A new “Mileage” book for Joe

A new mileage book for Joe

A new mileage book for Joe

I have had a little bit of time to get into my craft room this week and finish the “Mileage” book for Joe.

Inside, under the front cover, I have created a page with pockets on the front and back.  The pockets are used to store fuel, toll, and permit receipts for the load he is currently on.

Pocket on each side of this page for receipts

Pocket on each side of this page for receipts

Lastly, I bound the book using my WeRMemory Keepers Cinch machine.

Mileage pages in the book

Mileage pages in the book

Our job in Drive-Away requires a lot of paperwork.  We have to keep track of the miles traveled in each state, our fuel costs, any and all tolls or permits, repair expenses, and what the income will be once the job is completed.  All of this record keeping is done in this little book that gets used on a daily basis.

The “Interstate Fuel Tax Authority”, better known as “IFTA” requires each trucking company to keep track of fuel purchases in each state they are permitted to run through.  They levy taxes on the trucking companies from the fuel purchases.  The taxes are then split  up between the states traveled by the company.  It is confusing to explain and I probably made it even harder to understand, so sorry about that.  Each state with Federal and State highways get a cut of the taxes paid for fuel purchases by the entire trucking industry.

I have made a video of the process of putting the book together.  I’m in the editing phases of the blab fest.  More than likely, the video won’t go up to my YouTube channel until I return  home from our next foray out over the highways and byways.

Making journals to fit your personal needs is something that I recommend.  You can’t always purchase a book for  your specific life and the record keeping requirements.  If you don’t have a binding machine you can take your completed project to a copy center, such as Kinko’s – better known as FedEx Office – and they can put the book together for you.  Bound with a spiral spine, or even the ring binding as I have done.

Consider the time and cost involved in creating your personalized journal, plus the costs of having it bound by an outside source.  It may be cost effective to do this if you are only making one or two journals.  If you will be making several and selling them you might consider investing in a binding machine of your own.



Getting back in the “Swing of things”.

I guess it is time to let you all know what is going on in my world right now.  Usually I blather on and on about the comings and goings in my life.  Lately I have all but abandoned this blog, and my other one.

In August, of this year, I was hospitalized far from home with a pretty bad case of Sepsis after a neglected bout of a Urinary Tract Infection.  The doctor who treated me at the hospital told me it could take  up to a year for me to fully heal.  I thought the guy was plain bonkers.

All of August, September, and October I was home recuperating.  Most days I was dizzy, weak, and stumbled around like I was drunk.  So unsteady on my feet during August and the first part of September.  By mid September and early October I began to feel better.  No longer dizzy and unsteady.  The weakness had gone and I began to feel like my old self once again.

So, I figured that the doctor at the hospital had pigeon holed me as the norm.  I really began to think I needed to push the thoughts of being down for a year out of my head and proceed as if I were normal.

I felt well enough to get some crafting done and make a few videos.  I even felt quite emboldened enough to pretend to be two different people in my videos.  🙂

The first part of November I decided to get back out on the road to finish out the year.  See if I could get back to work.

Well, that lasted all of one week.  Uh, no.  All of one DAY.  The constant bouncing and jostling of the seat back of our pickup driving the 175 miles to get Joe’s trucks out of Tulsa, Oklahoma made my right kidney ache.  By nightfall on the first day I was having a few sharp pains.  I was not going to tell Joe of this.  Getting out of the truck and into a hotel for the night made the pain bearable.  Riding in a semi truck from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dixon, Illinois was painful.  Hour after hour of the bouncing and jostling.

A couple days later in Dixon, Illinois where Joe’s trucks were delivered the pains in my back had now become intense and involved both of my kidneys.  The sharp and stabbing pains I could no longer hide from Joe and he was about to come unglued.

When the constant bouncing and jostling stopped, the pain subsided enough that I could stand it.  Getting back in any vehicle was not what I wanted to do.  I had committed myself to being out this time and I was going to see it through.

Tough old broad with thoughts of being tougher than I actually am.

We had to go to Washington, West Virginia to pick up one truck then go to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for two more trucks.  All three were going to Peoria, Illinois to auction.  During that one week – November 5th through the 12th – I knew I had made a terrible mistake.  My body was telling me so.

Once we delivered the three trucks to Peoria, Illinois Joe made it his mission to get me home.  We had to drive 800  miles to do so but he got me home.

Back to the family doctor and getting checked out he put me back on a prescription antibiotic for a couple weeks to ward off any further infection I may have jostled loose in my body during my ill informed decision to resume my truck driving.

So….now I’m home and off the road for good.  And I find myself adrift.  No looming time frame to be packed and ready to hit the road.

I’m now in the stages of creating a “schedule” for myself that does not include television watching or surfing the internet hour after hour.

Have you tried to find guidance on the internet about planning your day and creating a schedule?

I mean…how hard can it be?  I’ve done it tons of times before when I’ve been home for the winter to get my paperwork done for the income tax year.  Work at getting my house cleaned before I have to go back out on the road again.

I no longer have that in front of me.  Getting back out on the road at a certain point.  I have my entire future staring at me.  This is quite frightening to me.

It is like being on a city street of a dark night.  The only light source is the light post bathing me in its glow.  In the distance is near total blackness, save for a few buildings with light shining through windows before there is no more light.

Crapazoid, I’m scaring myself. :/

This is where my faith is tested.  Do I stay in the pool of light until daylight comes?  Or do I venture down that dark street into the blackness?

I guess I’ll just head down the street.  I’ll make my own daily schedule – even if it does include about 4 hours of surfing the internet once in a while to figure out how to navigate my day of solitude.

You guys are in for a freak show.  I’ll tell you that up front.  I’m going to ride this puppy until the wheels fall off.  Hopefully they won’t fall off right away….like right now.