The Rule of Thirds in a scrapbook layout.

The Rule of Thirds is a guide used by professional photographers.  Taking a static image (the photograph) and make it come alive.  Create the illusion of depth, width, height, motion, and drama.

During my truck driving days I tried to figure out this Rule of Thirds concept to make my photos more interesting.  Make my, mostly, boring job interesting to someone that did not travel as I did.  Here are three examples of how the Rule of Thirds works in photography.

First – Distance and Motion:  This photo was taken in Mobile, Alabama at a parking lot where the trucks were stored and ready to be transported elsewhere.  How does one make a parking lot interesting?  It is just pavement and totally boring.

Distance and Motion - Rule of Thirds

Distance and Motion – Rule of Thirds

Second – Emotion and Grandeur:  This photo was taken on the Causeway in Mobile, Alabama.  The setting sun over the waters of the winding Causeway, twinkling lights of the city in the far left background, shadows of the night in the foreground.

Emotion and Grandeur - Rule of Thirds

Emotion and Grandeur – Rule of Thirds

Third – Height and Drama:  This photo is of the old buildings of downtown Mobile, Alabama.  The architecture of these buildings are interesting because of the numerous lines and angles.  The differences between old and new.

Height and Drama - Rule of Thirds

Height and Drama – Rule of Thirds

These principles of the Rule of Thirds in scrapbooking can be achieved by photo placement.

The layout I am creating of my twin granddaughters is tentatively named “Mischief”.

It is common for anyone starting out making scrapbook layouts to put their photos right, smack dab, in the center.  I have used the Rule of Thirds on the right layout to create a “Triangle” of my granddaughter’s faces.  This was on purpose.  It was to cause “Flow”.  You look from one image to the next so you don’t miss anything.

The Rule of Thirds in scrapbook layouts

The Rule of Thirds in scrapbook layouts

To see how I achieved the placement of these photos for the layout, I have created a video showing how to use a guide, or a template, to achieve “Flow” in your multi photo scrapbook pages.

I hope this helps you.