Flocking tutorial is now ready.

Flock on a stamped image

A new reader of my blog submitted this comment with a request for a tutorial.

Wow – would love to see a YouTube tutorial on your project. Love the papers, and all the pages are gorgeous. You did an EXCELLENT job with the flocking. I recently flocked a baby blanket image for a mini album, but the result was so awful I ended up not even using it. I used a wet glue and it dried uneven, lumpy, hard, and simply unpleasant. Wonder if using an adhesive like you did would have been better. Anyway, your creation looks great. Love it!

In an effort to help Linda see her baby blanket piece for her mini album take center stage I created this video.  I have tried my best to explain the process with tips about the proper glue to use and application of the flock.  The video shows how to use Flock on a stamped image.  The process is exactly the same (minus the stamping) when applied to a graphic image on design papers.

Hope this helps you out Linda, and thanks for the request.


Add the soft feel of Flock to your projects.

Flock used to enhance the designThe card stock design papers, lately, are very tactile with the embossed images with all the hills and valleys.  Glittered designs have a raised and rough texture, embossed designs have a raised and sometimes slick texture.  The light bouncing off the glitter or the clear glazes used in printing is candy to the eyes.  Now you can add a raised and oh so soft texture with Flock.

I have a set of one ounce bottles of different colored Flock from Doodlebug Designs.  I’ve purchased this set from Hobby Lobby.  The price is a bit steep but Hobby Lobby has a general couple for 40% off to help defray the cost.

Doodlebug Designs Flock assortmentThese vials are used the same as you do embossing powder.  The difference is you use a liquid glue to attach the Flock.  I’m using a Zig 2-Way Glue Pen.

Zig 2-Way Glue PenI purchased this way, way, way back in about 2003.  I don’t know if this product is still even manufactured but I would imagine it still is…or something similar.  I like this pen because the working end is just like a gel pen in application.

The working tip of the glue pen is just like a gel penAs with all other types of 2-Way Glue there are two properties of this adhesive.  In the “Wet” stage the glue is permanent.  In the “Dry” stage the glue is tacky and not super strong.  The “Dry” application would be great for masking.  Apply the 2-Way glue on a scrap piece of paper, let it dry clear, then attach the paper to your project as you would a Post-It-Note.  I’m using the “Wet” application here.

Apply the 2-Way glue and quickly add the FlockApply the Flock in the same manner you would embossing powder.  The difference in this application over embossing powder is you have to PRESS the Flock into the wet glue before tapping off the excess.  DO NOT heat set the Flock.  Just press and tap off.

One ounce bottle of Flock

Apply the Flock over the wet glue then press to set in the glue

Tap off the excess Flock into a tray

Work in small areas at a time.  This will ensure the 2-Way glue remains wet to accept the Flock better.

Work in small areas at a time to keep the 2-Way glue wet

Clean up is the same as with embossing powder.  Get the remaining Flock back into the bottle.  You don’t need to have one of these funnel trays.  A sheet of notebook paper, copy paper, or card stock will do.  Work over the paper as you add the Flock or embossing powder, tap the excess off onto the paper of your choice, then use the paper to return the excess back to the bottle.  Cheap and just as effective as having the funnel tray which can cost $5.

Return the tapped off contents to the jarThis piece of Tiffany’s album is a folio of sorts.  There are two pockets inside the folio for photos and journaling.  I’ve added a couple pieces of the DCWV Street Lace paper to the pocket flaps.

Mini folor with two pocketsThis folio fits into the pocket of the inside of the second piece to this project I’ve got all wonky.

Pocket for the folio in the center of the mini

The Flock adds dimension, texture, and pizazz to the folio piece as it peeks out of the center pocket.  The Flock just begs to be touched and caressed 😀

The Flock peeks out from the pocket holding the folioThis is only one example of the use of Flock to your projects.  With the assortment of colors available in a package you can add texture and touchy feely softness to a card front.  I think I may have to use the Flock on some of the flowers in this paper 😀

Have fun in your crafting.  You get to be the first to caress the softness of the Flock on your projects long before you give it away to someone else to put their hands on 😀


What to do when you can’t follow instructions :-(

I have been working on a scrapbook for one of our daughters.  It has been a couple years in the making since I’m not home much.  I’m using DCWV “Street Lace” paper to create this album.

