Graphic 45’s ABC Primer altered desk organizer.

This is the last desk organizer I had purchased from Office Depot and their Clearance Bin a couple years ago.

This one is for Kari, who is a Social Worker of sorts.  She teaches teen mothers how to parent their little ones.  I think she also works with mothers that will be getting their children back from Social Services as well.

Ever appropriate me.  The paper I’ve chosen for Kari’s box is from Graphic 45’s “ABC Primer”.  The cover piece is an image of a children in an old school where all ages attended.  It also shows one child spanking another child but I’ve cut that part away 😉  Can’t have that showing.  I love this paper.  The graphics remind me of my grade school days – back with the dinosaurs – in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  The days when reading books were “See Spot Run” and adventures with Dick and Jane along with Spot.

Graphic 45's ABC Primer

This is the inside of the box.  Sorry about the shortness of this post.  We are trying to get back to work and I am running out of time.

Inside of desk organizer

Hope you all have a fantastic week.  Time to get going now.  I’ll be watching what you are doing as I travel.


References for “Homemade glue dots” and a stolen trick from Tracy

My friend, Lynn, from the UK had asked if I knew of a “caulk” type of product that is used to make glue dots.

The consensus seems to be a product called “Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over”.  It is a repositionable glue with a fairly strong bond.

Aleen’s Tack It Over and Over is available, here in the US, at Michaels, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and from

Aleen’s Tack It Over and Over is available in the UK at

Here are some links to blogs I’ve found that have successfully used this product as glue dots and each blogger has recommendations of his/her own on how best to make these.

  1. The Frugal Crafter
  2. Scraps of Reflection
  3. Splitcoast Stampers Forum

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to use Aleen’s Tack It Over and Over

Hope this answers the questions I’ve received.  Now on to my thievery 😀

Tracy, of Tracys Treasurers, had a video a while back showing how to use the metal duct tape (NOT the vinyl duck tape) and embossing folders.

While Joe was in the hospital over the weekend…..

Joe in the hospital

I brought my craft tote up to work on more of the desk organizer boxes.  I was feeling a bit guilty 😦  I don’t know what kind of mother you are, but I have this voice in the back of my  head saying “If you do it for one you have to do something for all”.  I mean, I can’t just show up to Florida with my kids arriving and only have things I’ve made for two of them.  I can’t show favoritism.  Even to my grown up kids.  That just is not right.

While Joe was confined and bored I put him to work on a piece to add to one of the boxes.  My son-in-law (Carissa’s husband) is one creative guy and he is amazing.  I asked Joe for a mechanical drawing that I could add to Jaime’s box.  Joe first rendered the drawing on some scrap notebook paper I had in my tote.  I wadded it up, carefully opened it, then smeared it with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  Then I glued it to the top of the box.

hand drawn mechanical drawingJoe wanted to make a better drawing when we finally got home.  Which he did.  This drawing is an optical illusion.  Totally cool, huh! 😀

Optical illusion

I wanted gears to be a feature on this box for Jaime but things just kind of went pair shaped.

Cuttlebug embossing folder and metal duct tape

I like how it has turned out.  Getting home and ramming around through my ancient stash pieces I finally found the things that would make this piece pull together.

Organizer box for Jaime

Then, of course, after having made the organizer box for Loreli I felt it was necessary to make one for her husband, Chad.  He is a golfer, and was once a golf instructor in Florida.  While I fussed around with Jaime’s box and got stranded I went to work on Chad’s until I had a breakthrough with Jaime’s.  Chad’s was finished first in the hospital.

Golf themed organizer box

I have one more box to complete yet tonight before we get back to our day jobs.  If I have time tomorrow morning I’ll show you the last box.  Then all my children that will be with us in Florida will all have something handmade by me 😀

Gotta get running, my time is really running out.  Have a fantastic week everyone.  I will now that Joe is out of danger and ready to resume our lives 😀


Altered desk drawer organizer.

Let me see now.  Spring of 2010 I think is when I purchased a few of these desk organizers.  The lid has a magnetic closure.  While at an Office Depot in Baltimore, Maryland I spied these in the clearance bin for $1.00 each and I snapped four of them up.  They have been in a closet ever since.

Desk organizer box with lidInside the box are small compartments for post-it-notes, paperclips, and other small items.

Partitions for note pads, paperclips and other small items

I’m using only two papers in altering this box.  DCWV Mariposa and 7 Gypsies “Lillie” 8″ x 8″ paper. The box measures 8-1/2″ wide, 4″ deep, and 1″ tall.

