Freak Show! Crazy flower from fake leaves.

Crazy flower made from fake flower leaves

Crazy flower made from fake flower leaves

My last video tutorial in the series of “Heat Embossing Techniques” features using the leaves from fake flower bouquets.  I have created a flower that, most likely, is NOT “Mother Nature” approved.  😀

A freaky hybridized flower that no botanist would even consider a worthy species to replicate.

Species?  I’m not even sure what the classification would be for flowers.  Maybe genus?

Whatever the technical name for a flower classification is, I’m positive my featured flower would not be in any of either classification.  😀

Hey, I’m trying to show how you can repurpose things that would normally be tossed in the trash.  “Use what you have”.

I used VersaMark Embossing Ink on the green leaves and on some of the red leaves.  To get things moving along quicker, I used Glycerine painted on with a brush for a large portion of the red leaves.

Putting the thing together was accomplished with my most HATED tool in my craft room.  The Hot Glue Gun.  I HATE that thing!  Burns, hot glue strings like spider webs, blobs of glue dripping out everywhere.  That tool, I just don’t see why so many people use that confounded contraption in their craft spaces.  :/

You have about 20 minutes?  You can watch the video below on how I created this Freak Show.


Final Episode: Heat Embossing Techniques

At the request of one of my YouTube subscribers for information about heat embossing, I have created several videos on this subject.  Seems like nearly a bazillion of them 😀

When a person does a search on YouTube for heat embossing the resultant videos all show how to use rubber stamps with heat embossing powder.  Not every crafter has a stash of rubber stamps, more especially those that are just getting into this craft.

Give them six months to a year and their crafting space will look almost as bad as mine does.

This week’s set of four technique videos are all about embellishments.  Brads, plastic clear faceted items, chipboard die cuts with pre-printed sentiments and coloring, raw chipboard die cuts just waiting to be dressed up spiffily, and I even go so far as to do injustice to Mother Nature and create a hybrid flower from the plethora of leaves left on a silk flower bouquet after I’ve snipped nearly all the flowers off.

Next Wednesday a new series will begin.  What it will be about….I’m working on that one 😀


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