Okay, I’m sure I’m the only person that watches YouTube videos; gets totally stoked by a project someone has come up with and want to replicate, only to find that I didn’t follow the instructions properly.  😦  I have a really bad habit of writing the instructions on a piece of paper then losing those essential instructions underneath the pile of papers I have on my work surface.  A few hours later, or even the next day, I find the instructions and what made sense while watching the video no longer makes sense to me.

Case in point.  This lovely thing I made.  To see any of the photos larger click on them with your mouse – or tap on the photo to view in the browser of your smart phone.

Scrapbook album mini insert

I was so proud of myself for getting all the pieces cut, corners rounded, papers adhered, lace and pearl embellishments applied.

Opening the mini insertYay!  Opening the mini insert works like it is supposed to!

Crapazoid!  I put it on upside downCrapazoid!  It was working fantastic until I notice that I’ve put the front cover on upside down 😦  Try as I might, I could not figure out how to fix this.  Turning the piece to open the other way will make the insert open to the bottom and be difficult to get at.

This part of the process came out right.  I guess when there is more than two steps in a project it is one too many for me 😦

Click this link to MyLilTreasureTrove to see the right way to do this.

Instead of throwing the whole thing away I’ve created a “pocket” to  house the piece that I’ve screwed up on.

I cut a piece of the DCWV Street Lace paper (12 x 12) to 4″ x 12″.  I laid it horizontally on my Martha Steward Score Board and scored at 2-1/2, 2-3/4, and 3″.

Turn the paper around and do the same, horizontally, to the other side.  Making your score marks at 2-1/2, 2-3/4, and 3″.  My messed up insert measures 6″ wide.  I have a 6″ gap between the two sets of score lines on the paper I just worked with.

Now, flip the paper vertically and score on the left side ONLY at 1/2, 3/4, and 1″.

Fold on all of the score lines.  Now it is time to cut away the excess along the bottom.  Cut the horizontal 1″ fold all the way to the 3″ vertical fold.

When you get finished cutting it will look like this.

Refold this piece to make it look like this.

Add adhesive of your choice to the bottom of the two flaps.

Attach the two flaps to the bottom fold and secure in place.

Decorate the front before you attach it to your page.  Give yourself about 2-1/2 inches clearance from the bottom of the layout to make it easier to reach in to take the mini out of the pocket.

Once you have the front of the pocket decorated add the adhesive of your choice to the bottom of the pocket and the two flaps.

Adhere this pocket to your page and insert your mini.  This is how to fix an oopsie without tossing all your previous hard work out.

Now, no one will ever know that you put this mini album insert together backwards 😀  No, the pocket is not glued on crooked.  I am NOT proficient with hot glue.  My yellow and black ribbon piece is what is crooked and I don’t want to tear it all apart and damage the dang thing.  So…..it’s supposed to be crooked 😀

Take the pressure off yourself to be PERFECT!  You will never be perfect BUT you will be fantastic!


DCWV Mariposa, DCWV Family Connections, and SEI Moonrise papers for notebooks.


We have had Home Health Nurses and aides in our home daily since late Wednesday night taking care of my husband, Joe, as he is recuperating from Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in his lungs).  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Michelle was the first to find her way to our address.  She helped Joe learn how to give himself the shots he needed to thin his blood.  She did her normal nursing duties of taking Joe’s blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen readings.  Michelle got all the paperwork started and placed in a notebook for the subsequent nurses that would be following her  Thursday morning.

Michelle's notebookDCWV Mariposa papers were used on Michelle’s notebook.  The hidden bling is an item I picked up months ago from Michaels in the $1 bin.  The flower is from my stash and the center brad is a Stampin’ Up! purchase a couple years ago.  The name tag is created with rub-on letters and cut out with the Curly Label Punch from Stampin’ Up! – one of the old black style.

Thursday morning Bernita and Warren arrived at our home to take care of Joe.  Bernita is the RN and was training Warren in his duties when visiting the sick in their homes.

Bernita's notebookBernita’s notebook is made using DCWV Mariposa papers.  The flower is a from a birthday present I received from one of my daughters a couple years ago, the green flower below (acting as a leaf) is from my stash. I’ve used rub-ons to make the name tag and used the Curly Label Punch again.