I’ve attached strips of Mariposa paper to the front, sides, and back of the box.

Front side of boxLeft side of boxRear of boxRight side of box

The lid of the inside of the box is covered with 7 Gypsies “Lillie” paper and the inside compartments are lined with Mariposa paper.

Inside lid and compartments

Glitter AND flowers all at once.  For those of you that don’t know me, I have a difficult time with flowers.  Have no idea why, just some kind of crazy anxiety.  Won’t look right, others do better, not the right colors.  You know, just a regular fear.  Same with glitter.

Flowers and glitter on the same piece

The finished project looks pretty cool, in my opinion 😀

Altered office organizer box

What have you found in the clearance bin of your local office supply store?  What have you found at yard sales or at a thrift shop?  If you alter something leave me a link to your blog post so I can go see it 😀

My husband is back in the hospital with a pretty big problem with his blood levels with the Coumadin (Warfarin).  His INR is supposed to be 2.1 to 2.3.  It has elevated to 9.6 and that is not good.  So I will be with him until he gets back home.


I don’t know when to stop the tweaking.

I thought I had finished the bulletin board yesterday.  The project was then handed off to Joe to add his expertise.

Joe's turn to work on the bulletin boardHe is doing some purging in his office.  He has decided to part with some of his stuff and sell it on eBay.  This frame is quite large and he had to make room for it on the kitchen table.

“Glazier Points” are going to be inserted into the back of the frame.  These will help hold the bulletin board inside the frame and keep it there when Carissa pushes the pins in to hold her important notes.

Glazer PointsHere is an “artistic” shot of the works.  Setting the glazier points.  It takes skill and someone that is not as ham fisted as I am.  I bend these things pretty bad when I do it so it has become Joe’s job because he has the right touch.

Over the shoulder view

Joe’s job complete, this puppy isn’t coming out of the frame at all.  Nice and secure!

Securely fastened

This morning I went into  my room to see how the Beacon’s 3 in 1 glue did with the push pins.  Some are holding well with this glue….

Beacon's 3 in 1 glueHowever, some are not.  Just pulling the pin from the foam core by the attached decorative piece resulted in the pin remaining in the foam core.

Beacon's 3 in 1 glue didn't work on the plastic back of this pieceTime to get the “big guns” out and use the heavy duty E-6000.

E-6000 Industrial glue

This morning I added some pink ribbon with pearls to the frame.  I used hot glue to attach it.

Pink ribbon with pearls

There is something missing……looks like there is too much open space.  After attaching the ribbon it seems that the “art piece” is an after thought.

After adding the ribbon

Time to fill up the empty space with more Graphic 45 Le’ Romantique images.

Adding more Graphic 45 imagesThat looks better…maybe.

I had to cover the back of the frame with brown paper.  Hide the glazier points, rough cut wood, and anything else.  Make it look a bit more professionally put together.

Brown paper to the back of the frame

And, of course, I had to “sign” the piece 😀

My "signature"

All that remains to do is attach a hanger piece so it can be mounted on a wall.  This will be handed off to Joe once again for the final touch.

I will restrain myself from any further tweaking of the piece.

How often do you look at something you have made and decide that it is not quite finished, after you have finished it?

Enjoy your crafting time.  My crafting time is near an end for a while 😦  Time to get back to my day job.


Altered Goodwill picture and frame.

Back in January I purchased two pictures with frames from the Goodwill.  The pictures and wet stained cardboard backing I threw away but kept the frames.  Total price for these two large frames….$5.00

Picture frames from the Goodwill

Joe measured the inside of the frames and we went to our home improvement center to have some plywood cut down to size.

Getting the plywood cut for the framesI found a place in Oklahoma City that sells industrial self healing cork.  Much more heavy duty and durable than the stuff I’ve purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michales, Dollar Store, and the home improvement centers.  This stuff is expensive but it is going to hold up so much better than the cheap stuff.

Heavy duty industrial self healing corkJoe and I cut the cork to fit the plywood, to my specifications anyway.  He administered the contact adhesive to both the wood and the cork.  Then we carefully placed the cork in the designated areas and Joe went to town banging on the cork to seat the two surfaces.

Now it is finally time to do something with one of the cork boards.

Gluing paper to the cork

The papers I’m using are mixed.  DCWV Family Connections, K&Company Life’s Journey, and Graphic 45 Romantique.

The oval frame piece is DCWV Family Connections, the antique documents paper is K&Company Life’s Journey, as is the border of the roses.  The focal collage (sort of) papers are from Graphic 45 Romantique, as is the bridal image within the oval.

