Subscriber Question Monday – Where do I find measurements for card pieces

One of my YouTube Subscribers is a beginning card maker and has posed some really great questions.  The most recent one is where to find the myriad of measurements for elements on greeting card fronts.

The internet is rife with card sketches of all types.  Operation Write Home is the very best place to seek out when it comes to fully answering this question.  The people over there have done an amazing job at documenting the size of elements to be placed on cards.  They leave the designing of the card to you.

I have used Operation Write Home card sketch #09 for today’s YouTube tutorial.

Using a card sketch

Using a card sketch

Last week, on my YouTube channel, I introduced the concept of getting your stash of used card stock and design papers cut up and sorted.  I showed  how I store my scraps in one video.

The card front for today, like I said, from Operation Write Home Card Sketch #09 I selected several pieces of my card stock and designer paper scraps for the elements of the card front.

Scrap pieces for a Birthday card

Scrap pieces for a Birthday card

The two stamp sets I used on the card front – the birthday cakes and the Happy Birthday sentiment – are old stamp sets from Stampin’ Up! that have been discontinued.  You may have a stash of rubber stamps similar in height and width for the right portion of the card front and for the boxy area to the left.  You are the card designer.  Have a look at your stamp stash and come up with your very own card using the paper scraps from your stash.

One final item.  That Pop Tart box….well I have battled with the devil (my hot glue gun which I totally dislike using).  I ventured into “Girly” territory and used some glittery pieces given to me by one of my YouTube Subscribers and some flowers she sent to me.  Now I can say that crazy box is done!

Altered Pop Tart box

Altered Pop Tart box

If you want to watch the video I made featuring today’s Subscriber Question, I have added it below.


Scrap Rehab – Card Front Stock

Joe is home from a month long trek across the US.  He’s had about as much fun as he can stand with moving old and decrepit trucks from one place to another.  I know my time at home is limited and it will be back out once again for a few weeks.  :/

Operation Write Home Card Sketches.

I have been using my stash of scrap papers to create card fronts.  Not the whole entire card(s), just fronts.

My stash of scraps

My stash of scraps

Click on the image(s) below to enlarge the photos to see the details.

OWH Sketch #1

OWH Sketch #1

I used a Stampin’ Up! embossing folder (don’t know the name of it) to add texture to the background for Card Sketch #2.

OWH Sketch #2

OWH Sketch #2

I used a Tim Holtz Alterations embossing folder for the background texture on the bottom most card front in the following photo.  The next card front features a Cuttlebug embossing folder (I think it is Damask).  The second one down is another Stampin’ Up! embossing folder and I don’t remember the name of it either.  This top card front has a texture made using a Fiskar’s Texture Plate titled “Fabric”.  These card fronts are OWH Card Sketch #3

OWH Sketch #3

OWH Sketch #3

For Card Sketch #4 I used a Thin Cuts “Drill and Bits” die on the bottom card, a Stampin’ Up! embosslet titled Beautiful Wings for the butterflies, a Sizzix Thin Die titled Buttons #5 for the second card front, and finally I used stickers I purchased from Scrap Your Trip that I’ve had for a while.

OWH Sketch #4

OWH Sketch #4

I’ve made a video featuring the making of Operation Write Home Sketch #4 and the reasons why I make them as you see them.

My thinking is to have a stash of ready made card fronts available.  When I need to have a card for some reason all that would be necessary would be a stamped sentiment added to the front of the card then attach the assembled front to an A2 card base then add a piece of white card stock and another stamped sentiment to the inside of the card.  Kind of a “Wham Bam” thing.

Personally, thinking up a concept design and sentiment to make a complete card is not my forte.  I don’t think well on my feet in this type of creativity.  Seems to add more stress to me and take all the fun out of making cards.  Having a visual already in front of me will make choosing a sentiment easier.  All I need to worry about is getting the stamped images straight and clean without worrying about having to remake the card all over again because I screwed up the inking and stamping.

I got to get into my die stash.  I was reminded of the tools I have had for years and years and not use.  I also got to get into my embossing folder stash to create some really great background texture.  I have not been so happy to be crafting in quite a long time.

Christmas cards!  This would be a fantastic way to make Christmas cards.