Warren's notebookWarren’s notebook is covered in DCWV Family Connections paper.  The metal book plate is from Stampin’ Up!’s Hardware box.  I don’t think they sell that any longer.  The tag was purchased at Office Depot a couple years back.  The stamp is “Notably Ornate” from Stampin’ Up! – once again a few years ago.  I’ve spritzed, both, the tag bearing Warren’s name using rub-ons and the other tag with my brew of mists.  The large tag at the bottom is Cajun Craze, while the top name tag is Old Olive, Cherry Cobbler, and a blue color I didn’t look at.  A piece of multicolor ribbon was knotted then threaded through and tied on itself at the tag.

Warren did all the nurse work.  He took Joe’s blood pressure, temp, and oxygen readings.  He also stuck Joe’s finger to draw blood and placed a sample on a fancy machine to await the results.

William was the last to come to our home to see to Joe’s care.  Blood pressure, temperature, oxygen level checks and a finger stick to draw blood for the fancy machine.

William's notebook

William’s notebook is made using SEI Moonrise paper.  My last two Tim Holtz gears have been adhered to the front, with one being used as an accent to the name tag – also made using rub-ons.  An adhesive backed card stock “Bingo” sticker from Tim Holtz is applied as is a black and gold button from my stash.
The last notebook I completed is for Joe’s heart specialist, Dr. Miller, who took care of my husband while he was in the hospital.  We have an appointment early in September to see him and find out how Joe is progressing with the Home Health Nurses and my care.

Dr. Miller's notebookThe paper for this notebook is from SEI Moonrise.  The “Going to the Doctor” sticker is from my stash.  The calendar sticker is a Tim Holtz adhesive back card stock sticker.  The burlap is from a piece cut from a length used in my day job.  The turquoise striped paper is from Stampin’ Up!  It was a scrap I found and don’t know what set it came from.  Sorry, I don’t even know the name of the punch I used either, although it is from Stampin’ Up!

All five of the notebooks are filled with yellow legal pad paper 8-1/2 x 11 which I cut at 4-1/4 x 11.  The 4-1/4 x 11 lengths were cut in half at 5-1/2.  All of these notebook pads measure 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 – covers and all.

Thanks for dropping by to see what I’ve been up to.  Now it is time to go check on Joe to see if he’s napping or getting himself into trouble 🙂


Notebook for our Family Physician

How often do you go to your doctor in pain or just plain sick?  Knowing you have a physician that is there for you, even waking him/her up from a well deserved sleep to complain of an ailment you just can’t stand dealing with any longer?

Our Family Physician, Dr. Thomas Carlisle, has been there for Joe and I since about 1996.  I am totally ashamed to admit this but I don’t show my appreciation to him any more than paying his bill 😦

Today, I am going to remedy that!

Graphic 45’s “A Proper Gentleman” 8″ x 8″ pad is the paper I’ve chosen for our doctor.  The stickers, and gel stickers are from my stash.  I’ve had them for several years with the intention of  making something for our doctor but just never got around to it.  These sticker sheets are by:  Karen Foster Designs – “Doctor Visit”; Karen Foster Designs – “Medical (Gels)”; Reminisce – “What’s Up Doc? (Gels)”; and Reminisce – “What’s Up Doc?” (stickers).  I’ve used a Sizzix Scallop Tag Pocket, and a scrap piece of Club Scrap heavy black textured card stock.

This is the front of the notebook.

Front of notebook

The back is also a piece from Graphic 45 “A Proper Gentleman”.

Back of notebook

I wanted to make a “prescription” sheet but had to wing it.  The paper is a heavy weight card stock scrap from my Club Scrap stash.

A fake prescription placed in the tag pocket

Stickers and gel stickers have been used for the prescription bottle and the pills.

Prescription bottle and pills

I’m hoping he will like this extremely late “Thank You” gift.  At least he might know that we appreciate him and all the time he has spent with us over the years keeping us well.

I am going to take advantage of Joe napping in his chair to go play some more in my craft room 😀



No glimmer mist – no problem

I don’t carry shimmer sprays in my traveling craft stash because of the elevation changes we go through in our day job. Water bottles that are not full have a tendency to cave in on themselves. The glimmer mist bottles would leak.

I’ve made a Thank You card for the nursing staff at the hospital where Joe is being treated for his Pulmonary Embolism.


I’ve not made this type of card before so this is my first and it is not very difficult.

