My New Website Is Up!

I have one glitch right now.  The “Home Page” is a bit wonky at first go.  I have to wait for a tech person to come in on Monday at my Web Hosting Service to help get that tweaked.

Go to Message In A Fold and click on any of the Navigation Buttons  on the left side, then click on the “Home” button and you will see the Home Page as it  has been created by me.

Now this old girl has had a bit of “Lipstick and Mascara” applied to her.  She has a hitch in her “Get Along” at first but she works fine.

Most of the content is recycled from my older website version.  So I guess I can lay claim to “NEW AND IMPROVED” :D.

This has been one heck of a battle, let me tell you.

I am very proud to say that all of the navigation links have been created by me from photos of  a flower that I made in my very own craft room.  I’ve then taken that flower to Photoshop Elements and worked some magic on it to be the links to the various pages in my website.  NOW I’m “Dangerous”.  I have been gifted with a little bit of knowledge of Photoshop Elements and I can wreck havoc there :D.  For me….a little knowledge is always dangerous 😀

As you troll through you will find a teeny flower with the word “Top”.  That is the button to click on to go back to the top of the page you are looking at.

The “Header”, as I’ve already stated is my very own creation.  It is part of one of the belly bands I made for the Christmas gift boxes for our friend, Tim.

Right now, I’ve had the sight of my website everyday from about 5:30 a.m. to well past 10:00 at night for the past two weeks.  Clicking my computer keys to create this work.  I kind of know why the “geeks” are mostly found with soda pop and potato chips all the time.  To much coding, check to see if the coded stuff works right, then going back to fix what doesn’t work.  I’m just a bit sick of looking at it.

I have a few sections I need to work on and you will find that they are “Under Construction” and will be for another few days until I get them fully fleshed out.  The “GIFTS” button will take you to an error message page.  I forgot to put the “Under Construction” page in that little spot.

I don’t have a “Twitter Badge” nor a “Facebook Badge” on my site yet and they will come in the next couple of weeks.

Lynn, I’m sorry that I didn’t respond to your comment on my last post.  I was “up to my arse in alligators” with this CSS and XHTML stuff.  Shelly, I haven’t responded to your comment either.  I have no idea why Lynn’s comment didn’t get automatically approved as Shelly’s did.

Joe can testify to the fact that he got his ear chewed off each time he called to interrupt a coding session.

I am now a Certificate carrying CSS and XHTML person – whatever that is called.  Please, don’t ask me to build you a website.  Those people have to totally love this stuff like we do our crafting.  I can’t say that I love coding or doing HTML.  Not at all!  I can at least get my two certificates framed – last year’s HTML and this years CSS and XHTML – and put them on my wall.

Maybe I’ll venture into the next bit of Foolishness and take a course on adding a Forum to this website next winter.  I need that long of time to pass before I get another hair brained idea :D.

If you have any suggestions about items you would like to see in my website, leave a comment with any ideas and I will consider them.

Next, I need to leave a link to my website at the computer course site so I can be assured of having completed the class and turned in all my work.  Joe’s home for a couple days.  I won’t be coding from pre dawn to dark over the next few days so don’t count on many change or additions right away.

Hope you like it.  Mostly I just HOPE it works in your browser and you can see it without a lot of trouble.

Have a great week everyone.

The air has turned purple!

Yes folks.  The air in my home has gone from blue to purple!

Where did that phrase “The air is blue in there” come from?  I remember as a child hearing the adults use that phrase when they were a bit upset by the strong words used by another adult.  So I have determined that “blue air” means swear words are floating in the air.

Anyone that has a problem with a person swearing would be beating feet into another state by now had they been in my home the past few days.

Last year, about this time, I had a swearing fest similar to this year.  Last year I took an online class to learn about HTML and create my very own website.  That was a trial.  This year I have decided that since I conquered HTML then I would move on to learning CSS and XHTML.

Trying to figure out what goes where in this newest thing is a real challenge.  Programming!

I found my old Photoshop Elements file and thought I’d mess in it to create a header.  I have not cracked that software open since I got it in 2007 and couldn’t figure it out then.  After about an hour of clicking on buttons to no avail, then surf the internet for some kind of helpful instruction – another two hours – I did find one site that helped me to get a start at it.

After about six hours of work, countless “F” bombs floating around the room, several “sh*ts”, and quite a number of “damn-its” I finally  had success at creating my header.  Only to find that it was too long and too wide.  More swearing involved.  It did show up on the mock up of my website Home Page though.

In my case, a little knowledge is DANGEROUS!  Trying to figure out the best way to change the size proportions to fit in the space allotted for the header in my Home Page I corrupted the header file some how….that I wouldn’t find out until today.

All I can tell you is that it was there one time and gone the next.  It went on a “Walk About” – love that phrase and thank you Lynn 😀

While the header was in the right place and was showing up, albeit too big, I worked on the rest of my page.  There are two columns to my Home Page.  The left column will be for links to other pages in my site as well as “badges” I will create in Photoshop (don’t hold your breath for too long) if I can figure that one out.

No where in my class instruction, thus far, has stated the particular order each element HAS to be coded to make it all work.  I started with the main body of the page.  That worked 😀

When I added in the sidebar information for the left column that information went to the very bottom left of the page into the footer and wormed its way up the left side.  Not high enough to meet with the top of the main area.  That was when my frustration level was beginning to go over the top.

I decided to work on a different area and leave that one alone for now.  I went to work on the footer area.  The “F” bombs were whistling through the air and impacting with force all around me.   The footer moved its cute little self up on the page to just under the header.

Try as I might, cutting and pasting in different areas that footer was staying up near the top and was not budging.

Leave the footer alone and work on the left column.  I have found that the left column HAS to be coded before the main body is put in.  I read in one of the resource articles supplied by the instructor of the course that computer codes is read clockwise.  So……header first, main body second, footer third, left column fourth, then back to the header.

NOPE!  Header first, left column second, main body third, then the footer.  So much for clockwise!  After I got that figured out my Home Page was coming together.  Minus a header image.  Drat and double drat!  And the footer was now residing at the top of the main body information.  It had dropped down from just under the header though so progress was being made.  CRAPAZOID!

I gave up and went to bed.  Put a little distance between me and programming for a while.

This morning I tackled the wayward header image.  That is when I found the file to be corrupted and I had to create a new one.  I can show you my  header 😀

My Header

My Header

I created the first one from reading and following along a site I found in a Google search of “creating a header in photoshop elements”.  This one is way too big and I need to resize it…..if I can figure that out.  I really like this one but it is just too big.

My first header

My first header

Other than way too much black from the darker photos I like this one.  So you won’t be seeing this one on my website just yet.  I  need to hurl a few more “F” bombs and turn the air blue to get this thing lightened up and the “Message In A Fold” in a white color and much larger.

Time to get back to creating with CSS to get another page started.  WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKIN’!!!!