My recent “Haul”.

First, a disclaimer.  My neighbor, Hugh, is totally to blame for the items you will see in this post.  I take no responsibility for any of this.  It is all Hugh’s fault!

Friday night Hugh called Joe around 8:30 p.m. I was busy with other things and didn’t pay any attention to the phone conversation.  That is until……Joe passed on a query from Hugh to me.  Would I like to go to a Stampin’ Up! Yard Sale on Saturday morning?

Going through my  head was “No”.  I have enough stuff in my room and I don’t need to acquire more things.  What came out of my mouth was totally different.  “Yes”, I blurted out.

Hugh has a system.  A really great system to be exact.  He searches online for the upcoming Yard Sales for the weekend.  He goes every weekend to find deals and steals for the computer repair business he has going on in his home.

Joe was sort of interested.  He asked Hugh if there were any Yard Sales that included cameras or camera gear.  He would just have to come along to see is all Hugh told him.

Once Hugh has a list of Yard Sales he wants to hit he writes down the address in the ads, takes these addresses to his computer and makes a “Turn by Turn” listing in Google Maps.  He has this down to a Science I tell you.  He starts from home and ends up close to home while winding all through our fairly large town.  Hugh’s mapping takes him to the nearest and works in a circle to the furthest then back near home.  That way he is not going from one end of town to another, then shooting up and down in a chaotic foray of the streets.

To really hook me in to sticking with Hugh and Joe, he very cleverly included the Yard Sales with craft items throughout the mornings journey.  First stop was the Stampin’ Up! Yard Sale.  This stop got me in the mode of shopping.  He chose this one first to ensure my sticking with the program and not declaring I was going home.  Hugh is devious.  Devious I tell you!

8 foot tables were positioned in the garage of the Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  Atop all the tables were discontinued stamp sets, discontinued punches, discontinued paper lines, and all kinds of other goodies.  I spent about 30 minutes looking, touching, and grabbing items before the other shoppers got in my way and made off with the goodies.

What did I purchase from the Stampin’ Up! Yard Sales?  A few things and one that is NOT Stampin’ Up!.

Stamp Sets:

Office Accoutrements.

Office Accoutrements

Peaceful Season:

Peaceful Season

Bright Christmas:

Bright Christmas



Non Stampin’ Up! Item at the Yard Sale:

Pearl Ex:

Pearl Ex

Later in the morning Hugh took us to the opposite side of town to a Yard Sale that I almost sat out on.  I saw clothes, books, and dishware.  Stuff that didn’t interest me in the least….until I looked further in the yard and spied a table full of goodies.


This ribbon holder is full of spools.  Small, medium, and large sized spools of delightful ribbons.  Of course I grabbed hold of that!



Little bag of Christmas brads

Christmas brads

Little bag of Tag brads

Tag brads

Little bag of General brads

General brads

Trinkets and Charms:

Little bag of Trinkets, Beads, and Charms

Trinkets, Beads, and Charms


Little bag of Buttons


Chipboard Embellishments:

Chipboard Embellishments

Reference Books:

Love Your Handwriting

Creative Albums

The big eye popper for me was the iRobot Roomba at one of the Yard Sales in our journey.  I have no idea if it works but I have it plugged in.  I hope to see it wandering around our kitchen 😀

Can you believe it?!  $20.  A discontinued model but for $20 instead of $400 or $500.  Hey, if it doesn’t work then it is just money spent.  I’ve done that on other things before, as I’m sure  you have a list of items in your home – or recently tossed out – that you purchased.

iRobot Roomba

Can you believe it?!

Charging the battery

Once again.  This is all Hugh’s fault! 😀

As a personal rule, I don’t do “Haul” videos or posts.  Watching the “Hauls” I have a tendency to run right out to the craft/hobby store and buy stuff that is totally unrelated to the videos or blogs.

I have an addiction 😦  It can get out of hand from time to time and I go on binges.  So I try to consider others that have the same addiction as I have.  But I could not resist doing this post.  I mean….YARD SALES?!  WHOA, go get um’!

Enjoy your Sunday.  Hope you get to do some crafting 😀


Visions of Christmas card creations danced in my head.

Last week, while driving from Ohio to Texas, I was feeling out of sorts.  Mostly because I had a really bad head cold and I had twisted my ankle one dark night.  There are times that I think I’d really like to get off the road forever and just create things.  The urge hit me with a vengeance last week while I suffered through some NyQuill induced hallucinations.

Being alone, for hours at a time, watching the white lines pass under my truck I get bored at times.  To relieve the boredom I get ideas.  This idea had me so excited that I fleshed it out for days.

Imagine this.  A box made from chipboard.  Sectioned off to hold A2 (4-1/4 x 5-1/2) Christmas cards and envelopes, 3″x3″ gift cards, and a final section to hold gift tags strung with ribbon.  I did the measuring in my head while driving.  The one part of my idea that I waffled on was creating “doors” to the box top that would open and display all of my beautiful creations, OR, a clear acetate lid that would be held on by ribbon so all of my awesomeness could be displayed for all to see.