Papers glued to the cork board

I’m thinking of giving this to Carissa.  She has some framed art work on her walls of men and women around this time period.  The colors are deep red and black so maybe these colors will be too tame for her.    I’m also contemplating hot gluing tear shaped pearls strung together around the inset of the frame.  The outer part.  The white might fade out.  I tried black ribbon in the area of the frame and didn’t like it.

The bulletin boards I’ve made before I’ve used foam core board for the push pins.  Cover the exposed foam core with ribbon and glue it all together.

Foam core push pinsI wasn’t thrilled with the results then and I’m not thrilled with them now.  So I’m going to try my hand at coloring with Copic markers and use Tim Holtz Facets for the push pins.  This should prove to be interesting.


Hampton Arts rubber stamp set

The Graphic 45 Romantique collection has an advertisement for women’s hats.  I have used the advertisement on the board now the push pins are going to reference the ad.

Graphic 45 Romantique paper and the push pun tops

I had a bit of trouble with the coloring.  The Staz-On ink smeared just a tiny bit.  The next push pin tops will be from the Graphic 45 paper and the Facets.

Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz Facets

The push pins are just some clear things I’ve purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Push pins

I’m going to try the Beacon 3 in 1 glue to adhere the tops to the pins.

Beacon 3 in 1 glue

I have quite a scrap stash of foam core board.  I’m using it to poke the push pins in and be held upright while the tops dry after they are attached.

Scraps of foam core board

The support system seems to be working really great.  The jury is still out on the glue!

Foam core support

Foam core and push pins

A couple of the push pins will be some beautiful pieces I found in the gift that Shelly gave me.  They are not buttons.  I don’t know what they are….besides beautiful.

Push pin topPush pin top

So that is the project I’ve worked on today.  Are you up to altering a Goodwill find?  If  you do, leave a link to your blog so I can go see.


Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous “Mini Halloween”

Alrighty then.  This two page layout was quite a challenge for me.  How best to add the stamped images to the layouts but hide them in such a way that they don’t take over the pages and turn them into something I didn’t want….a Halloween layout.

This is the stamp set I’ve used.  Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous “Mini Halloween”.  There are 10 images used in the entire two page layout.

The Disney-Pixar movies are leaden with “Easter Eggs”.  They have done so since the first digital movie they made and continue to do it.  It has gained attention and there are movie goers that have one aim:  Find the “Easter Eggs” in the movie.  These little gems are well hidden in the scenery and go virtually unnoticed by most people.  Pixar Easter Eggs.

Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous "Mini Halloween" stamp set

Click on the photo below to enlarge it in your browser to do the “Easter Egg” hunt 😀

Find the hidden images

This two page layout is for Tiffany’s letters, cards, money gift card notes, and all the things she treasures.  Many families she has dealt with has shown their appreciation for her professionalism and her skill in helping them say their final good-byes.

On the left page are three pockets she can tuck things in.  The pockets are made from the 4″ x 6″ photo mats.  I’ve used my Martha Stewart Score Board to make folds 1/4″ wide along the left and bottom of the left most top pocket; right and bottom of the right most top pocket; and the right and bottom of the bottom pocket.  I’ve used sticky strip to hold the pockets in place.  Turning the top corners down on the upper two pockets to allow easier access to tuck away her treasures.

On the right page I have taken a 6-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ mailing envelope and cut it down to less than 5″ and covered it with paper from the DCWV Street Lace papers.  I’ve attached the envelope using sticky strip.  A “thumb” notch was cut out using my 1″ hole punch.

Have you found the hidden images?  Do you need some help?  The following images are on the left layout page.

Scull and Crossbones:

Scull and crossbones

Blood Spatter:

Blood Spatter

Flying Bats:

Flying batsThe button in the flower center is from Shelly (tachar).  When I finally got to meet Shelly and Brian last year she blessed me with a baggie chock full of things.

October Calendar Page:

October calendar page

Barbed Wire:

Barbed wire


The following images are on the right layout page.





Spider Web:

Spider web

The button used in this flower center is, also, courtesy of Shelly’s largess.  Thank you Shelly for your gift to me.

Poison Label and Black Cat:

Poison label and black cat

This was totally fun!  Took a bit of thought but I had a blast.  Is this something you would like to try?  If you do, please leave me a link to your blog post showing your “Easter Egg” hunt pages.  I’d love to see what you do to your creation.


