Scrapbook Layout – Library Pocket Tag

Library pocket tags for journal spots on layouts

Library pocket tags for journal spots on layouts

My twin granddaughters turned one in June, 2015.  They are so cute.

My twin granddaughters

My twin granddaughters

When my daughter was pregnant with them she would tell me, during phone conversations, how much she was looking forward to them being born.  She was so excited to be a Mom.  She read books about child birth and child rearing.  She read everything she could get her hands on preparing to become the best mother she could be.

When these precious girls were just a couple days old I told Carissa, “Now it will be milestones”.  She looked at me like I had started speaking in an unfamiliar language.

You will, I told her, think you had passed out from total sleep deprivation and didn’t hear their cries the first night they sleep more than two hours between feedings.  Fear will grip your heart and panic will set in.  NORMAL.

The next milestone will be when the babies try to hold a hand still before their eyes so they can see this marvel of human construction.  They will, often, hit and punch themselves as they inspect this odd thing.

The next milestone will be when the babies learn how to hold their heavy little heads up while on their tummies.  The weight of their heads on the weak neck muscles will cause them to bang their little noses and faces on your shoulder bones, the floor, or whatever surface they are laying on.

The next milestone will be when they roll over on their own.  I told her “You will be giddy with excitement when you see this for the first time”.  This, I told her, is the harbinger of doom to you as a Mother.  Carissa whipped her head around and looked at me as if I had suddenly become some kind of demon.  “Why do you say that?!” she asked in a voice tinged with anger.

Because, my love, it won’t be long before they begin crawling and getting into everything.  You won’t believe how fast those little tiny bodies can move.  When they begin crawling your vocabulary as an adult woman will consist of one word.  “NO!”

The next milestone will be when they begin to pull themselves up to a standing position using furniture to steady them.  Oh boy.  Being higher off the ground will mean they have access to everything within their reach.  Exploration of their world really begins.  Your vocabulary will change a little bit.  It will become “No, no, NO!” instead of just the single “NO!”.

I then told Carissa what she needed to pay attention to was “Total Silence”.  That will NOT be good.  She laughed at me.  She actually had a belly laugh at that.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

So, at this time I am creating a scrapbook layout titled “Mischief”.  I have a video showing you how to make Library Card Pocket tags.  This is so easy to do.  You don’t need a template.  You don’t need to download a PDF to cut out a template.  You don’t need specialty tools.  You only need a pencil, ruler, scissors, adhesive, and paper.

So here is the tutorial on making the Library Card Pocket tag and the tag insert for journaling.

Step INTO your fear.

This is what I fear most.

This is what I fear most.

I’ve used lace before.  I’ve used beaded ribbons before.  I’ve used flowers, too.  Doesn’t mean that I no longer fear the silly things.

Inadequate.  Judged and found wanting.  Self recrimination.  Self abuse.

I suppose, like other things in life, you can develop a tolerance for horrid things after you do it/them multiple times.

The tag shown above took me over two hours to make.  I had the heat embossed swirl applied to the tag in about four minutes as I did the tutorial on heat embossing with stencils.  That was the easy part.

For me…facing my fears is akin to finding a spider coming from above on its invisible web.  No matter the size, minute or as big as a quarter, that spider will send me running and squealing.  Calling out for help to my “Spider Slayer” husband.  When he is not home to do this job then I am left to deal with the spider myself.  Most of the time it gets safely away to torment me another day.

A small pile of lace trim sitting on my work table can make my stomach twist, my heart beat faster, dread well up from the depths of my core.  My eyes flick back and forth from the lace trim to the blank tag.  My brain has shut down at this stage and all I feel is the fear.  I find that I have been holding my breath.  You’d think that I was in imminent danger of my very life.

While I’m creating cards or other abominations in my craft room, I start with a glimmer of an idea.  As I begin the process of gathering my supplies that glimmer turns into a spark, then into a fully fledged idea that I will work toward.  Not so when faced with lace trims.

I used my video camera to document my progress from paralyzing fear to actually completing the tag.  As I said, it took well over two hours to make this one tag.  I’ve edited the video down to about 18 minutes.

So anyone out there that is scared out of their minds, terrified to make the first move, and have clamoring voices in your head telling you to STOP…..Take a deep breath and STEP INTO YOUR FEAR.  You’ll never know how it will turn out.  Your first attempt may look like something that needs to be immediately thrown in the trash bin.  That is not the message.

The message is YOU DID IT AND  YOU SURVIVED IT!  You learned a little something along the way.  Your next attempt will be better.

Maybe you will have found a nugget of information to use on your next project, whatever that may be, as you watch my video.