Getting caught up on all my emails.

I decided that this morning would be spent in going through both of my email accounts and getting them read and respond to.

The YouTube subscribers had been my number 1 priority this morning.  Some of them have languished away in the “In Boxes” for over a month and it was high time to get those taken care.  Also the comments left on both of my YouTube accounts as well.

Then it was to check on the blog entries of my friends that have been neglected for quite some time.  Reading and catching up on all the comings and goings of my friends.

I’ve totally lost my mind, I think.  I was up until nearly 2 a.m. watching back to back “Storage Wars” and “Storage Wars – Texas” episodes on A&E.

This is one of those things that I just don’t understand about myself.  Probably never will.  Watching these shows is akin to driving slowly past a car wreck.  Sorry for the people involved but glad it is not me.

How many of you have rented storage space at some point in your life?  Joe and I had.  Watching these people bid on the contents of a storage shed which has gone delinquent in payment is terrible and fascinating at the same time.

One part of me cringes each time the door to the compartment opens to be viewed by the bidders.

Furniture, clothing, collected items, tools, business equipment, children’s toys.  Everything that meant something to a person or family is now open for these buzzards to swoop down on and pick it all apart.

The items that have a “value” are picked out of the contents while the remainder is chucked into the trash somewhere.  These bidders get really excited about some things and others they are not sure if they can sell in their own thrift shops.

I know that storage space owners can’t have their units tied up by people that can’t, or won’t, pay the rental.  I know that legally they have to give the renters at least two months to get the back payment made current before they schedule the unit to be emptied.

Legally the storage space owners have to put a notice in the Classified section of local newspapers declaring the unit numbers in danger of being cleaned out and the renters have 10 days after the ad to get current.

I wondered how many of the original storage shed renters came back to pay up and get current only to find that all of their stuff is gone forever.  One storage shed held action figures from Star Wars.  The owner had taken such care to have these action figures boxed in Lucite or acrylic boxes then bubble wrapped and neatly packed in boxes.

The winner of this particular storage unit pawed through all of the stuff and later took the action figures to an expert to learn about the thousands of dollars they now held in their hands to sell and make a profit.

OMG, how depressed is the unit renter now knowing that all of his/her treasures are gone forever?  Makes my heart sick just thinking about it.

Then the bidders – buzzards – come in a flock to the carrion each hoping to get their heads and hands sunk deeply into the carcass.  Each trying to out bid the other or drive up the price of a unit just for the sheer fun of being a miserable old coot.

I think I’m going to go back into my computer and work on my website more and my bookwork for our business.  I will do good deeds to  help someone new in the crafting world and get those nasty buzzards out of my head.

I’ve totally lost my mind.  I think I need to go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby!  Better yet, get in my room and create something.

Lost my crafting Mojo

I’ve been so busy with my website and my Day Job paperwork.  I feel like I’m tied to this computer and anytime now I’m going to meld with it.

I’ve gone into my craft room to start something.  Anything!  Something to get the thought of the website out of my head.  I just stand there and go totally brain dead.

It was good to have Heather over to give my brain a shift in a different direction.

There was a time when I looked at everyday, ordinary, objects I’d get excited about using the inspiration in a craft project.   This photo is one such thing that sparked my imagination.

Public restroom floor

Public restroom floor

The pattern caught my eye.  It is just a section of floor in a public restroom.  Yes, I bent over near the wash basin to take this photo.  I remember there were three other women in there with me.  Funny now to think about them bending over with me, or leaning, to see what I found so fascinating.  And why I was taking a picture of the floor!

For the life of me I can’t even remember what it was that inspired me or what I thought of doing with a pattern similar to this.

Where, oh where has my Mojo gone?!  I’ve buried it somewhere.    Poor thing is lost and I need to go find it 😦

Until I find my creative desire again, tell me what you would do with the pattern shown in the photo.  What would you do with it.  Maybe if I read some of your ideas I might remember where I put my Mojo 😀

Heather punched a bunny!!

Hahahahaha.   I just kill myself 😀   Oh, you didn’t get it.  Alright.

