Epic FAIL! Glitter is my nemisis.

I don’t remember if I’ve shown you the circles Sizzix die I have.  If I have….you’ll get to see it again 😀  I’m sure this is another discontinued die since I purchased it off eBay in 2006.

Sizzix circles die

Sizzix circles die

I cut two chipboard circles, the large and the extra large, intended for a different idea that I had.  I also cut out paper from my scraps.

Chipboard and paper die cuts

Chipboard and paper die cuts

My original plan didn’t work out.  I cut a vellum quote pretty badly.  I mangled that poor thing.  So…I opted to use the flower sticker instead.

Uhm….this is a case of “Less is More”.  I liked the way the floral sticker looked on the covered chipboard.  I was going to leave it just like this.

A pretty flower

A pretty flower

Then I came up with the not so brilliant idea of using Studio G Glitter Glue and Tim Holtz Perfect Pearls.

Glitter glue

Glitter glue






I salved my poor spirits by looking at my bottle cap “epoxy” embellishment.


I like the way this turned out.

I like the way this turned out.

One note I need to pass on to you.  Tap out the the dents made from the bottle opener.

Tap out the dents

Tap out the dents

The dents have caused a “halo” effect in the Glossy Accents once it has dried.  Your “epoxy” piece will have “character” 😀

A  halo effect

A halo effect

Back to the sticker sheet.  The set that I botched up that beautiful flower.  I have two stickers that look like flowers or tin tile piece.

Trying the sticker thing again

Trying the sticker thing again


Rhinestone bling

Rhinestone bling

I’m working on an octagonal die from Sizzix.  I’ve cut the chipboard piece from it already.

Octagonal Sizzix die

Octagonal Sizzix die

Look what I found in a drawer!  I had been looking for something that looked like a kiss or puckered lips and couldn’t find it.  Here it is 😀

That's where that was!

That’s where that was!

As usual.  Find the thing when I don’t need it any longer :/  I think my vellum quotes no longer deal with kissing.  (big groan)

I know that hand punches don’t like chipboard.  I’m not sure if the Cricut would like chipboard better.  I have a machine but I don’t use it so I can’t confirm or deny this fact.  Maybe someone out there will know the answer to that.

Have I given you some ideas on making your own chipboard embellishments from your sticker stash?  If I have…and you have given this a try then leave a link to your creations in a comment below.

That’s all I have for you today.


Scrap Rehab – “Just Wanted To Say HI”

Today’s offering is from Operation Write Home Card Sketch #4.  When you look at the sketch you will see that I have used a larger than 1-1/4 x 2 piece indicated on the sketch, and I have centered and tilted the piece instead of going exactly by the sketch.

Just Wanted To Say HI

Just Wanted To Say HI

These are the scraps I am using, with one exception – the vellum.  I’ve had this thick vellum piece from Club Scrap for quite a long while.  Time to get it off the shelf and attached to something. The ribbon used on these cards is partial rolls.  I have discarded the “wheel” and wound the ribbon on clothes line pegs so I don’t know the name of the product.


Scrap pieces for today's card

Scrap pieces for today’s card

Once again, I have chosen four (4) green card bases, four (4) 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 yellow scraps.  I think this is a Stampin’ Up! Summer Sun paper.  Four (4) 2 x 4 pieces of Whisper White from Stampin’ Up!, and four (4) odd ball pieces of white card stock with colored flecks embedded in the paper.  These last will be used on the inside of the card.

All of the yellow pieces were cut to 4 x 5-1/4.

Yellow card stock cut to 4 x 5-1/4

Yellow card stock cut to 4 x 5-1/4

The vellum pieces were cut to 3-3/4 x 5-1/4.

Vellum cut to 3-3/4 x 5-1/4

Vellum cut to 3-3/4 x 5-1/4

The Whisper White card stock from Stampin’ Up! were 2×4 scraps.  These will have an image stamped on them.

2x4 Whisper White card stock

2×4 Whisper White card stock

The stamp I have used is from Studio G.  A clear stamp that is shaped like a tag.

