My very FIRST “Finish It Friday” feature.

Usually….unless I have a gift making project….the “How To” video item gets tossed to the side, shoved into a box, hidden beneath a pile of other stuff, and generally is forgotten.

As a fickle crafter, always looking for the next fun technique or idea, I have amassed quite a stash of……crap…..

Seriously folks, I don’t think very far into the future as I create.  I get an idea for a technique.  Make a video featuring the technique.  The end.

These past two weeks I’ve been showing you how to heat emboss items without using rubber stamps.  Getting creative by using what I have on hand.  Saving myself money and time while trying to let you know that the online or walk in craft stores don’t have to be your go to place when you need something for a project.

If your craft space is anything like mine (after 10+ years of creating) you have a rich supply of paper, adhesive, dies, tools, equipment, and just a whole lot of cr….oops STUFF patiently waiting for you to remember them.

No matter your age as a new paper crafter, YouTube is a gateway to creativity.  It can also be a gateway to hell as you compare your work to others with more experience.  I might even go so far as to say quite a number of the 10 Commandments get mangled and abused in our my craft areas as we watch YouTube videos.

COMMANDMENT #1:   You shall have no other Gods before me.

I’m guilty of abusing this Commandment.  Tim Holtz, for example.  Wonderful man and teacher.  When he has a new blog post or video I am on it.  Reading every word of his blog or tweets.  Intently listening and watching his instruction as he creates his art pieces.

Tim Holtz is not the only one.  Stampin’ Up!, Graphic 45, Die Cuts With a View (DCWV), Michaels, Hobby Lobby to name a few.

COMMANDMENT #2:  You shall not make idols.

Yes, I’ve fractured this Commandment a time or two.  I’ve made a few things that I am particularly proud of and often look at the photos of my creations that have been passed on to whomever I made them for.

COMMANDMENT #3:  You shall not take the name of your LORD and God in vain.

Yep.  Smashed this Commandment on numerous occasions when a project or technique goes bad.  Hissy fit with a potty mouth.

COMMANDMENT #4:  Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

When I am in the creative zone one day runs into the next.  The only day(s) I don’t do anything creative are the days when my Mojo takes a hike or I am in a total funk.

COMMANDMENT #5:  Honor your father and mother.

This one gets trashed from time to time.  If I feel the need to speak about my childhood in foster care my father and mother usually get eviscerated in the conversation.

COMMANDMENT #6:  You shall not murder.

So far….I’m good on that one.  However, I am sorely tempted to act on this when I get a particularly nasty comment on one of my videos.

COMMANDMENT #7:  You shall not commit adultery.

I often wonder what my husband thinks as I babble on and on about Tim Holtz.  At least I only babble about him and don’t actively seek him out.  So…I guess I’m safe on this one.

COMMANDMENT #8:  You shall not steal.

Err, uhm, ahem.  I have stolen someone’s idea from a YouTube video and made it my own.  Not anymore though.  I have learned to give credit where credit is due.

COMMANDMENT #9:  You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

I have not sullied this Commandment…..yet.

COMMANDMENT #10:  You shall not covet.

Guilty!  Totally guilty of obliterating this Commandment.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at my craft room tour video if you have AN HOUR to kill and want to listen to my voice drone on and  on.

I’m going to Hell I tell you.

Before I go to Hell I want to share with you the newest video I have created.  It is a scrapbook page featuring all the heat embossing techniques I’ve shown you how to do.  It is a “Sampler” page or a reference.  I can look at this page and remember how I did any one of the techniques and use that on a card or another scrapbook page.

I hope this video helps you to be a bit more creative in your craft room.  Using what you have on hand and make others marvel at your genius.





Free stickers from scrapbook or card making magazines.

Last spring I was in Barnes and Nobel booksellers with Joe. While he hunted and gathered his reading materials I looked at the selection of magazines for paper crafting. One I purchased had some stickers inside, like the Cracker Jack surprise in the box. I wasn’t all that impressed with them and stuffed them away in a cupboard in my craft room.


In my attempt to keep my portable crafting kits down to a minimum I have been trying to see how creative I can be with just a few items. This time my card kits were put together with the stickers being the main feature. The card insides are blank. A light colored off white piece of card stock is attached inside so the person sending the card has room to write.

I attached the stickers to colored card stock then found papers and other card stock to use as the base, mats, and decoration.


I created two cards tonight in the hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee. The first I used some Stampin’ Up! decorative paper, colored card stock also from Stampin’ Up!, some Liquid Pearls for a bit of texture, a bit of bling with some tear drop rhinestones, and I doodled in black ink around the sticker and the outer edge of the card stock the sticker was adhered to.