Since I have a lot of hand punches I thought it would be a good time to introduce Heather to them and create an Easter Bunny for her boy’s layouts.  I am not going to be critical of the outcome because this was her very first time of doing this.  Her bunnies turned out pretty cute.  One looks like it hit the sauce a bit :D.

Here’s a link to the pattern if anyone is interested.  Stamp With Amy has the pattern I chose to use with Heather.  It is moderately complicated but not overly so.  There is also a video link in the Stamp With Amy blog to show how to put this little guy together.

All the supplies ready for this project

All the supplies ready for this project

I took some time to show Heather the photo and the “recipe” to make this cute little bunny.  I gave her some instruction on using the punches properly.  I gave her the paper to use in this project and told her how many of which size punch to cut.  I let her do the work.

Using the punches

Using the punches

This photo is great!  Not just for the working shot of Heather using the punch.  But in my photography expertise – ahem  NOT – I was able to get quite a story from one photo.

First is Heather using the punch on the dark pink paper.

Second is the face Heather makes when the punched piece flies through the air.

Third is the aforementioned punched piece actually flying through the air!

A flying punched piece :D

A flying punched piece 😀

I don’t have a 3/16″ hole punch but I do have a Cropadile.  I introduced Heather to this tool.  I think I’ve had her use it before to make holes and set eyelets way back in the beginning.  Today she is using the Cropadile to make the black parts of the bunny’s eyes.

Cropadile used to make the eye centers

Cropadile used to make the eye centers

I don’t have the smaller oval punches but I do have a Coluzzle to use.  I did a demonstration on how to use it with Heather then spent the next few minutes hovering over near her as she used this tool.  Doing a lot of “Hold it straight up” and “Turn the blade around”.

Using the Coluzzle with the spinning cutting blade can be tricky at first.  Knowing and making yourself hold the knife straight up and down continuously is a pain in the butt.  A person’s natural inclination is to tip the handle forward or backward while making the cuts.

Oval shaped Coluzzle

Oval shaped Coluzzle

Heather following direction :D

Heather following direction 😀

Once all the pieces were either punched out or cut out the next part of this project was to ink the edges of each item.  I had her use Walnut Stain Distress Ink and she chose to use the makeup sponge to apply the ink.

Inking the edges of her cut pieces

Inking the edges of her cut pieces

Edges inked and time for assembyl

Edges inked and time for assembly

Beginning assembly of the bunny

Beginning assembly of the bunny

This is Heather’s very first time of assembling punched out pieces.  Using the photo from Stamp With Amy and my guidance she got the pieces going and it is beginning to take shape.

Bunny coming together

Bunny coming together

I have “Flock” in a light pink color.  Bunny ears are so soft and cute I thought a little bit to the inner ear would be good.  When the glue fully dries you won’t see anything except the soft little patch of fuzz.  Until then you see the wet glue beneath.

A bit of "Flock" in the ears

A bit of "Flock" in the ears

These two bunnies are just so cute.  I had her punch the wrong size out for the nose.  The noses are just a tad too big but these little guys are ADORABLE!

Two little bunnies

Two little bunnies

Next was to get the “Easter Eggs” edges inked  I had her cut out using the Coluzzle.  I asked Heather if she had ever colored Easter Eggs when she was little.  She told me a story of her attempt to make them multi colored and the resultant mess.  Yep, been there and done that 😀

Inking the edges of the Easter Eggs

Inking the edges of the Easter Eggs

I was going to make things a bit more complicated for her.  I had suggested she cut zig zag lines across a couple of the eggs to make them look like they were cracking and opening.  Have a different colored egg piece in the background to show through.  Heather opted for markers since she had already done a whole lot of new stuff already.  I didn’t push the issue and brought out my markers for her to have fun with.

Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter Eggs

Heather has learned quite a bit during her time with me.  I suggested cutting photo mats for the layouts and she piped up with the cutting dimensions.  Woo Hoo – You Go Girl!!

Heather cutting her photo mats

Heather cutting her photo mats

More edges to be inked up.  I had her ink the edges of all of the papers she cut for mats and I had her ink the edges of her layout bases.