A Studio G stamp

A Studio G stamp

Vellum can be a tricky product to use.  Even this one that is quite thick.  The transparent nature of the paper makes for difficulty in hiding the adhesives.  I’ve hidden the attaching adhesive behind the ribbon at the top leaving the bottom of the vellum loose.  Once the vellum is raised you can see the foam squares I used to attach the tag.


Adhesive products show through vellum

Adhesive products show through vellum

This is the off cuts left over from making these four (4) cards from the scraps I used.  Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself 😀


Pile of off cuts to be tossed

Pile of off cuts to be tossed

How are you coming in your “Rehab” 😀  Have you decided to give this a try?




How can you create anything while on product overload?

What is your paper stash like? Do your eyes glaze over when you start to think of a card or scrapbook project?


What does your stash of rubber and clear stamps look like? Does the initial inspiration flee when you begin going through your stamps?


What about your embellishment stash? Do you look at it for inspiration and find that you have lost 3 hours of your life from being in a catatonic stupor?


How about your tool stash? Do you get excited about using a new purchase only to find you leave it and go back to the simple tools you are most comfortable with?


Do you spend more time shuffling, touching, stacking, and rummaging through your craft stash with absolutely NOTHING to show for the time you have spent trying to be creative and inspired?

Let me help you break this down into chunks to get you over the creative block. This analogy is a bit gross but it fits. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

Think FIRST about the project you want to do. Do you have photos of a child’s first step, first day of school, High School Graduation, a vacation trip with friends or family? Do you have a friend or family member celebrating a birthday, recently admitted to the hospital, or just in need of knowing they are lived and thought of?

This post is for a greeting card but, rest assured, the principles are the same for a layout, journal, or card.

Our neighbor back home recently had a heart attack and had surgery this morning to install a stint. I want to make a “Get Well” card for him.

“Bite 1”:

How old is/are the person(s) you are creating for? This will determine the paper colors and print graphics. Also, another determining factor is the photo settings if you are doing a layout. Where were the photos taken?

“Bite 2”:

What is the emotion you want to convey in the project? Fun and excitement for a vacation that was exactly that? Traditional and understated for those school pictures? Celebratory for an upcoming birthday? Heartfelt care and concern for someone going through a difficult time?

“Bite 3”:

What are your favorite colors? What is the favorite color of your card recipient? Do you even know? Choose your colors for your project this way at first.

If you don’t know the color preference of your recipient use the standard colors of the feminine/masculine ranges. Pinks, plums, reds, and jewel tones for feminine projects. Brown, gray, black, and muted greens for masculine projects.

“Bite 4”:

What do you want to say? Have a title for you layout in mind? Have a rubber stamp with a great sentiment you want to use for the conveyed message?

Do you have die cut letters, letter stickers, alpha rub-ons, or word stamps you want to use in your layout or card?

“Bite 5”:

Gather your essential items. Papers, photos, rubber stamps, inks, and letters. Leave all the fancy items for now.

Think of this process as baking a cake. You wouldn’t clutter your countertop with the baking ingredients and cake decorating bags, piping tips, sugar flowers, measuring cups and spoons, and other stuff.

Just the the necessary items to get the cake started. The actual decorating will come later – after the cake has cooled.

Start the process by placing your photos on the paper you have chosen for your layout. You need to see how many of your photos you really want to use.

If you are making a card, you have to decide how big the finished size will be. Go bigger because the stamp you have chosen is large or go medium for a grouping of smaller stamps.

“Bite 6”:

Which photo or stamped image do you want to be the focal point?

This is where the switch-a-roo usually happens. Background paper change, alignment of title block, extra background mat for your stamped image, or even discard the image in favor of one that you like better.





“Bite 7”:

When you have your elements laid out the way you like them it is time to “assemble your cake” using the adhesive(s) of your choice.


While you are in the learning stage take pictures of your compositions. You will have easy reference to placement once you remove everything and are faced with a blank slate. Don’t need to give yourself creative block just after your inspiration too flight 🙂


“Bite 8”:

Now it is time to decorate your cake 🙂


I’ve added just a bit of Liquid Pearls to the flower petals. Now it needs to dry before I attach them to my card front.

If I don’t like the looks of these flowers on the card I can put them away for something else, a different project. They won’t be wasted.