If you would like to have access to the Operation Write Home Card Sketches you can click the link  above, or HERE, to get the downloadable PDF files.  One day, when I’m not having to leave home for long periods of time, I will get cards made for our military service people.  If I would have known that I could have this much fun I would have done this so much sooner :/.

I would like to know:  Do you like to make full cards?  Do you make card fronts already?  If not, would you consider trying this type of creative design and just let the papers and tools take you where ever they will?



A night spent “Building Shelves”

A back story is necessary here. Once you know what I mean about “building shelves” you will be able to relate totally to my inability to get a simple card created last night. Without further ado, here is the back story.

My husband, Joe, and his best friend, Cliff, were building and installing shelves in Joe’s airplane hangar the winter of 1972.

These two guys are construction savvy. They have the tools and the knowledge to restore old homes or build additions on newer homes.

This one cold night, working in a heated hangar, nothing was going right. Boards were cut too short, shelf supports were not level, thumbs were whanged by the hammer head instead of the nails. Measuring devices thwarted all their efforts to get the boards marked the preferred length. Levels used to install the shelf brackets gave off false readings.

In short these two men were too tired from their day jobs to focus on the task at hand. Four hours of work to construct and hang three shelves proved to be a four hours of totally wasted effort. Both men went home with their tails between their legs and heads hung low. Both questioning their sanity.

The next day dawned brightly, as did the two men. After a good nights sleep they tackled the shelves once again and had them perfectly constructed and hung level in 45 minutes.

The quip used in our home now when things go wrong for no apparent reason is “I was/am building shelves.”

Upon arriving at our hotel room, yesterday afternoon, in Nashville, Tennessee I got out my card making supplies and started creating a card featuring another sticker.

My intent was to use the scraps I’ve accumulated thus far and make a colorful base to feature the sticker. One thing lead to another. Each addition compounded the distraction factor of the rest. The papers seemed to me to be having a war with each other.


Putting the failing creation aside I decided to apply some Glossy accents to the saying portion of the sticker. Do something else since the rest is falling apart.


We left the hotel in search of a restaurant for dinner. Upon arriving back at the hotel I began putting my supplies and tools away. Joe asked, a little surprised, “You putting your stuff away? It is only 7!” My answer to Joe was “I’m building shelves.”

Looking at the card base I was less than thrilled with the results. Joe came over to take a look and then he brightly chirped “Turn it this way. The spacial orientation is off the other way.”

This is the card front Joe was referring to.


This is Joe’s insight. I have to admit it works.


Now you know what “building shelves” means.


Free stickers from scrapbook or card making magazines.

Last spring I was in Barnes and Nobel booksellers with Joe. While he hunted and gathered his reading materials I looked at the selection of magazines for paper crafting. One I purchased had some stickers inside, like the Cracker Jack surprise in the box. I wasn’t all that impressed with them and stuffed them away in a cupboard in my craft room.


In my attempt to keep my portable crafting kits down to a minimum I have been trying to see how creative I can be with just a few items. This time my card kits were put together with the stickers being the main feature. The card insides are blank. A light colored off white piece of card stock is attached inside so the person sending the card has room to write.

I attached the stickers to colored card stock then found papers and other card stock to use as the base, mats, and decoration.


I created two cards tonight in the hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee. The first I used some Stampin’ Up! decorative paper, colored card stock also from Stampin’ Up!, some Liquid Pearls for a bit of texture, a bit of bling with some tear drop rhinestones, and I doodled in black ink around the sticker and the outer edge of the card stock the sticker was adhered to.


I forgot to mention I used a Martha Stewart punch to add a bit of lacy trim.

My second card was quick. I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder to impress a filigreed frame to go behind a sticker that I fussy cut around to show a smidgen of the card stock it was attached to.


That is all I created today. I do have to say that stickers can be useful on cards. Takes a bit of thought since my stash is pretty minimal. More so since I forgot to add ribbon to the kits. Drat.


Puffy scrapbook stickers can be used on cards.

Puffy stickers, sometimes called dimensional stickers, can be found at your local craft/hobby stores and at online sellers. The stickers I have used on this Father’s Day card are made by Recollections and can be found at Michaels.


The stickers come on an acetate sheet.


These stickers are die cut and embossed vinyl. They can be used on a scrapbook layout as emphasis, or embellishments, for photos of a fishing trip taken by the family over the summer.