Inking the photo mats

Inking the photo mats

Inking the layout bases

Inking the layout bases

By the time we had gotten to this part of the project Heather had been over for about 2 hours.  We were going to be another hour to get several other things done.

Figuring out placement of her items

Figuring out placement of her items

Time to decide where Heather would like  each of these elements to live.  Placing the mats, bunnies, and eggs to best show them off yet leave enough room on the bases for extra photos or some stickers she found in the stash she received from Maureen.

These two layouts are just too cute!!

Partially finished layouts

Partially finished layouts

Reluctantly I had to shoo Heather back home.  We had been at this for three hours and could have stayed longer.  I gave her some ideas to play with at her home.  Use some of her punches to create interesting borders.  I gave her some green card stock.  I cut some thin strips of the green to make grass for her to play with on her own.

So Heather now has her first Easter layout for her boys.

Each of these elements – the punched bunnies and the Easter Eggs – can be used on greeting card fronts.  Glitz the eggs up with glitter, send them through your die cutting machine using an embossing folder to give the eggs a design and dimension.  Use strips of ribbon around the center of the eggs to give them a decorative look.  Nestle your eggs in some tufts of grass.

Gussy these elements up for your scrapbook layouts as well.  Attach the bottoms and one side of the Easter eggs to use as a pocket for your photos or for a journal spot.  Get creative in your holiday crafting this year and have fun 😀


Color coded navigation bars.

Seriously?!  This website building has taken on a life of its own.  Looking through it and making changes I have been getting totally confused by what is there and what isn’t.

Using my FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software I can’t seem to remember what has been uploaded to the site and what hasn’t so I had to resort to some “Organizing”.

You know, like when you have to go clean a room that is beyond a 15 minute pick up.  A room that has been the place to stash and dash to keep the rest of the house neat.

I spent most of yesterday adding new information and then not remembering what went up and what didn’t.  So I tackled it by applying the “Keep, Toss, Give Away” principals of sorting and purging.

When you go to my website now, you will see the “Navigation” buttons have been stored in their own color category.  I have a guide for the “Web Safe Colors” and just picked numbers at random.  I had to keep a cheat sheet to remember what section was which color.

For me it has been a help.  When something hasn’t been uploaded then I see it right away as a glaring problem.  Before everything was the same and it was too easy for me to pass over the problem.

Heather will be coming by today to have another session 😀  I’ve cleaned off the kitchen table top in preparation for today’s work.  She is going to be doing some distressing and inking.  Today is going to be all about layers and we are going to get “Artsy“.  She is going to be using my hand held punches as well.

I’m trying to get her familiar with all the various “Techniques” so she has a good grounding in paper crafting which can be translated between scrapbook layouts and greeting cards.

As seasoned crafters we know the two work well together.  For a new person coming in to this they don’t realize that the line is blurred.  If you can do scrapbook layouts you can make greeting cards and the reverse is true as well.

The only major difference is the size of the project.  Greeting cards have a small foot print to be creative where as the scrapbook layouts have a large foot print.

In making scrapbook layouts there are areas that get all the attention.  One of the four corners or the center area.  Getting the focal point in a scrapbook layout is a bit of a challenge if you go about it as you would a card front.  All of the elements would be lumped in one spot leaving it to look like a single boat on an ocean out in the middle of no where.

I have to begin working her brain around the fact that each area of the scrapbook layout is akin to making four cards and giving the piece a cohesive look.  She will be better able to translate that into a smaller scale creation when I get her into making cards.

Her boys will be having birthdays.  Right now the only communication she gets with them is in her weekly visits.  She is not allowed to have contact with the Foster Parents nor have their address.  Sending cards to the boys during the week is out of the question.  However, she can make birthday cards and have them passed on to the birthday boy.  That is the only concession the powers that be will allow.

I’m not going to go on a rant about the DHS system.  It’s been broke since its inception and will never get fixed.  Trust me – been right in the midst of it myself.

