Large gift tags for the stationery box.

One more piece of this project is completed.

Large gift tags for stationery box

I have used some tags I had purchased quite some time ago from Michaels.  They are Recollections brand and measure 2-5/8″ x 5-1/4″.

Recollections brand tags

I’ve had to cut them down to 4-1/4″ to fit in the little area of the stationery box.

Trimmed the tag down to 4-1/4"

And rounded the cut corners so they look just like the original tags.

Rounding off the cut corners

I have attempted to keep these tags coordinated with the cards.  I have continued using the Tim Holtz stamps used on the cards themselves.  I could only fit 7 tags in the space allotted in the box.  Probably could have gotten more in if I had not made them so thick.

I’ve used the Christmas tokens from Tim Holtz.  These I purchased a couple years back intending to use them but just never did.  Each tag has a coin and the ribbons are the same on each tag.  The ribbon was purchased last year from Michaels.

Merry Christmas tag:

Merry Christmas tag

Noel tag:

Noel tag

Believe tag:

Believe tag

Santa Claus tag:

Santa Claus tag

Snowflake tag – I used an old Stampin’ Up! set and some left over flourish bling pieces.

Snowflake tag

Christmas Carol tag:

Christmas Carol tag

Christmas Tree tag:

Christmas Tree tag

I’ve covered the back of each tag with some Christmas print paper from K&Company I bought last year.  The backs of the tags were all messed up from the Distress Stains and any other kinds of ink I used on the front.

Back of tag covered with print paper

Two parts remain to this project.  3″ x 3″ note cards to go in the last little are of the stationery box, and to decorate the lid.  This is one large project, a bit more than I first conceived it to be.  Isn’t that how it normally goes.  Seems quite simple in my head when I came up with the idea.  I do like how this is turning out.

Joe is in the kitchen, has been all day, preparing for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  He is taking things slowly and in spurts so he doesn’t over tire himself.  The stuffing and turkey will be made tomorrow and we will have our neighbors over for our annual feast.  Plus we are going to be gathered around the table playing a card game after we have eaten.  With all of Joe’s doctor appointments scheduled last week and for the next two weeks there is no time to head to any of  our kids for the holiday and be with them.  The next best thing is to have friends at our table to enjoy the day.

What am I thankful for?

Family and friends.  To all of you in the US, my wish for you is to have a Thanksgiving that is free of rancor, and squabbles.  A day filled with laughter and love.  A day surrounded by family, friends, and love ones.  A day that you feel welcome and everyone is glad you came to share the Holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


A Magical Santa Key

This report is coming to you from Oklahoma City.

As you know, this is the beginning of the Holiday season with Thanksgiving only days away.  Christmas will be a few short weeks later.

In my neighborhood there is a growing concern around Santa visiting homes this year.  Children on the streets have been seen gathering in little clusters.  The looks on their faces is one of concern, and could be interpreted as near fright.  My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I felt it necessary to see what the trouble is.

As I draw nearer to a small group of four children, who attend a local elementary school, I can hear part of the discussion.  It seems of the four only one child has a fireplace with a chimney.  The other three live in apartment buildings or mobile homes which do not have the requisite fireplace and chimney for Santa’s expected arrival.

One child is in tears as I approach the group.  When I ask if they need assistance the little girl who has been crying suddenly bolts from the group and runs away sobbing.  The three remaining children have their heads hung low and are moving towards one another in a group effort to support each other.

After a few moments of coaxing I finally draw out from a young boy what the problem is.  With the housing troubles the children’s families have had to move into homes with no chimneys.  No chimneys means no Santa visits this year.

All but one of the children will not be visited by Santa this year, it seems.  One boy had chosen to be the spokesperson for the group.  He has offered his home for the families to gather on Christmas Eve.  He knows that Santa knows where each child is when the toy deliveries are made and his home has a good fireplace and chimney for Santa to come.  He is sure it will be alright with  his parents if they all come and stay the night with him.

Three sets of eyes peered up at me for an answer to this problem.  Sadly, I had no fit answer to give them.  My heart went out to them as they all turned away and headed home with their heavy hearts.

What can I do?  How can I help?  What is the answer to this problem?

Just as the last child turned the corner and was out of view my cell phone rang.  It was Santa.  He had the answer to this problem.

It seems all that is needed is a very special key that will be hung from the door knob of the homes with no chimney.  This Magical Key will have to be long and shaped like the keys from long ago and only Santa can open the door of the home where it is hung.  Santa will be able to use that key to gain entry to the home, leave his presents, and just before he leaves the home….after eating a cookie of course…..he will leave the key hanging on the Christmas tree.

I have been asked, by Santa, to create the Magic Key.  When I asked for instruction on how to do this he only said “You will know what to do”.  Stumped, I returned home to find Joe and ask him what he thought I should do.

Joe and I went looking for very special keys.  We searched many stores before we finally found the right ones.  At least the type that fit Santa’s description of being “long and old”.

Skeleton key

Skeleton key

After we procured the proper keys I went into my studio and began the work of creating a very special key to be hung from the door knob, as Santa had mentioned.  Once Santa used the key to get in the home, he would then hang the key on the Christmas tree so the family would know he had been there.  This  means the key will need something to keep it around the door knob and be in plain sight for Santa when he comes to the child’s door.

Santa key

Santa key

The key tag is strung with a good strong corded ribbon to stay on the door knob just in case there are strong winds blowing on Christmas Eve.

Corded ribbon to hang from the door.

Corded ribbon to hang from the door.

Since I have never seen Santa in person and don’t know what he looks like I have had to rely on Tim Holtz for that.  I’ve used a Stampers Anonymous set titled Christmas Collection for the image of Santa.

I have flocked Santa’s coat and hat using the red and white flock from Doodle Bug Design.

Doodle Bug Design flock

Doodle Bug Design flock

Raised texture using the flock

Raised texture using the flock

To attach the key I’ve used Tim Holtz ball chain with clasp.  I’ve cut a length of the ball chain to allow the key to hang from the tag.  Decorative ribbons have been attached to the top of the key.

Ball chain and clasp

Ball chain and clasp

The Santa Key comes with a coordinating tag that can be used as a tree decoration also or as a gift tag.

Santa key and coordinating tag

Santa key and coordinating tag

The tag and key fob are signed by me on the back.

Signed by me

Signed by me

Key tag signed by me

Key tag signed by me

Now I need to get back into my room and create more of these Santa keys.  Keep watching this blog.  I will have a link to my Etsy store soon for you to purchase my handmade Santa Key and coordinating Tag.