Trying to get back on track with my YouTube videos.

On my YouTube channel I have designated Monday’s as being “Subscriber Question Day”.  Whatever the question is, no matter what it is about, I try to answer the question from my personal experience with a product or a tool.

Monday, September 5, is the second video in my Beginner Series.  This video was made possible by a question from Joke (YO-ka) Smits from The Netherlands.  She has a problem with paper.  Her problem is she doesn’t have any.

The specialty papers available for purchase, in stores or online, here in the US is mind boggling.  To those outside the US availability is not so easily attained, what with the cost of the product and shipping charges.

Joke, on Monday you will find a video that will help you in your quest for paper.  I hope anyway.  I have used Operation Write Home card sketch #59 for the card I feature.  Everything to create the card came from my junk mail.  Advertisements, catalogs, magazines, and whatever else I could find.

Belated Birthday Card from junk mail

Belated Birthday Card from junk mail

Joke, this card I have made does not come close to being “professional” quality but it is meant as a guide in helping you, and others like you, to “get your feet wet” before diving into the pool.

One day, Joke, you will have a space full of paper.  Colors, textures, sparkly, plain, thin and heavy weight.  AND you will have the very same problem with all the “proper” paper.  Like having a closet full of nice clothes and nothing to wear.

You have to find out if you even “Like” making greeting cards or would rather do something else.  Art journals, altered items (change them into something different than what they began life as), scrapbook layouts, or any other type of paper crafting.  It is a process that everyone goes through.  Everyone!

Yesterday, September 2 (Friday), I had my second go round of chemotherapy shots.

Round 2 of chemotherapy shots

Round 2 of chemotherapy shots

About 30 minutes after getting the shots…….Lord have Mercy.  My left breast with the cancer tumor was letting me know it was not dying without a fight.  Good grief!  The pain was intense at times, and unrelenting.  I had to take one of my heavy duty pain meds…..a current prescription of Hydrocodone.  In fact, I ended up taking one shortly after we got home and another before I went to bed last night.  Today the pain is manageable.

I will be in my craft room until I do something stupid.  Like bang my boob on something as I try to get around in my small space crammed to the gills with “stuff”.  Reach too high for something and a whole lot of “stuff” comes crashing down on my poor boob.  I will be trying to get ahead of the game in my YouTube videos.  Here at my blog, I will have to figure out some kind of a schedule for it also.  My friends and family on Facebook and Instagram, I’m trying to keep up with that, and  you, as well.  Forgive me being hit and miss.  More miss than hit.

Hope y0u enjoy the Holiday weekend of Labor Day here in the US.  A three day weekend for most everyone not in the service and hospitality industry.  Service and hospitality workers never get holidays off.  Nurses, doctors, food servers, hotel staff, grocery store workers, and all the other service workers.  Military families included.  For my military readers…..THANK YOU for your service.


Trash to Treasure – Recycling

Okay, that “Treasure” part is a bit of a stretch, but I figured it would be a catchy title.  😀

I have not done a video tutorial on repurposing or recycling a food box that is bound for the trash.  I did take photos of my progress throughout the process and I will share it with you here.

Joe likes the strawberry flavored Pop Tarts.  We purchased a giant sized box of them from our local Sam’s Club.  Inside the box were two more boxes…which I didn’t keep because of the way they opened.  Even with the perforated cut lines the boxes tore all kinds of ways that were not even along the perforations :/

Anyway…..Once I had the box in my craft room I cut the flaps off first thing.

Cut the flaps away to have an open box

Cut the flaps away to have an open box

No fancy tools needed to do this.  Just a pair of scissors will work.

Use scissors or a craft knife

Use scissors or a craft knife

I saved the long flaps to cover the hole in the bottom of the box.

Hole in bottom of box

Hole in bottom of box

Flaps to cover the hole

Flaps to cover the hole

The paper I used is from my stash of design paper.  It measures 11-3/4 x 11-3/4.  I cut the paper at 5-7/8 to get it, roughly, cut in half.  With one sheet of the paper I laid it against one side of the box leaving about 1/2 inch over the top of the box so I could cover the rough edges.  Where the paper rounds the corner I cut a notch out at the fold line for ease of turning the corner and relieving a bulky pinch point.

Place the paper over the front of the box, excess paper folded over and a notch cut out for the corner

Place the paper over the box front, with the top excess fold and cut a notch where it turns the corner

Apply adhesive of your choice to the back of the paper then attach it to the box.

Apply adhesive of your choice and apply to the box

Apply adhesive of your choice and apply to the box

Smooth the paper over the box and press the top edge inward.

Smooth the paper over the box and tuck the top edge inward

Smooth the paper over the box and tuck the top edge inward

Cover the inside of the box to  hide the edges and cover the box flaps that are now the bottom of the box.

Cover the inside of the box to hide the edges

Cover the inside of the box to hide the edges

Decorate the outside of the box to finish it off.