My aim is to get Heather focused on the future.  She will have many birthdays with her boys as they grow up in her home.  Right now it is a speed bump she will just have to maneuver around and go over.  She will have lots of photos of the school programs her boys will be in when they get old enough to start school.  She will have photos of their “First Day” and of the excitement that holds.  She will have all of the holidays with them in her home.

The future is what I’m trying to get her focused on and not just today and the injustice of the crap going on.

Sorry, got sidelined there.  I’ll have photos in tomorrow’s post of what we do today.

Easter will be here in the US on April 8th.  Crafters break out the pastels and create all kinds of cute things for greeting cards.  I’m going to show Heather how she can make a two page Easter themed layout for her boys photos and how that will translate into making cards for them in her next visit with me.

So stay tuned.  Hopefully you will get an idea for your own creativity.


Hello, I’m still around

My life has gotten a little out of whack recently.

Joe was home all last week, he left yesterday.  We’ve had doctor visits, daily running around for errands, meetings with our Accountant for 2011 tax stuff, and all manner of craziness.  250 miles traveled this week!

Joe has been having more trouble with his body recently.  He has bouts of being light headed and he can’t breathe.  He has to stop everything during those times to catch his breath and let his body regain strength.  It happens at odd times so there is not one indicator of what is happening to  him.

He went in last Tuesday for a Stress Test on his heart using the treadmill.  Upon arrival at his doctor’s office he found they had rescheduled it for Thursday.  Thursday arrived and we were in the doctor office a bit early.

I don’t know what a “Nuclear Stress Test” is but Joe got injected with some kind of radioactive die before they put him on the treadmill.  He had his chest scanned after his body had time to circulate the die.  Then he was put on the treadmill for 4 minutes and monitored.

Poor guy.  The attendant shaved off patches of his chest hair regrowth to attach the heart monitor wires.  Actually screwed them into his skin!  During all of his previous years treatments for Prostate Cancer he lost all of his chest, arm, and leg hair.  Since the treatments are over his hair has grown back.  He now has areas on his chest with odd patches of stubble from the shave job the attendant gave  him on Thursday.

Joe did well on the Stress Test, as far as he can tell.  He at least remained upright through the ordeal and did not have to ask for the test to be stopped.

After the treadmill he was taken back to have more chest scans done.  We won’t know until April what the results are.

Joe’s symptoms are crazy.  He can get out of bed in the morning and go about his normal routine with no ill effects.  During the day he will find himself feeling weak and breathless.  This will last for about 45 seconds where he has to stop what he is doing and hold on to something, lower his head, take in deep breaths and just wait the sensations out until it passes.

He doesn’t need to be doing anything that gets his heart rate up either.  Getting out of a chair will do it sometimes, then other times it is just walking at a slow pace.  He can climb three flights of stairs with no trouble.  Walk across the street so talk with our neighbor may start the thing off.

Joe does NOT experience any chest pain, or other heart attack symptoms.  Just the weakness and breathless feelings.

I noticed  him doing this back in the summer once in a while.  The bouts were infrequent and were mild.  Now they are happening several times a day and have me worried for his health.  The medical doctors he sees – Family Physician, Heart Specialist, Internal Medical Specialist – none of them seem to know what is the cause.  Of course, these bouts never happen while he is at the doctor office.  And they did not happen during his Stress Test either.

We  have had some rain here.  Mostly high winds.  Things have calmed down and we are having temperatures in the high 70’s.  This winter has been nothing compared to previous winters.  Tornado season has begun but it has taken the higher route through Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.  I’m a little afraid of what will happen come late April and early May when it is the tornado season for Oklahoma.

This past week, while Joe was home I tried to get work done on my website and have been unsuccessful.  Yesterday, once Joe left for Salt Lake City, Utah I spent the day submerged in my work.

During Joe’s stay at home I have watched quite a bit of television with him.  Too much in fact.  I’ve monitored his food intake and have worked extra hard at keeping salt intake down, vegetable and fruit consumption high, eliminated fried food, and have tried to keep him on a regular eating schedule.

He is really bad about stopping to eat while he is out on the road.  I tell you, we are a pair.  We both have “Tunnel Vision” when it comes to doing stuff.  Once he is out on the road working he drives continuously and only stops when he has to.  Me, I park my butt in front of this computer and work the keyboard from early morning until late at night.

