Want to play with blocks?

1-1/2 inch square wooden blocks

1-1/2 inch square wooden blocks

Way, way back.  A long time ago.  I purchased these blocks for a project that ended up being put on the back burner for more urgent needs.

It was November 2007 when I saw a project at Club Scrap and just had to have these blocks.  Leaving  home for Thanksgiving to Colorado came the day the box arrived in the mail.  December came along with my husband’s hospitalization and treatment for Prostate Cancer.  The box was put on a shelf in the closet of my craft room and remained there until I brought it down yesterday for the first time.

Graphic 45 has a new batch of paper out that is just perfect for these wooden blocks.  Off to Whole Lotta Scrap in Norman I went to get the papers, titled “An ABC Primer”, they had been holding for me.

This is, by far, the most simplest project I’ve done in a long, long time.  The hardest part of this project is choosing which paper you want to use and which block face to attach it to.

You will need six pieces of 1-1/2 inch square paper, of any kind you choose, and any embellishments you wish to add.  Use your Cricut to cut out your letters, if you will be using any.  Use letter stickers, Thickers would be awesome.  Rub-On letters can be used as well.  If you are adventurous use a letter stencil and your Copic Markers, or any craft markers, to create your own.

You will need a type of glue that dries clear.  I have used Mod Podge.  Put a light coat on the back of your paper and a light coat on the block face you will be covering.  Adhere the paper, press it down well with your fingers or use a brayer then move on to the next block face.

Here is a video I made showing the process of covering the blocks.  You see one in the works, all the rest are exactly the same.  Hope you enjoy it.

Create your own inspirational piece for your craft room with encouraging words that mean something to you and make you smile when you see it.

Do you have young children and want to personalize their rooms?  Affix the letters of their name to the block faces and cover the remaining block faces with images your children love.  Dinosaurs, ballerinas, Disney Princesses.  Are Woody and Buzz Lightyear still in favor?

If you would like to play with blocks also you can purchase a set of 12 from me for $15.00 USD.  This includes shipping.  I accept PayPal.  Send an email to:  leslieb@messageinafold.com and I will invoice you through PayPal.  When I receive your payment I will then ship the blocks to the address you give.

These are totally fun to play with.

Long forgotten plastic template

I have been gathering items for many years.  Sadly, most of these items are stuffed away in notebooks, boxes, and drawers and forgotten about.

I have several Staedtler templates in a notebook.  I don’t remember where I purchased them from.  Most likely Michaels since that is the place I do most of my hunting for craft items.

I recently purchased the Graphic 45 Magic of Oz paper pack and have been working on creating a small bulletin board.  I needed something to represent the “Yellow Brick Road” and remembered that I had something that might work.

This is what I’ve come up with using yellow acrylic paint, Whisper White card stock, and the template.

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

The bulletin board is not finished.  My husband has sprayed it with a clear sealer and I’m waiting for it to fully dry before I do more to the front and cover the back with some thick craft paper.

Bulletin board

Bulletin board

I’ve created a video of using the template for this project.  There are so many uses for a plastic template of this type.

What do you have hiding away in your craft space?

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