Altered Pop Tart box

Altered Pop Tart box

Coming up in my repertoire of ideas is a trip to the hardware store to purchase a roll of metal duct tape.  I’m going to be using the tape on some dies for a couple of winter themed cards.

Metal duct tape and dies

Metal duct tape and dies


Make your own Notebook or Memo Pad

I’ve been working on my day job paperwork for the past week and a half.  Slogging away 8 to 10 hours a day on it, then had a couple days off for a quick trip to Colorado and then back at it once again.  I’m playing “Hookie” from my paperwork right now.

Before we head back out to my day job I have to make a memo pad for Joe and two mileage diaries for our work.  Since I’m at a point where I can work just in the mornings and then play in the afternoons today was a good day to get started on these projects.

All three of the items I need to make are Hard Cover Books.  The first I’m going to work on is a memo pad that will fit in Joe’s shirt pocket.  I made one before but it is too wide for the pocket and I need to remake the covers only.

Hard cover memo book

This one is too wide and he has been begging me to fix it for him.

His old one is really well worn.

Worn front cover

The old front cover had a couple of stamped sentiments in the white labeled areas.  The stamping has worn away and the Stampin’ Up! paper I used is just about worn off.

Worn out back cover

The back cover is even worse.  Once again, it is Stampin’ Up! paper and hasn’t held up very well to being sweated on, taken out and put back into his shirt pocket.  You can see the printing on a box I cut up to use on this older project.

Joe uses both sides of the paper

Over the last couple of years he’s got a lot of use out of this note pad.  He uses both sides of the paper and there is only one page left blank, and only the back side of the one page.  Time to make a new one.

This is really simple to do.   The size you make them is up to you.  You can use school notebook paper if that is all you have on hand.  The amount of pages you want in your book is up to you as well.  We buy the 8-1/2 x 11 legal pads from our office supply place.  I like the white pads better than the yellow ones but use what you want.

8-1/2 x 11 legal pads

In making mine I cut away the top margin, which is blank, and I cut away the left margin with the red line running down.  This choice is up to you.  My way isn’t the “right” way it is just my way.

How many pages you want in your book is up to you as well.  I have used an entire pad and cut the paper to 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″.

3-1/2 inches wide

6-1/2 inches long

You can use the cardboard from the paper pad.  I’ve chosen to use a piece of 12″ x 12″ chipboard I purchased at my local scrapbook store.  I’ve measured and marked two columns 3-1/2 inches wide (3-1/2 and 7).  Then I measured down and marked the two columns at 6-1/2 inches.  This is a fantastic recycling project.  If you have cereal boxes you are saving for a future project this would be a good time to use some of it.

Meausre and mark your chipboard to the size you will need

The best paper to use to cover the chipboard with is a heavy weight card stock.  Although the Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper I used on Joe’s old notebook looked really good when it was first made, the thinner paper does not hold up well in the long run.

The paper I have chosen to use is Graphic 45’s Communique.  I like the graphics on the paper and the back side of the piece I have chosen is RED, which is Joe’s favorite color.

I’ve cut a piece of the 12 x 12 paper to 4-1/2 x 7-1/2.  I have added one inch to the width of the chipboard I have cut.  This will give me about a 1/2 inch to wrap around the chipboard.

Cut your card stock one inch wider than your cardboard

Cut your card stock one inch longer than your cardboard

Apply a liquid glue to one side of your cardboard/chipboard then lay it, centered well, on your card stock.  Mash the fool out of the cardboard to get good adhesion of the glue to the card stock.

Add glu to the cardboard then lay it on your card stock

Next you will cut the corners of the card stock.  Don’t cut right up to the corner of the cardboard/chipboard, leave yourself about 1/8 inch.  Removing these corners takes the bulk out when you get to gluing the flaps over.  You will have a nice smooth mitered corner when you get finished.

Cut the corners away

Using your fingers, or a bone folder, train your paper to go over the top of the cardboard/chipboard.  This will give your cover edges a nice crisp edge.

Fold the edges of the card stock over the cardboard

Glue these flaps into place.  Repeat these same steps to the other cover of your notebook.

Glue the flaps to the cardboard

Lastly you will cut card stock to cover the cardboard/chipboard that is left exposed.  I used the remaining 3 inch strip of card stock from this 12 x 12 sheet.  I measured the pieces 3″ x 6″.  Glue these cover pieces and then adhere to the cardboard/chipboard.

Glue the cover piece over the exposed cardboard

I have these covers under a weight to keep them from buckling or curling as the glue dries.  This also ensures really good adhesion of the glue to both the card stock and the cardboard/chipboard.  I will leave these overnight to dry under the heavy pressure of my cast iron dutch oven with these covers atop a piece of wax paper and topped with another piece of wax paper.  This will prevent any glue that leaks out sticking to the surfaces above and below them.

I’ll have pictures of the completed notebook with details in another post, probably tomorrow.  Have fun recycling and creating.