I forgot to mention I used a Martha Stewart punch to add a bit of lacy trim.

My second card was quick. I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder to impress a filigreed frame to go behind a sticker that I fussy cut around to show a smidgen of the card stock it was attached to.


That is all I created today. I do have to say that stickers can be useful on cards. Takes a bit of thought since my stash is pretty minimal. More so since I forgot to add ribbon to the kits. Drat.


Heather got “Punchy” :D

I received the big box of goodies from Maureen on Friday afternoon while Heather was at work.  Heather also had to work on Saturday so she came by last night to see what had been sent to her.

I have video of the box which will be downloaded to my iMovie thing later then edited.  My camera’s battery died shortly after Heather opened the box and began digging through it but you can see the generosity of Maureen.

Appropriately for the scrapbook lesson for Heather was the use of punches.  She now has some of her own, thanks to Maureen.  Also the next product I was intending on introducing Heather to was Rub-Ons and Maureen met that as well.

Do you remember the first time you used a border punch?  I do.  Trying to make sure you get the piece of paper jammed in the punch base straight before you mashed on the handle and worked extra hard at not wiggling the paper and getting wonky cuts.  Then moving that strip of paper along the punch to get a good border.  Man did I mess up several times.  Over cut on some places and missed entirely in others leaving a gap between the punched areas.

I had Heather practice on scraps of paper first before we tackled her pages.  Fun?!  You bet!  She was so excited to see the results.  Tools are so much fun to use 😀

Using her new punches

Using her new punches

The Rub-Ons were a bit tricky to explain.  How do you tell someone that the Popsicle stick is necessary without them laughing their heads off at you?

Do you remember the first time you used Rub-Ons?  I didn’t cut the pieces I wanted to use from the strip and had bits of adjoining images on my paper.  I didn’t rub the vellum hard enough in places, for fear of tearing through, so when I lifted the vellum I found open spots on my paper with parts of the image left on the vellum.  Have you tried to line that piece back up?

Heather had mixed feelings about the stick and wanted to use her fingernails. I remember thinking the same thing.  I just watched and encouraged as she worked away.

Rub-Ons as embellishments

Rub-Ons as embellishments

I opted to not use photo mats on this layout because the photos were already taking up a lot of “real estate”.  These boys are just so very cute.

This project with Heather is my way of giving back.  Reaching out to a soul going through a difficult time.  Heather’s little boys are in foster care.  No fault of Heather’s, just a really bad family situation that Heather wanted to get out of and the family had other ideas.

She sees these precious little guys on Friday mornings.  DHS is working hard at getting her reunited with her boys.  While she goes through this bit of trouble I am making it a priority for her to remember this time as only a moment in her life.  This is not forever.  While she has the time with her boys she can make it special and have something to cling to while she is getting through this.

Her assignment last week was to get down at her boy’s eye level to take photos of them.  I think she did an excellent job.  She is beginning to open up and be a bit more playful in this process.  Learning about scrapbooking and the importance of having an outlet that is not totally dictated by someone else.  I guide her, make suggestions, but she is free to make this book her own.

This week's lesson, punches and Rub-Ons

This week's lesson, punches and Rub-Ons

Heather called me today to see if I wanted to look at what she had done.  Of course!  Get over here 😀

She spent time going through the box from Maureen after she went home yesterday.  She added bits of items to her recent pages.

"Love" Thickers Rub-On

"Love" Thickers Rub-On

"Son" card stock sticker

"Son" card stock sticker

"Brother" card stock sticker

"Brother" card stock sticker

Heather's additions

Heather's additions

Heather was also pretty excited to show me how she used a frame thing she received from Maureen.  There were three of them in the box and this is the first one she made.  Am I proud of her or what?!

A picture frame Heather made

A picture frame Heather made

She wanted to make sure I got a picture of the back as well 😀

Back of the frame

Back of the frame

Maureen.  Your gift to this  young lady has made a huge difference in her life.  You being a stranger but my Friend, your generosity of giving from your stash has opened a world to her that we both get to be a part of.  Thank you Maureen.

You will be receiving a card I made last year with a letter from Heather enclosed.  You will also receive this card she made that comes from her heart.  I know this will put a smile on your face.  It sure as heck did mine!

From Heather

From Heather

Yep.  This says it all 😀  I could not say it any better.

From Heather's  heart

From Heather's heart

Okay, I’m bawling all over again.  I’ll get the video up in the next couple days.  I have some tutorials on things I’ve found out about Spellbinders and the Big Shot, plus I want to make sure you get a glimpse of the gift from Maureen.

