angled piece however you wish.  Just make sure they are lined back up and not just tossed around.  This will be like putting together a puzzle, less hunting and fitting involved the easier it will be to work with.

Now, using your favorite adhesive, adhere each of the angled pieces to one of the 3-1/4″ x 8-1/4″ PAPER 3 pieces.  Leave a gap of about 1/8″ between each of the angled pieces so the background paper peeks out.  Before you adhere this fully assembled piece to your card base, add your ribbon, brads, and other items that will need to be hidden at the back of PAPER 3.  Once you are done and happy with your work then adhere this assembled piece to the front of your card base.

The 2-1/4″ x 8-1/2″ PAPER 3 piece will be adhered on the inside of the card.  You can stamp a sentiment inside or you can leave it blank.  This will be a place to write your personal note to the recipient.

Do all of the assembly, once again, to complete the second card in this series and you now have two (2) completed cards.

Have fun with this.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog and let me see what “beautimous” creations you have made.  I’ll try to be nice when I see your creations are way more better than mine are 😉

tachar’s Card – YES – Bigger!

Shelly's Card

It took some figuring out, but I did it.

Now you can see Shelly’s card and the sparkles from the Champagne Shimmer paint mist stuff she made.

I’ll have to ask her to tell me how she “brewed” her mix, other than some alcohol and shimmer paint.  I love this card.  Now you can see, better, how she used the Stampin Write markers on the stamp and the watercolor paper.

Travel Journal

Composition Notebook

While out shopping at an office supply store I found some composition notebooks in a clearance rack.  Snatching up a few of them I had a vague idea of making a journal or a notebook out of them.

For months now they have been hanging in the store bag from a door knob, patiently waiting for me to do something with them.

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs has a YouTube video on some altered composition notebooks she had created.  I love what she has done to them and it inspired me.

I had a couple concerns with making mine.  First, would I totally wrap the notebook in design paper or just go from the cloth spine outward?  Then the pocket thing in the front and back covers.  I really love the spaces that Rita made in her books but I was afraid of the bulk, or places for a pen to poke through the papers when writing on the back side of one of the pages.  I opted to keep the inside covers clear with no pockets.

My sister’s favorite color is pink, and she loves florals.  Trouble is, I have no pink paper with floral prints but I do have some out dated Bella Bleu that has a floral print.  I used the more neutral paper as the background so I could have a base for the colors to pop.

Notable Ornate stamp set

Stampin Write Markers

Matted image

I really like the Notably Ornate stamp set.  The framed ledger type image I wanted to use as the centerpiece of the front cover.

Using Stampin’ Write markers I colored in the frame to give the image some depth.

Using Cosmo glitter, I spread a bit of it around on the upper and lower medallions, and the flowers to the right and left.  Attaching one of the tiny pearls in the center of each flower gave it just a bit of dimension and added elegance.  Or something anyway.

The flowers I made yesterday, the alcohol and ink refill flowers, were really soft.  I was afraid they would get totally damaged within a day or two and it would ruin all the work I had done so far.  So I had to make some other flowers and I covered them with a clear product that would protect the flowers a bit more…I hope anyway.

Altered Composition Notebook

This is the completed altered composition notebook.

A bit of embossed paper using the Elegant Lines embossing folder and cutting close to the embossing then attaching the pieces to the outer corners of the book added a bit more depth and some tactile texture.

I inserted eyelets at the center and close to the edge of both the front and back covers to run ribbon through as a closure, adhering the ribbon under the stamped piece using Sticky Strip on both the front and the back to hold the ribbon in place.

A few feathers, some lace I have from a fabric shop and a small metal letter with an embossed “P” on the front to personalize this just a bit more for my sister, Pati.

I have created a video of this journal.  Not a tutorial this time.  Just a look at a mistake I made with the flowers, and a closer view of the products I’ve used and the placement of them.  Although this was a bit of a challenge for me I’m glad I did it.  The next journal will be easier to create now that the first one is done.

tachar Creation

Shelly's card

Shelly has been doing a bit of creating lately and sent me photos of the card she made for her Mother-In-Law’s birthday.  I don’t know how well this photo will show up when you click on it.

Here is an excerpt from the email she sent me.

This is a card I made for my Sweet Mother in law for her Birthday. I colored my stamp with my stampin write markers in summer sun, more mustard, Chocolate chip and true tyme misted my stamps with water and stamped onto watercolor paper. I layered it on basic black and summer sun onto a vanilla card base. You can’t see it but hte card is very shimmery from where I misted it with the alcohol and champaign shimmer paint. All in all a very pretty card I thought that it didn’t need any further embelishment since the image stands alone well.

Shelly has indicated, in her email, a video will be coming soon.  Hope she shares how she made the shimmery mist with champagne shimmer paint and alcohol.

Great job Shelly.  I love your card!

Alcohol & Stampin’ Up! Ink Refills

Paper Daisies

I am in the process of creating a journal for my sister.  Her favorite color is pink, but I’m taking a few liberties in creating this for her.

Alcohol ink seems to be the rage right now, but none is available through Stampin’ Up!  So….I’ve done an experiment

I have no idea what the chemical properties of alcohol inks are.  What makes them so special that we all have been to the craft/hobby store and purchased some at one time or another.

This tutorial is about using standard drug store variety rubbing alcohol and your choice of ink refill that is meant to “juice” up your stamp pads, and Q-Tips or any cotton swabs.

The products I have used are all Stampin’ Up!:

Paper Daisies Accents #119243, Basic Rhinestones #119246, Rich Regals Brads #119737

Ink Refills are:

Tempting Turquoise #101041, Baja Breeze #111844, Pink Pirouette #111843, Pretty In Pink #102295, and So Saffron #105225.

A NOTE OF CAUTION:  The larger flowers in the Paper Daisies are extremely delicate when wet.  The petals tear off from the center.  They are so delicate that you might just consider using a Smooch Spritz on them and carefully drying them with the heat gun.  Don’t try to crumple or twist them.

I’ve created a video tutorial on how I used the alcohol and ink refills on the turquoise flowers. You can watch the YouTube video by clicking here.

Give this technique a try.  Unless you wear latex gloves during this technique, you will have some strange colored fingers.  Well…it will wash off eventually.  Your manicure will only be unsightly for a few days 🙂

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