Finished “Architecture” layout

Finished "Architecture" layoutClick on any of the photos in this post to have a larger view of the details.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, this two page layout is for the photos Tiffany has taken of Funeral Homes she has been to.  In her “body snatching” days, as Joe calls them, Tiffany traveled all over Colorado and Kansas to pick up or deliver a family’s loved one – to or from a Funeral Home.

This little wisp of a girl, all by herself, started out her career by going into hospitals, nursing homes, and private residences to remove the dearly departed and take them to the Funeral Home she worked for.  She’s shifted 300 pound men from seated positions or lying abed onto a gurney all by herself.  There were a few times she had to call for assistance but not many.

Tiffany told me of one incident when she arrived at a nursing home pushing her gurney down a hall.  The nurse at the station greeted her with “I didn’t know we were expecting you!”  Tiffany realized at that moment she had gone to the wrong place and had to make a quick exit and get back on track.  Several hours later she was called to the nursing home she had previously arrived at and was asked if she were psychic.

I digress, sorry.

Looking through my stash of forgotten stamps I was in need of something that “resembled” stone or brick work.

Stamp that resembles stone or brick workThe stamps I have chosen are both from Club Scrap and date back to the 2004 and 2005 collections.

The long stamp that looks like laid brick is from the “Mosaic Twist 2005” collection.

Mosaic Twist 2005 Club Scrap collection

The “Listen with your eyes” stamp is from “Fossils 2004” collection.

Fossils 2004 Club Scrap collection

I was in need of photo corners.  The items I had created for the “graveyard” layout were not a good fit for this type of a layout.  Looking through my stamps I remembered I had purchased some sort of geometric shapes form eBay back in 2006.

Geometric stamps purchased from eBayI don’t recall the seller’s name.  It has been so long ago.  I chose the stamp that seemed to resemble brick work more than the others.

Stamp that sort of resembles brick workI stamped this image four (4) times on white card stock.  The inks I used were Antique Linen and Tea Dye Distress Inks from Ranger Industries.

I cut out around each image.  The diameter of this stamped image is just a little over one inch.

Stamped image is just a little over 1"This image is inked with Tea Dye Distress Stain.  Then I cut this piece in half diagonally.

Cut the image in half diagonallyUsing Antique Linen Distress Stain I stamped the same image on the inner part of the open space.

Using Antique Linen Distress Stain I stamped in the middle of the photo cornerThis gave me a “two toned” effect on the photo corners.

Two toned photo cornersI inked the edges of the photo corners with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

White glue was added on the back side along the edge then adhered to the photo mat.

Add glue and adhere to the photo matI found some architectural renderings in the “Salvage Stickers” collection by Tim Holtz.  The card stock stickers fit rather nicely in the top right corner of the second page.

Salvage Stickers collection by Tim Holtz

I found a “hearse” type of car image from an 8″ x 8″ pad of Graphic 45’s “A Proper Gentleman” paper collection that fit nicely in one of the smaller squares that might have remained empty otherwise if Tiffany doesn’t have close up shots of windows or doors that would fit in these tiny spaces.  I used a large tag punch, I think an old Marvy one, that I’ve had for years.

Old car image from Graphic 45 "A Proper Gentleman"

Another image from the 8″ x 8″ paper collection of Graphic 45’s “A Proper Gentleman” fit in one of the longer spots on the page.  The tuxedo clad gentleman made me think of a Funeral Home Director.

A tuxedo clad gentleman from Graphic 45's "A Proper Gentleman" collectionThe flowers I’ve added were die cuts from, I think, a Stampin’ Up! die.  I’m not sure which Sizzix die it is but the papers are out of print Stampin’ Up! paper scraps.  The button centers are from my large stash of buttons.

Die cut flowers using outdated Stampin' Up! scrap papersAnother die cut flower using Stampin' Up! outdated paper scraps

The finished layout has a small bit of ribbon tied into a bow with a charm hanging from it.  The charm makes no sense to the layout but it was dangly 😀 and not a crystal looking thing.

The finished two page layout without the glare

The next layout I’m doing for Tiffany will be to hold the “Thank You” letters and cards she has received from the families she has helped.  I will be using another cutting guide from the Club Scrap Idea Deck.

Cutting guide from the Club Scrap Idea Deck

This one will hold “Easter Eggs”.  No, not the multi colored and decorated Easter, Easter Eggs.

You, and she will have to find these images hidden on the pages 😀

Tim Holtz "Stampers Anonymous" Mini Halloween stamp set

It may take me a couple days to finish this one so stay tuned 😀

Have fun in your crafting and creating.


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