Yes, Girlfriend.  You want to kill me about now because I’ve mentioned your name numerous times in this post but I am blown away by your generosity and your loving spirit and heart – everyday not just today.

Scrap Your Trip Laser Die Cuts and a bit of inventory management.

I ordered several of the laser die cuts on January 5th and they arrived Saturday.  Seems they all took off for the holidays and when they got back one of their machines was not working.  I did receive an email from them letting me know what was happening with my order.

Scrap Your Trip is an online supply place I have used for quite a number of my Post-It-Note holders.  They send me notification of items that are out of stock, and then I get notification of when my order is shipped.

One little problem I’ve encountered is with the size of the items I ordered.  There is not a size notation on the die cut items at their online store.  The laser die cuts are quite intricate and come in many pieces.  “Assembly Required” which is not a big deal to me.  The problem is I don’t know what the dimensions of the entire piece is.

Assembly Required

Assembly Required

Assembled laser die cut

Assembled laser die cut

These die cuts would be excellent on a scrapbook page.  Either 8-1/2 x 11 or a 12 x 12.  These are not working well on my Post-It-Notes 😦  They are too big.

Just a bit too big

Just a bit too big

I can make this die cut work by adhering it to a bit of chipboard, or a piece of a cereal box.  I think I will have to do that with all of them.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

Today I will be gluing and assembling these die cuts.  Once they have been pressed and dried I will have to work out the backing for these.  Can’t have them buckling and creasing before they get to their intended recipient.

While these pieces are being pressed and drying I have given myself a challenge.  I am beginning to get an Inventory Book together of all the STUFF I have.  Have you seen the videos of the organized books people are making?

Shelly, some months ago I told you I had found some sheets online for stamp sets.  I could not remember where they were or even what site they were on.  I found them yesterday.  So I’m going to add some links in this post of where to find “Inventory Sheets” if anyone is so inclined to begin this crazy mess 😀


This site has not been updated in quite a long time but the rubber stamp form is still there.  It is titled “Stamps I Own” .  If your printer software has a way of making a Print File into a PDF you can save this to your computer.  That way you won’t need to hunt for this link online.  It took me about three hours to find this puppy.  The full website link is Scrapbook Inventory Notebook.  You might find some of the forms helpful to your organization.

Another place I found has separate pages for our individual groups of supplies.  All in neat little boxes to pigeon hole your items.

INVENTORY SHEETS: has a blog post with her inventory sheets.  They are all available in PDF form.  I did not find sheets for rubber stamps on her site but she has created a TON of these sheets.  Thank you Kathleen Driggers 😀

This morning I have been going through all of my punches.  I have itty bitty ones I forget about.

Small punches

Small punches

And I have quite a number of Stampin’ Up! punches along with an assortment of other companies….EK Success.

My larger punches

My larger punches

Using Kathleen Driggers forms I have adhered my meager supply of Border Punches.

Border Punch inventory sheet

Border Punch inventory sheet

I got through my other punches as well and adhered one to each square.

Punch inventory sheet

Punch inventory sheet

If you are thinking about getting to know what you have in your stash these two websites I’ve referred to are good places to start.

A word of caution.  This is a HUGE time consuming endeavor.  Punching out the images, gluing them to the spaces, then writing what they are and the manufacturer takes a bit of time.

Wondering WHY anyone would be so crazy to set themselves this task?

If you are planning on entering any of your creations to a craft magazine one of their requirements is to know ALL of the tools and supplies used to create  your project.  No matter if the tool or supply is no longer available on the market you will need to list all of the items you used.

This is also useful if you are one to list all the tools and supplies on your blog post below your beautiful photo of the project.  The added bonus of doing this is to get reacquainted with the tools you have put “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” for quite a while.

I’ve also heard tell of people finding duplicates of items.  As crafters we fall in love with one tool then put it away somewhere because we’ve gone on to something else.  Then we need that once loved tool and can’t find where we stashed it so we go and purchase another one.  Hence the duplicates.

It is time for me to get back in my room and clean up that mess of punches!  What will I do next?  I think I’ll tackle my Sizzix dies next.


Trying to get out of hyper drive

Before I begin this post I would like to let you know I’ve added my cards to the “Ribbon Challenge” post of a couple days ago.   So go take a peek at that past post, scroll down towards the bottom for the addition of my three cards.  Not very imaginative, but they are there none the less.


Zowie, these past couple of days have been a week long.  Or at least them seem to have been.  There has been so much packed into them that I’m thinking this would be better posted on my other blog – Foolishness and Mayhem.