For my website I have added a section on SUPPLIES.  The first page has the “Under Construction” photos since I am still working on it.  I have finished pages for:

  • Brads and Grommets
  • Beads and Charms
  • Feathers and Flourishes
  • Adhesives – first section is the dry type or tape runners
  • Liquid Glues
  • Foam Dimensionals
  • I’ve added Cropadiles to the HAND TOOLS Section

I still have quite a bit of work to do to get this thing totally finished.  It is turning out to be an Encyclopedia of Paper Crafting!  Just when I think I’m ready to stop I think of something else that needs to be added.

Shelly, I got your text messages yesterday.  Sorry for not responding.  I just noticed them this morning.  I had not realized I had let a whole week slip by without posting to my blog.

So that has been my week.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention.  One of the television show Joe had I have been watching is “Worst Cooks In America” on the Food Network.  The contestants for Bobby Flay‘s team were to grill steaks and create a sauce to go with them.  Mr. Flay demonstrated his “Mango Chimichurri” for his team and Joe was excited to give this a try.

$16 for one (1) Mango, one (1) bunch of Parsley, one (1) bunch of Cilantro, one (1) live herb packet of Mint, and one (1) bunch of Garlic or whatever a thing of Garlic is called.  The recipe called for four (4) cloves of Garlic.  Oh, yes, and a bottle of Red Wine Vinegar.

I got out my food processor that doesn’t get used much.  3/4 cup of Olive Oil is also in this recipe.  Lots of oil!

Here is the recipe if you want to give this a try. It might be something you will enjoy.

I have come to the conclusion that Joe and I are NOT “Foodies” and Gourmet Food is not something we enjoy.

Needless to say.  One taste of the Mango Chimichurri was enough.  I do use fresh and dried herbs in my cooking.  I will forgo using Red Wine Vinegar!  The whole entire batch promptly went in the trash.  $16 lesson learned.  Next time I will leave out the Red Wine Vinegar or only put in a tablespoon or two.  That stuff is overpowering!

Okay, I’ve got more to do on my website so I’m going back into the “Tunnel” .

Oh! WAIT!  The coloring contest participants have not been forgotten.  I have to find boxes to put your stuff in then it will be mailed out – HOPEFULLY – by Friday.  I’ll let you know when I have left the post office.

Coloring Contest and website update.

Wow Wow WOW!!!  The coloring contest has reaped some excellent results.  I find myself having a hard time in choosing the winners for the Children and the Adults.

If you have not had a chance to see the entries then here they are.


6 Years Old:  Kim from the UK

Kim's entry.  6 years old

Kim from the UK. 6 years old. Colored with markers.

Bright colors and good coverage.  I love the red, yellow, and purple flowers in this tree.  I like the colors she has used.  Makes me think of warm spring days and I can almost smell the sweet scent of the flowers wafting on the air 😀

10 Years Old:  From the US

Jasmine's entry

Jasmine, aged 10. Her content entry

Outlining the areas of the image first then coloring them in is a really great technique.  Gives the image more dimension.  I love the colors Jasmine has used.  The pinks and yellows are just right for any Princess 😀

11 Years Old:  From the US

Ariel's contest entry

11 year old Ariel's contest entry.

I must confess.  Tweety Bird is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters.  Ariel has colored him such a nice shade of yellow.

The colors Ariel has used are good and her skills are pretty good.  Some of the areas have other colors smudged in them.  All in all this is an excellent entry.

14 Years Old:  From the US

Will's contest entry

Will's contest entry. Watercolor.

The only boy that entered this contest and I’m thrilled to see his submission.  Those mice are just adorable laying out getting some sun on the beach.  Makes me chuckle just looking at it. Thank you Will 😀

This is a rubber stamped image that Will used colored pencils and a blending pen.  Taking the more difficult route than using crayons.

So we have a sampling of colored markers, crayons, and water coloring.  Tough, tough choice for me to make.  All of these are excellent in their own way.