Now, your project is nearly finished. Add a sentiment to the inside of your card and a place to write a note.


That is how you “Eat an elephant”.

Perfectionism is disastrous to your creativity. Fingerprints and glue spots can be covered over with an embellishment. Be kind to yourself as you learn this craft.

Remember this over everything else. A mistake is an opportunity to learn from not a club to beat yourself with.

This is art and you are expressing your heart and soul. You are learning about yourself and what you have inside you 🙂 to give to someone else.


Liquid Pearls v Glitter Glue

Friends, we are burning up the highway. NOT!

Between flat tires and radiator hoses spewing hot gunk – PLUS – the National Holiday of July 4th we have gone 103 miles in two days.

We are in Wichita Falls, Texas and a hotel room awaiting the resuming of business tomorrow. So I am taking advantage of the down time to play around with some products.

Jann Gray of WhatYouMakeIt created a superb crafting stash for me a few years back. It is now in my kit :D. Thank you, Jann, once again.



I am using a clear stamp set from Inkadinkado.


Liquid Pearls from Ranger Industries.



And Glitter Glue from Studio G.


Results thus far……


The Liquid Pearls is better at filling an area. I like the way it is looking as the product dries.


The Glitter Glue tends to have a peak that falls over after application.


The recommended drying time of the Liquid Pearls is 2-3 hours for thin layers and up to 24 for thick layers. The Glitter Glue has a longer drying time, upwards of 6-8 hours for thin layers and up to 24 for thicker applications.

I think this stamped image would be better suited for a heat embossing technique or maybe some Copics.

I do like the look of the plain stamped image over the blinged up image.


Have you worked with Liquid Pearls? If so, leave me your thoughts and what you have done with them.


Card #2 from the highway

A little bit of stamping in the truck while Joe drove. A little bit of glitter glue administration to the stamped image.

Photo by Joe.

I took Shelly’s advice and cut up some card stock for card bases before leaving the hotel. Joe took this photo.


The dashboard looked like a good place to let the glitter glue pieces dry.


Having arrived to the hotel in Lost Hills, California I set up shop and this is now Card #2.


A shot of the dimension on the card front. A half back rhinestone in the flowers center.



I’m liking this color combination. Still on the look out for the next color challenge so keep watch.

Have fun crafting and enjoy your slide down to the weekend 🙂


Color challenge and Card #1 from the highway.

Here is the color challenge. Use pink, orange, and white. The inspiration is a dinner plate I saw at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, California.


Here is my first card made in a hotel room during my “Day Job”. I’m not over the moon with it but it is cute. The Colorbok paper is really not suitable for card stock – in my opinion. It is not heavy enough for my liking, but it is doing well for now.


A little tip. Wal-Mart doesn’t sell acrylic blocks for stamping. I purchased an acrylic wallet size clear frame and used it to do my stamping. It works 😀




I thought I was buying a black ink pad from the Studio G bin at Wal-Mart. I have no idea what color it is, except I do know it isn’t black.

Here is my “haul” from Wal-Mart plus Joe asked the hotel clerk where a craft store was nearby. He found a Michaels and I got a couple things from there.













Have fun with the challenge. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Coming Soon. Cards from the highways.

See this man. He is an enabler of the first order.


He was willing to drive over 500 miles out of route to get me home and take some of my craft supplies along to create while I’m a passenger for the next week.

We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Kingman, Arizona to pick up a few supplies. Double “A” batteries, toothpaste, and Breathe Right Strips. While there Joe said “Let’s find the craft stuff.”.

I found two pads of 12 x 12 textured card stock by Colorbok, (I don’t know how to put the two dots atop the “o”) for $5 each. Normally sell for $12. Joe saw the paper trimmer after I added a cutting mat and craft knife to the basket. He was adamant in his belief that I would need the trimmer 🙂

I picked up a few clear stamps, black ink pad, and four tubes of glitter glue from Studio G. All for $1 each. He even helped scour the store for a tote 🙂


We are delivering his trucks in Greenfield, California today then driving up to Sacramento for two more for him.

Keep watching for updates on my “haul” and cards created as I get bounced and jostled on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada then later to Greeley, Colorado.