How to make Push Pin charms.

Today is Monday and it is another “Subscriber Question” day for my YouTube video subscribers.  Last week I made a step by step video on altering a Goodwill store picture frame into a cork bulletin board.  The Push Pins for the board were made using Tim Holtz Facet Charms.  I had a couple of requests to show how I made the charms.

For those of you that would like to see the finished board, I will show you the piece as I was cutting away the backing paper.

Altered Goodwill picture frame

Altered Goodwill picture frame.

The charms for this project were made using the Tim Holtz Facet Charms.

Altered Tim Holtz Fragment Charms

Altered Tim Holtz Facet Charms

The Facet Charms are clear, the backs of the charms are flat.  I dug through my scrap paper stash to find images that I liked and thought would look good as focal pieces for the charms.

Using Glossy Accents, I applied some to the back of the Facet and adhered it to the paper.  Squishing it around a little to level out the glue and make sure it came out to the edges of the charm.  Setting it aside for an hour or two to dry, then cut around the charm to remove the excess paper.  These pieces can be made into necklace pendants or large charm pendants when finished.

I had used the last of the Facet Charms I had stashed away.  For today’s tutorial I dug into my stash of Tim Holtz Fragment Charms to answer the question posed.

The E-6000 glue I used to attach the jump rings to the Push Pins has been set aside to dry.  I have them backed with wax paper so the glue doesn’t get permanently seated to the scrap of cork I used for the pressure and drying process.

Tim Holtz Fragment Charms.  Drying the E-6000 glue

Tim Holtz Fragment Charms. Drying the E-6000 glue

The Fragment Charms are created the same as with the Facet Charms.  Apply Glossy Accents to the back of the charm, place on the patterned paper in the desired place, squish it around until the glue is distributed evenly and squeezes out to the edges.  Set aside to dry and cut the excess paper away.

The Fragment Charms come in a package of 48 pieces in different sizes and shapes.  These are just the right size for those of you that make jewelry.  Necklace pendants with matching earrings can be made through this same process.  I would advise covering the back of the paper adhered to the charm with an even coating of Glossy Accents.  This will protect the paper from body oils and sweat that would degrade the paper.

If you would like to see the entire process, I have included a video of the tutorial below.


Well….my beaded charm obsession has finally ended.

My left index finger is so tender from using it to open and close jump rings.

Come on folks, just a little bit of sympathy {I ask in a pleading tone}.  I finished the final one this morning.  I’ve made 11 of these in the past couple days.  I can show you an actual finished one.  My daughter-in-law, Brenda, never reads my blog so I am safe.  My kids don’t read my blog much either for that matter.

Alpha beads spelling out Brenda

Alpha beads spelling out Brenda

What the purse charm looks like finished

What the purse charm looks like finished

Turquoise or aqua splendor

Turquoise or aqua splendor

Since I’m gearing up for Christmas…..I’m going to do a Plastic Canvas project.  This time I’m only making one….not 11.

I made this once many years ago.  About 1993.  It disappeared a few years later.  This is what I’m going to be making.  The Santa Express by American School of Needlework.

Santa's Express by American School of Needlework

Santa’s Express by American School of Needlework

I will be posting photos of the process as I go along.  I’m going to start with the train engine.  If there is anyone that would like to learn how to do “needlepoint” on plastic canvas then let me know.  I will be more than happy to show the work.

I will not be posting photos of the actual pattern diagrams because I’m sure the booklet is Copyrighted and I have not asked permission from the author to do so.  Check out the link above the photo to get your copy from Amazon if you wish to do this.  You can check other online sources for the pattern booklet as well.  That is how I found my copy of it.  I’ll be starting this project tomorrow and will probably begin posting photos and such on Friday.


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