Card #2 from the highway

A little bit of stamping in the truck while Joe drove. A little bit of glitter glue administration to the stamped image.

Photo by Joe.

I took Shelly’s advice and cut up some card stock for card bases before leaving the hotel. Joe took this photo.


The dashboard looked like a good place to let the glitter glue pieces dry.


Having arrived to the hotel in Lost Hills, California I set up shop and this is now Card #2.


A shot of the dimension on the card front. A half back rhinestone in the flowers center.



I’m liking this color combination. Still on the look out for the next color challenge so keep watch.

Have fun crafting and enjoy your slide down to the weekend 🙂


Color challenge and Card #1 from the highway.

Here is the color challenge. Use pink, orange, and white. The inspiration is a dinner plate I saw at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, California.


Here is my first card made in a hotel room during my “Day Job”. I’m not over the moon with it but it is cute. The Colorbok paper is really not suitable for card stock – in my opinion. It is not heavy enough for my liking, but it is doing well for now.


A little tip. Wal-Mart doesn’t sell acrylic blocks for stamping. I purchased an acrylic wallet size clear frame and used it to do my stamping. It works 😀




I thought I was buying a black ink pad from the Studio G bin at Wal-Mart. I have no idea what color it is, except I do know it isn’t black.

Here is my “haul” from Wal-Mart plus Joe asked the hotel clerk where a craft store was nearby. He found a Michaels and I got a couple things from there.













Have fun with the challenge. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Coming Soon. Cards from the highways.

See this man. He is an enabler of the first order.


He was willing to drive over 500 miles out of route to get me home and take some of my craft supplies along to create while I’m a passenger for the next week.

We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Kingman, Arizona to pick up a few supplies. Double “A” batteries, toothpaste, and Breathe Right Strips. While there Joe said “Let’s find the craft stuff.”.

I found two pads of 12 x 12 textured card stock by Colorbok, (I don’t know how to put the two dots atop the “o”) for $5 each. Normally sell for $12. Joe saw the paper trimmer after I added a cutting mat and craft knife to the basket. He was adamant in his belief that I would need the trimmer 🙂

I picked up a few clear stamps, black ink pad, and four tubes of glitter glue from Studio G. All for $1 each. He even helped scour the store for a tote 🙂


We are delivering his trucks in Greenfield, California today then driving up to Sacramento for two more for him.

Keep watching for updates on my “haul” and cards created as I get bounced and jostled on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada then later to Greeley, Colorado.

The SU fracas is over

I had to hold my tongue and censor my fingers 🙂 when I sent this email to SU.

Dear Libby:

I am in receipt of your cease and desist email sent to – another of my email accounts.

Please check your records. I have not been a SU Demo in well over a year. I’m sure this is a form letter that gets sent out to “wayward” Demos and does not apply to me.

I use SUand other manufacturer products in my paper crafting. All products, tools, and supplies used in my paper crafting are referenced by manufacturer or where purchased when I create a blog post about an item I made. I will continue to do so.

Once again, please check your records. I hope this matter is only a mistake and not something to be concerned about.


Leslie Bockenstette


This is the response I received back. It is all good, for now.


I am so sorry for the mix up, that was a complete oversight on my part. I appreciate you pointing this out to me. You are correct, as you are no longer a demonstrator, you are not under any contract that holds you to our competitive activities policies.

We try to be much more thorough and accurate in these types of situations, and I feel awful that I missed that, and sent you this letter. I hope you accept my sincere apologies in this situation. If we can help you with anything else please let us know.


Libby Slem
Compliance Assistant
Stampin’ Up!


I guess I can live another day knowing that my fame is spreading far and wide because I have my first “enemy”.

Whomever you are, please know that the world is full of wonderful people that bump into me in one way or another. You are included in touching my life whether you know it or not.

Now. Everyone go have a creative day 🙂


Cease & Desist email I received

I have had a night’s sleep and have cooled down. Below is the email I received that spurred yesterday’s post.

Guess one might say this is a cautionary tale for any SU Demos that stray off the reservation 🙂

May 22, 2012
Incident 16896109

Dear Leslie,

We recently were made aware that your blog links to a site in which competitive products are available for purchase.