I really got into this idea and it kept me occupied for several days.  I even thought about using pieces of left over gift wrap to adhere around and inside the box in a collage technique.

As I coughed my fool head off and blew my nose until I wondered if I had somehow turned into a snot factory all I thought of was creating that box.  In my delusions the cards and gift tags would just magically appear.

I am NOT a card maker.  I make attempts at making them but I am not happy with the things I make.  This Christmas card box had me stoked and so ready to get home and begin creating the cards and tags that would fill it.  There is where REALITY hit.  Hel-lo-o-o-o (you have to put the accent on the “lo-o-o” part and really drag it out lyrically).

Tools.  I have an abundance of tools.  Paper, ink, trimmers, templates, embossing folders, colored markers, spritzes from my personal brews, Distress Stain dauber thingys, and so much more.  With all the things I have making Christmas cards will be a snap!  Right?  Uhmm, no.

Rubber Stamps

Sizzix Simple Impressions

Embossing Folder

Inks, markers, punches, and other things

Okay, now is when things begin to fall apart and my dream of having Christmas cards and gift tags boxed beautifully begin a headlong rush down the river toward a steep waterfall.  Yikes!

First is my choice of paper.  Two (2) sheets of white 12″x12″ card stock and one (1) sheet of  8-1/2″x11″ gold vellum.

White card stock and gold vellum

Precisely cut to the dimensions listed on one of the card making instructions from my Club Scrap Card Making Deck.

Assembly Line card making from Club Scrap

Nice 😀  Yep, that went pretty well.  Although the gold vellum looks to be a poor choice right now but I can make this work 😀

That is UNTIL I put the Candle Simple Impressions folder on the paper upside down.  Drat and double drat.  Crapazoid!  I really should have done the embossing thing on a separate sheet of card stock.

Upside down embossed image

Okay.  I’ll just take the metal stencil out and trace around the image on the bottom left of the card front.  That will work.  😀

Remove the metal stencil from the folder

Trace the stencil

Color the flames and add glitter.  YES!  I’m on a roll now!

Add color and glitter

If you don’t look too closely you won’t see the upside down candle embossing at the top right of the card.  Crapazoid!  I seriously can’t do that.  Perfectionism leaves little room for spontaneity.

So, now what do I do?  Punch out the oopsy of course!  Stamp a Christmas greeting on the gold vellum and adhere it on the inside of the card.  Let’s make this trip to the waterfall even more adventurous by adding Krylon Gold paint to the circle then use a snowflake embossing folder to take up the screaming white space.  Yes, let’s just do that.

Next step is to really botch this job up.

Knowing full well that this was just plain unsightly I went to Joe with this card.  It was my hope that he would say “Now that is totally unique and I like it!”  Well….that didn’t happen and I then went crashing over the waterfall.  😦

Today is another day.  Let’s get in my room and do something totally different!

I want a window on the front of a card.  Peering into a home ready for Christmas.  I have a card with an adorable illustration by K. Lawrence for American Greetings I’ve had since about 2000.

Illustrator K. Lawrence for American Greetings

I have a Fiskar “Window Template” from about 2002.

Fiskar Window template

A “Texture Plate” of which I’m not sure if it is Fiskar or Sizzix.  Acquisition is unknown but I do believe it is about the same time – 2002 or 2003.

Texture plate

Trace around the window template and use a craft knife to cut out the pieces.  I don’t own one of those space ship doo dads with the blade that zooms around inside the template so I have to be careful I don’t tear the paper.  Spritz the paper with a bit of water before placing it on the texture template and running it through my Big Shot.

Texture plate, Big Shot, paper, and water

My friend, Maureen, told me about lightly spraying water on your paper before using the Texture Plate to get a better impression and it works great.

Great texture impression

Cut the image down to fit behind the “Window”.  I wanted to have a “glass” look.  Inspiration struck in the form of a sheet protector.  Cut the sheet protector to the size of the image and adhere it to the front of the image.

Cut the image to fit the "Window"

Sheet protectors from the office supply store

Cut the sheet protector to fit the image

You don’t need to have both pieces of the sheet protector on the image, just one side of it will do.

I’ve used Antique Lace Distress Ink over the textured “Window” and used Tea Dye Distress Ink on the outer edges of the “Window”.  The adhesive used to attach the sheet protector to the image is hidden behind the “Window”.  A piece of bright red raffia ribbon was wrapped around the image and attached using foam pop dot things.

The completed card front

Raised with foam pop dots

I have vindicated myself from yesterday’s fiasco.  I even got the “That is really cute!” approval from Joe.

Now, I have to give some thought into how many of these I want to make.  Realistically the box will not be made, the cards will be less time consuming, and quite frankly my NyQuill hallucination will have to put on the back burner for possibly next year.

I did get to spend some time in my room and used some tools and things I’ve had languishing away behind cupboard doors for many years.

If you want to tackle this type of a card….Joe suggested the illustration could be replaced by a photo of our grandson, Simon.  Do you have some photos of your children or grandchildren you would like to have featured in your Christmas cards this year?  How about this idea to make you go crazy and end up saying some not so kind things about me 😀

Enjoy your Friday and the upcoming weekend.