Crafty business has been going on so it belongs here.  Of course you know of the photos from the Fake Poker game, which was total fun.  I’m so lost I don’t even know what day it is.  I have to look back at my blog posts to know what day it is.

Sunday was the Poker night.  Monday, yesterday, Joe an I spent most of the day traipsing around Oklahoma City and Norman running errands.  Trying to get him ready to leave once again is an all day long affair.  Auto parts stores, shops that sell tools, pharmacies for his prescriptions, photo labs to get things he needs for a gizzy  he is putting together.  The list goes on.

Today I had an appointment with Heather to come by so I could teach her how to make a couple scrapbook pages.  She made it over at 1 p.m.   Joe and I had to leave once more to run further errands at 4 this afternoon.

So, whining aside, there has been quite a bit accomplished.  Heather has never made a scrapbook page before.  I peppered her with questions and gleaned that she wants to make some pages for her two little boys.  They are 2 and not quite 1, so they are still itty bitty.  Colors she wants are mostly blue with a little red and yellow, maybe a bit of green.

Heather has NO scrapbook supplies at all, nor any inkling of what this entails.  I have a TON of scrapbook supplies but next to nothing as far as baby or child images goes.

For our three hour session today I taught her the following:

1.  Measuring card stock for photo mats.

2.  Cutting paper with a paper trimmer.

3.  Using the measuring devices on the trimmer.

4.  How to use a Snail Adhesive.

5.  She was introduced to Dimensionals.

6.  Sticking an already sticky tag to card stock and cutting a mat around said tag.

7.  She was introduced to brads.

8.  I showed her my technique using a grid ruler to mount letter stickers to a title border.

So here are the two 8-1/2 x 11 pages Heather made today.  Giving her the basic concepts and guidelines of scrapbooking I let her see how to arrange items in a balanced manner that would be pleasing to the eye.

Heather's two page layout on 8-1/2 x 11

Heather's two page layout on 8-1/2 x 11

No photos.  She has not been to the store to get them printed just yet, but that is alright.  It is good sometimes to start this way then add the photos later.  She is quite excited about getting the photos placed so her Scrapbook will OFFICIALLY be started.  I’m very glad I could help with that.

Joe and I had more errands to run…have I already told you that?  I’m losing my mind I tell you.  I needed some wood cut for a project I’m starting while I’m working on Tim’s holders.

We made a trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center to purchase the wood and have it cut.  Here is Joe and the store guy cutting my wood.

Getting my wood pieces cut

Getting my wood pieces cut

Measure twice cut once

Measure twice cut once

Okay, I’m off to bed.  I have a really busy day ahead tomorrow.  Starting by getting Joe out the door and heading to Dallas.

Have a good night everyone, and a great day tomorrow.  There are errors and typos (most likely) but I’m going to be bad and just go to bed.

January Crop and Scrap Club Layout

Valentine 2 page layout
“Valentine” 2 page layout

Here is the kit for the Message In A Fold Crop and Scrap Club for January 14, 2011.

All Stampin’ Up! paper products are used in this layout.

  • Basic Black textured card stock
  • Ridinghood Red textured card stock
  • Love Letters Designer Series paper
  • Real Red 1/4″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Basic Black 1/4″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • White Gel pen
  • Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker
  • Real Red Stampin’ Write Marker

The lettering and die cuts have been made from machines and tools I have that are not Stampin’ Up!.  The kit comes complete with everything you see, except for the photos and tools.  You will have your choice of RED or BLACK lettering for the word “VALENTINE”.   The letters will be cut out and made into stickers using my personal machines.  Detailed instructions (with photos) for adhering the papers are included in the kit.

NOT INCLUDED in the kit are:  Adhesive, foam dimensionals, Stampin’ Write Markers, and White Gel pen.  These items can be purchased at my Stampin’ Up! Website.  Click on the “SHOP NOW” button at the top right to enter the store.  Earn Appreciation Points as you shop at my Stampin’ Up! Website.  For every $10 you purchase you earn One (1) Appreciation Point.  Accumulate them and turn them in for FREE Stampin’ Up! products of your choosing as a Thank You from me for being a customer.

If you want to be a Crop and Scrap Club Member, go to my Message In A Fold website.  Select one of the three Club options available and sign up by clicking on the “Subscribe” button lower down on the page in my website.  In the subject line of the email enter the Club you have chosen.  This months kit will be sent to the address you provide in the email, along with full instructions to create this two page layout.

If you want to subscribe to the January Newsletter, click on the “Request My Newsletter” button in my Stampin’ Up! Website.  The newsletter will be available to be sent out on January 3, 2011.