I used two sets if Tim Holtz stamps to fill in the spaces.


The background paper is a piece of 6 x 12 Graphic 45 Communique card stock. The sections all have black card stock mats from my Colorbök textured card stock stash and the images are stamped on white Colorbök textured card stock.


I have a mica pigment water color pallet that I used to take the place of the glimmer mists.


I started off with a light yellow and randomly painted it on all the images. Some areas I used extra water to dilute the color.


Next came a light green.


Next I used a light red.


Lastly was a light blue.


Once I was satisfied with the shiny colors then I set to work on the embellishing. In the awesome stuff I got from Jann a few years back I found a bottle cap and a clock face. I attached the clock face to the inside of the cap with a foam square then added a crystal rhinestone to the center of the face. Finally I glued it down with some white glue.


A couple flowers, a button, and a shiny butterfly are also items from Jann.


The right edge is a butterfly stamp from Hero Arts and I applied Liquid Pearls to jazz it up. The sentiment is attached to a chipboard piece, also from Jann, covered with a scrap piece of green textured card stock from my Colorbök stash. The “Thank You” is from Inkadinkado and stamped on white textured card stock from Colorbök. The half back pearls are from my stash purchased from Michaels in Salt Lake City, Utah I think.


The final piece, before presenting to the nursing staff, was Joe’s message to them.


Plans are we are going home today. It will be good to be back home once again.

Give this mica pigment trick a try. I bought this set from Hobby Lobby for less than $9. Have fun experimenting.


A gift for Joe’s nurse

First off I have to thank Jann Gray, Shelly Makowski, Lynn Claridge, and Maureen Mathis for all of your love and support during this time of my husband, Joe, being in the hospital and treated for Pulmonary Embolism. Also a special thanks to our daughter Loreli, the ICU Trauma nurse, acting as our go between with Joe’s doctor and deciphering the information we have been bombarded with.

Friday Joe had trouble breathing and bad pain in his right side. He said it felt like he had cracked a rib. A late evening call to our Family Physician resulted in an early appointment Saturday morning then being sent off to the ER at a nearby hospital.

Tests, scans, ultrasounds, and blood work told Joe’s heart specialist that he has blood clots in both of his lungs. PE, or Pulmonary Embolism. The doctor gave us the news on Sunday and I had a private meltdown in my car at the hospital parking lot. Reaching out to my friends and letting all our kids know what is happening to their Dad.

I have been keeping busy with text messaging to our kids and answering their questions, relaying other questions to the doctor or nurses and just trying to keep close to Joe day and night.

In the lulls I have been creating in Joe’s hospital room. I’m trying not to take over every flat surface and have only partially succeeded.


I did get Joe’s pocket notebook finished while I kept an eye on him. The papers used are from Graphic 45 Communique.


Jann suggested I do something for Joe’s nurse who has really been wonderful and patient with me as I relay the questions from family and our Loreli who asks about the course of treatment and all the meds they are giving him.

The nurse would watch me making something from time to time and she tossed out a request for a notebook of her own. Once again, Graphic 45 Communique papers and bits from the “Traveling Stash” I received from Jann, plus the things I’ve picked up on the road were used to make this gift I gave her for her patience and skill.


I used some mica pigments to add a touch of color to the black and antique ladies. First I was going to just add a touch of red to their lips and botched up the first woman so I cleaned that off. The hats seemed to be a safer place to add color.

A tag, flowers, rub ons (Weva), and a button from Jann created the name piece. The stamp image is from a Tim Holtz set. I used a light blue mica pigment water color to accent the tag and add some shine.

The lacy bit is a Martha Stewart punch using black and green card stock. I’ve accented the lacy bits with black gel pen on the green piece and white gel pen on the black lacy piece. Glitter glue has been added to the lacy holes for extra sparkle. The lower right corner is adorned with square rhinestones.

Joe’s nurse, Weva, was thrilled and a bit overwhelmed. She said this was the first time anyone had done anything special for her. I’m glad I took Jann’s advice 🙂

Lynn offered that working with my crafty stash would keep my mind off things and lend some normalcy to this mess for Joe. I do believe it is helping. At least it is helping me to cope and not be peeled off the ceiling frequently.

I also made Joe’s load book for our eventual return to work. This is the piece his nurse saw me make.


Once again, many thanks to everyone that has held Joe and I up in your love and support.


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