We want to remind you that Section 9 (d) of the Independent Demonstrator Agreement, the Competitive Activities Policy (Section 6.3) and the Internet/Web Site Policy (Section 6.22) of the Demonstrator Manual, state that demonstrators are not permitted to promote, market, or sell the products of other companies who offer similar products. This means you cannot promote competitive companies or post links to other companies who sell competitive products, including digital artwork. The links in question are to Martha Stewart, Club Scrap, Tim Holtz, and Hobby Lobby.

We value you as a demonstrator and we want you and all demonstrators to be successful within our established policy framework. As such you will need to remove the links in question, as well as any other competitive links you may have. We request that you make these changes and notify us in writing by May 29, 2012. If you have any questions or concerns about these policies please call 1-800-STAMP UP or respond to this e-mail. We look forward to hearing back from you soon and resolving this incident.


Libby Slem
Compliance Assistance
Stampin’ Up!

This e-mail and any previous e-mail messages, including files, may contain confidential and/or privileged material. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies. Any unauthorized review or use is strictly prohibited.

Cheez It, the Cops are here!

To begin – I have NOT been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for over a year now. Being an OTR truck driver half the year and trying to be a Demo the other half is not good for prospective customers. I was cheating all people interested in Stampin’ Up!’s products while I did my driving job. I was, further, doing a disservice to customers by not knowing the product nor advising them of specials and new items.

Whomever “ratted” me out to Stampin’ Up! *chuckle* I think I’m flattered.

Flattered because “you” have taken the time to read my blog, watch my videos, or see my website. I guess a case can be made because I have videos and blog posts that still indicate my association with Stampin’ Up!

I received a “cease and desist” email from Stampin’ Up! today. That is what has prompted this post.

To be clear. I do not sell SU products nor am I a Demo.

I do hope “you” come back to visit my blog from time to time and see what I’m up to while crafting.


Last of the Thank You cards.

I’ve finally finished the 12 cards I set out to make while home this time.  Well….they are not quite finished just yet.  I still have to put a piece of white card stock inside most of the cards for a place to write a note and I need to make envelopes.  I’ll do that later this afternoon.

For the first card I used a metal piece from the Hodge Podge Hardware set from Stampin’ Up!  I don’t think this particular set is available any longer, but it still might be.

Hodge Podge from Stampin' Up!

Hodge Podge  Hardware from Stampin’ Up!

Of all the cards I’ve recently made this one is the one I really like the best.

Card #8

Card #8

Into the last set of cards cut using one of the Club Scrap Cardmaking Idea Deck things which I’ve chosen the brown and turquoise paper.  I’ve still stuck with the two stamp sets throughout this series of 12 cards.  This time I’ve added ribbon to some and one I’ve used a border punch.

This next card I thought I’d use glitter on only three of the flowers.  That looked pretty bad!  Instead of tossing the piece I brought out the mica water colors and filled the flowers in.

Card #9

Card #9

Oh, look.  I forgot to color in one of the flowers 😦  Oh well it’s still all good.

The next card I brought out my turquoise embossing powder to use on the flourish stamp.

Card #10

Card #10

The next card my creativity took a trip, my “mojo” got distracted, I began to run out of steam 😉  I attached ribbon to each of the strips cut from the card stock and punched the sentiment using a decorative punch from Stampin’ Up!

Card #11

Card #11

The final card I used a border punch on the last two pieces of cuts from the card stock.  Hmmmm, that thing I had Heather do on one of her cards would fit in good right about now.  I used a white gel pen to make tiny dots following along the scallops of the border punch on both the brown and the turquoise.  A piece of ribbon was added to the little set and called it done.

Card #12

Card #12

Now I have 12 “Thank You” cards in varying degrees of feminine and masculine that I can mail or hand out while I’m on the road.  Just in case I need one, or more, I will have them and won’t have to daily remind myself to find a store for the needed cards.

Who wants to place a bet on me remembering I have them?  Any takers? 😉  I think the question really should be me remembering WHERE I stashed them so they won’t get folded, spindled, and mutilated in my purse or my day book case.

If there is anything to take away from this brief stint of card making it is that you don’t have to have a lot of “stuff” to make cards.  I’ve done these with two stamp sets and various embellishments, supplies, punches, and what-nots.  Also, having the card stock cut in a particular way before hand you can get creative with your supplies and tools to make each card different and unique.

A new week has begun.  Hope you enjoy each day of it.


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