Getting caught up on all my emails.

I decided that this morning would be spent in going through both of my email accounts and getting them read and respond to.

The YouTube subscribers had been my number 1 priority this morning.  Some of them have languished away in the “In Boxes” for over a month and it was high time to get those taken care.  Also the comments left on both of my YouTube accounts as well.

Then it was to check on the blog entries of my friends that have been neglected for quite some time.  Reading and catching up on all the comings and goings of my friends.

I’ve totally lost my mind, I think.  I was up until nearly 2 a.m. watching back to back “Storage Wars” and “Storage Wars – Texas” episodes on A&E.

This is one of those things that I just don’t understand about myself.  Probably never will.  Watching these shows is akin to driving slowly past a car wreck.  Sorry for the people involved but glad it is not me.

How many of you have rented storage space at some point in your life?  Joe and I had.  Watching these people bid on the contents of a storage shed which has gone delinquent in payment is terrible and fascinating at the same time.

One part of me cringes each time the door to the compartment opens to be viewed by the bidders.

Furniture, clothing, collected items, tools, business equipment, children’s toys.  Everything that meant something to a person or family is now open for these buzzards to swoop down on and pick it all apart.

The items that have a “value” are picked out of the contents while the remainder is chucked into the trash somewhere.  These bidders get really excited about some things and others they are not sure if they can sell in their own thrift shops.

I know that storage space owners can’t have their units tied up by people that can’t, or won’t, pay the rental.  I know that legally they have to give the renters at least two months to get the back payment made current before they schedule the unit to be emptied.

Legally the storage space owners have to put a notice in the Classified section of local newspapers declaring the unit numbers in danger of being cleaned out and the renters have 10 days after the ad to get current.

I wondered how many of the original storage shed renters came back to pay up and get current only to find that all of their stuff is gone forever.  One storage shed held action figures from Star Wars.  The owner had taken such care to have these action figures boxed in Lucite or acrylic boxes then bubble wrapped and neatly packed in boxes.

The winner of this particular storage unit pawed through all of the stuff and later took the action figures to an expert to learn about the thousands of dollars they now held in their hands to sell and make a profit.

OMG, how depressed is the unit renter now knowing that all of his/her treasures are gone forever?  Makes my heart sick just thinking about it.

Then the bidders – buzzards – come in a flock to the carrion each hoping to get their heads and hands sunk deeply into the carcass.  Each trying to out bid the other or drive up the price of a unit just for the sheer fun of being a miserable old coot.

I think I’m going to go back into my computer and work on my website more and my bookwork for our business.  I will do good deeds to  help someone new in the crafting world and get those nasty buzzards out of my head.

I’ve totally lost my mind.  I think I need to go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby!  Better yet, get in my room and create something.

Lost my crafting Mojo

I’ve been so busy with my website and my Day Job paperwork.  I feel like I’m tied to this computer and anytime now I’m going to meld with it.

I’ve gone into my craft room to start something.  Anything!  Something to get the thought of the website out of my head.  I just stand there and go totally brain dead.

It was good to have Heather over to give my brain a shift in a different direction.

There was a time when I looked at everyday, ordinary, objects I’d get excited about using the inspiration in a craft project.   This photo is one such thing that sparked my imagination.

Public restroom floor

Public restroom floor

The pattern caught my eye.  It is just a section of floor in a public restroom.  Yes, I bent over near the wash basin to take this photo.  I remember there were three other women in there with me.  Funny now to think about them bending over with me, or leaning, to see what I found so fascinating.  And why I was taking a picture of the floor!

For the life of me I can’t even remember what it was that inspired me or what I thought of doing with a pattern similar to this.

Where, oh where has my Mojo gone?!  I’ve buried it somewhere.    Poor thing is lost and I need to go find it 😦

Until I find my creative desire again, tell me what you would do with the pattern shown in the photo.  What would you do with it.  Maybe if I read some of your ideas I might remember where I put my Mojo 😀

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