Graphic 45’s ABC Primer altered desk organizer.

This is the last desk organizer I had purchased from Office Depot and their Clearance Bin a couple years ago.

This one is for Kari, who is a Social Worker of sorts.  She teaches teen mothers how to parent their little ones.  I think she also works with mothers that will be getting their children back from Social Services as well.

Ever appropriate me.  The paper I’ve chosen for Kari’s box is from Graphic 45’s “ABC Primer”.  The cover piece is an image of a children in an old school where all ages attended.  It also shows one child spanking another child but I’ve cut that part away 😉  Can’t have that showing.  I love this paper.  The graphics remind me of my grade school days – back with the dinosaurs – in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  The days when reading books were “See Spot Run” and adventures with Dick and Jane along with Spot.

Graphic 45's ABC Primer

This is the inside of the box.  Sorry about the shortness of this post.  We are trying to get back to work and I am running out of time.

Inside of desk organizer

Hope you all have a fantastic week.  Time to get going now.  I’ll be watching what you are doing as I travel.