Cobbled together Stamp-a-majig.

First a disclaimer.  I am not a very good stamper.  I get my images smeared, crooked, the ink is not disbursed properly, and just all around not the best.  I don’t do much stamping to better my skills so I need all the help I can get.

I don’t own a Stamp-A-Majig.  I do have some wooden blocks from unmounting rubber stamps that I used as a cobbled together stamping aid.

Two wood blocks left after removing the rubber stamp

I found the grid paper from Stampin’ Up! helped me out immensely in lining up the blocks, paper, and the rubber stamp.

Stamped image using the blocks as a guide

If you don’t have wood blocks the clear acrylic blocks work exactly the same.  The grid paper is a MUST to have this work well.

Use clear acrylic blocks if you don't have wood blocks

Using clear blocks as a guide

I still have some oops stamping but it is nothing like it would have been had I just free handed and eyeballed it.

Card inserts all the same

Everything I’m using on these Christmas cards is old and discontinued Stampin’ Up! stuff.  From the stamp set – “Bright Christmas” to the paper which I don’t remember what it is called.

Discontinued Stampin' Up! set

Discontinued paper from Stampin' Up!

These are the finished A4 cards for the card collection I’ve created.

Santa post card image

Merry Christmas image

Christmas Carols image

Believe image

The 4-1/4 x 3 cards have the very same images on them.

Merry Christmas image

Santa post card image

Christmas Carol image

Believe image

The cards and envelopes fit nicely in the areas of the stationery box I made a few days ago.  There are eight cards in each size.

Christmas card stationery box

I have two projects remaining to complete this kit.  I will be making gift tags with ribbons and fibers attached.  Also I will be making 3″ x 3″ note cards with envelopes as well.

Have you thought about making a boxed set of cards?  The instructions for this box are in a previous post – Stationery Box With Cards – You can create a box for birthday cards, make an assortment of various general cards, or specialty cards.

Hopefully in the next few days I will have this project finished with all of the goodies inside.  Take a “shopping trip” through your stash.  I’ve made a contract with myself to use the stuff I currently have on hand instead of going out and buying new paper and tools.  How creative can you get with your stash 😀

I know there are some totally awesome things in the stores and online today that you just have to purchase.  I’ve been looking around and getting really excited about making a purchase or two….or three….or more.

Have fun in your crafting 😀