I have to say that both Kim (6 years old) and Jasmine (10 years old) are the two I have to choose from.  Their entries are clean and clear.  Their colors are bright and not smudged.  I will have to choose Jasmine as the winner.  As much as it pains me to not be able to say each one is the ultimate winner of this contest, I have to choose one.

Congratulations to Jasmine!


I’m not going to be telling the ages.  I don’t know what they are anyway 😀

From the UK:

Lynn's entry from the UK

Lynn's entry from the UK. Markers (I think)

This little mouse diligently out there giving the flowers a touch of color.  This is just adorable!.  I’m not sure if this was done with markers or with water color.

From the US:

Shelly's entry

Shelly's entry. Colored markers

Shelly used colored markers to give this stamped image depth and  highlights.

I love the whimsical entry of Lynn’s.  That mouse is just too cute.  Shelly has been chosen the winner of the Adult part of this contest.

Thank you ALL for submitting your glorious creations.  To assuage my guilt in having to be a meany and choose I will be sending along something extra to each of the entrants that did not win the contest.

Update on my website.

I have completed the section for “Tools”.  I’m thinking of adding the Score Board in the Tools section and will get that added later but for now it is updated.

Any questions or things you think should be added to my website, leave me a comment and I’ll see if I have the stuff on hand to add in.  I’m sure I do have and just forgot something.

Hope your weekend has been a restful one.  Those of you ailing with the recent bouts of flu you are all in my thoughts and prayers for your healing.

Enjoy your day.

Gusseted pockets and a dimensional T-Rex.

Heather came over today, after I got Joe on the road.

Today’s lesson was making a “Gusseted” pocket for special things in a layout or two.  She can tuck a lock of her boy’s hair, held in a protective envelope, inside the pocket or just about anything else she would like to stuff in there.

A “Gusseted” pocket is one that spreads out for thick items while allowing the pocket to retain its original shape.  I had her do it the “Hard Way” and the “Easy Way” since she would be making two pockets.

I cut two pieces of card stock to 6″ x 4-1/2″.  After being scored and folded the pocket WAS supposed to be 4″ x 4″ but I had a bit of trouble with the math part so it is 4-1/2″ x 4″.  If you wish to make a gusseted pocket for your layout and the final pocket measure 4″ x 4″ you will need to cut your card stock at 5-1/2″ by 4-1/2″.

On the wide side of the paper, measure along one edge 1/2″ and use a bone folder to score a line.  Move the ruler 1/8″ and score a second line, then move the ruler another 1/8″ and score the third line.  Do the same with the other side.  This will take up 3/4″ for all the fold lines on each side.

Scoring fold lines with a ruler and bone folder

Scoring fold lines with a ruler and bone folder

Crease each of the score marks into fan folds.   Do this to both sides.

Crease the scores into fan folds on both sides

Crease the scores into fan folds on both sides

Using the bone folder, press the folds firmly for sharp creases and flatten the folds closer together.

Use a bone folder to flatten the creases

Use a bone folder to flatten the creases

Score and fold 1/2″ at the bottom of the pocket to close it so your precious items don’t fall out and get lost.

Once all the folding and creasing is finished, cut the corner out of each side from the 1/2″ square in the corner in to the second score line.

Cut the corner out to remove some of the bulk

Cut the corner out to removed some of the bulk

Do this to both sides.  You will have a tab at the bottom.

Tab at bottom of pocket

Tab at bottom of pocket

Fold everything together bringing the tabbed bottom up last.  Add a bit of glue in the bottom corners.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture.  Only put a small amount of wet glue in the corners where the bottom tab meets with the side gussets.

Fold your pocket together and glue only the bottom corners

Fold your pocket together and glue only the bottom corners

I have some small clothes pins that I use as “Clamps” on things like this.  Prying up the other side, after you  have glued one down, usually opens the other.  A paper clip will work in this instance if you don’t have any of these pins.

Use a paper clip or small clothes pins to hold the corners for the glue to set

Use a paper clip or small clothes pins to hold the corners for the glue to set

For the “Easy Way” I had Heather use my Martha Stewart Score Board to make the crease lines.