The brown matted squares are: 2″ x 2″ and 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″. The long brown piece is 1-1/2″ x 4″. I’ve used the Tim Holtz “Chitchat” word stickers to create the words “For My Father” since I have not brought any rubber stamps with me.

This is the final Father’s Day card in the kit I put together a couple weeks ago. My next set of cards will be “Love” cards that can be used as Valentines or just to convey a message of love to someone. Hopefully I will have one ready tomorrow night when we stop somewhere on the highway.

Look through your stash of stickers. How can you use them other than in layouts?


Vellum stickers for cards

Before I get into today’s post I want to express my heartfelt apologies to my blogging friends who use the Blogger and BlogSpot platforms.  I have been reading all of your blogs….I just can’t comment on your fantastic creations.  This problem has been fixed I HOPE.  While home on this recent “dump and run” I got into my WordPress utilities and included the two platforms so that I can have easier access to your blogs and I can leave you some “Love”.

With that said, I have a half baked idea for a card that I made using some stickers.

I have a couple of “books” of card stickers from K&Co that I purchased from my local craft/hobby store last year.  Each book has a page for birthday, get well, marriage/anniversary, thinking of you, and thank you.  The stickers can be used inside the card or on the front – layered or just stuck on.

Vellum stickers

I made a “trial” card to test out a theory.  It is a card that can be used for Valentine’s Day or just an “I love you” card.

Valentine or Love card

Everything looks crooked, while the Tin Man tag is the only thing I did put off kilter.

  • Papers:  Colorbok textured card stock (behind vellum sticker and the card base); pink card stock is from Stampin’ Up!; the brown designer paper behind the sticker sentiment is also from Stampin’ Up!
  • Embossing Folder:  Cuttlebug Swirls
  • Tag:  Graphic 45 chipboard tags from Wizard of OZ
  • Liquid Pearls from Ranger or Tim Holtz
  • Ribbon:  My stash

One of the embossed swirl designs resembled a heart so I used that bit to layer on some Liquid Pearls to define the heart better.  I am learning how to allow my imagination to work things out with the limited amount of stuff I bring along with me.  At times this is more of a challenge than I am prepared for 😀

I have wanted to get myself trained to put things away when I’m finished using them.  At  home it is easier to just pile things up until I have an avalanche off to one side before I even consider putting things away.  Crafting in hotel rooms as we travel is kind of a “forced” training 😀

Crafting in hotel rooms

If I don’t put the stuff away as I’m finished we won’t sleep very well 😀 and I run the risk of leaving something behind that has been wadded up in the bed clothes 😉  This is not a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that.  I’ll just call it “Self Improvement” 😀  The other thing I am attempting to do is quell the whining and misery I put Joe through wanting to be home to get into my crafting.  Taking it along with me and being able to be creative has helped a lot, so far, in our day job.

Do you take along creative things as you travel?  Knitting, crocheting, altered journals, scrapbook projects, card making stuff?  What are the things you have found helpful in your travel for organizing your stuff?  I’d like to know.  You may spark inspiration in me, and others, to keep my stuff organized and undamaged during my travels.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tools Rule!

Last winter I made a whole bunch of Post-It-Note holders for a friend to give as Christmas presents to his family and friends. I bought a bunch of different types of sticker sets from my local craft/hobby stores. While assembling kits for the cards I’m making on the road I found some Jolee’s stickers in my stash of stuff.


Generally, these stickers are used on scrapbook layouts. Since the card sets in this bunch of kits are for Father’s Day I figured “Why not?” and stuffed them in along with some Stampin’ Up! paper with jumbled numbers from a set several years old.

Using a sketch, loosely, from Operation Write Home I figured these stickers would be great to use in the four rectangles of the sketch. It is Sketch #6 if you are interested.


The “Tools Rule!” piece is from a paper I picked up at my local scrapbook store several years ago and have cut out bits of it to use on numerous projects. I do remember the name of the paper is “Be A Man” but I don’t remember who made it, sorry.

Poor Joe. He sees these finished Father’s Day cards and they all, pretty much, have his name written all over them. I will have to make him a very special one.

This kit idea, thanks to my friend Maureen, has been working for me. The hard part of paper selection, theme, and embellishments is done at home. Making cards on the road has become easier for me.

One day I may be able to unabashedly say “I’m a card maker”. Until that time comes I going to keep practicing 😀


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