Using the Score Board to make the score lines for the folds

Using the Score Board to make the score lines for the folds

This is the “Easy Way” because the scores are more defined and easier to manipulate the paper than using the slippery and sliding ruler and bone folder.  Folding on these score lines is easier to do because a person can actually SEE where the line is as opposed to using the ruler and bone folder trick.

The rest of the process is exactly the same.  Fold on the score lines, cut out the bottom corners to create the tab, glue the corners and hold them down for the glue to set.

Next is to decorate the front of the pockets then apply them to the pages.

Decorated fronts of pockets and attached to layout pages

Decorated fronts of pockets and attached to layout pages

For Tommy’s page Heather wanted to use some patterned paper she got from Maureen.  This next bit was from a question posed by Heather.  She wanted to know how to make the dinosaur be 3-D.  Now don’t tell her that this was the first time I have attempted this.  I’ve read about it but have not done it myself.  Shhhhh, I want her to believe that I am the “Wizard” 😀

I had her cut out four of the T-Rex images.  Lots of “Fussy Cutting” is going to be happening.

Heather cut out the T-Rex images from the patterned paper

Heather cut out the T-Rex images from the patterned paper

The first image will be the base that all the rest of the images will be mounted to.

First image is the base layer for all the other images

First image is the base layer for all the other images

The second image I had her whack off T-Rex’s head.  Foam tape was applied to the back side of the second image then it was stacked onto the base image.

Second image was cut out - minus the head - and attached with foam tape

Second image was cut out - minus the head - and attached with foam tape

Next was to cut out the hand and arm piece.  That needed a bit more care taken since the image was so small and the surrounding paper to be cut away was very intricate.  Heather used her brand new craft knife she excitedly showed me when she first came over today 😀

Using a craft knife to cut out the fine details

Using a craft knife to cut out the fine details

The arm was then attached to the top of the second layer using foam tape again.

Arm attached to second layer using foam tape

Arm attached to the second layer using foam tape

The tail piece was attached using foam tape then the head was attached using a double thickness of foam tape.

Tail and head attached using foam tape

Tail and head attached using foam tape

The final result turned out cute, c-u-t-e!  Some of the foam tape is peeking out from the really small areas but it is hidden enough that it won’t be sticking to stuff.  Other dinosaurs were cut out from the edge of the paper and applied to the pocket so T-Rex would have friends to talk to 😀

Completed 3-D T-Rex along with some friends

Completed 3-D T-Rex along with some friends

Last thing to do is add glue to the tabbed edges of the underside of the pocket.  Applying glue ONLY to the edges.  This will allow the pocket to remain open and not be glued shut.

Apply glue to the tabbed edges of the back of the pocket then adhere to the page

Apply glue to the tabbed edges of the back of the pocket then adhere to the page

Now the pocket is ready to hold treasures of all kinds and keep them safely stored for later viewing.

Completed pocket on the page

Completed pocket on the page

Heather will be adding photos and mattes to her pages.  The left one – T-Rex pocket – is for Tommy.  He watches a program with a singing dinosaur and loves it.  Hmmmm, the only singing dinosaur I know of is the purple one.  Is that “Barney”?  I don’t know.  Anyway she is waiting for Tommy to say “Roar” and make his hands into claws.  Once she has a photo of that she will be adding it to this page along with other items.

For Duston’s page, the one on the right, she is waiting for him to take his first steps and getting photos of that exciting event.  She has decided “First Steps” will be the title for Duston’s page and “Roar” will be the title for Tommy’s page.

Pages ready for Heather's finishing touches

Pages ready for Heather's finishing touches

The next lesson will be more “Fussy Cutting”.  She will be cutting the boys out of the photos.  The outline of their bodies will be the cutting guides and we’ll do some fun placement.  I also think it is about time to teach her  how to ink the edges of her papers to give them a distressed look.

I think she is advancing along very well and it is now time to get into the “Artsy” part of crafting.  I have been working her towards”Page Structure” and it is now about time to get her going in that direction.

So, until next time with Heather, enjoy your crafting and give this 3-D thing a try.


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