Poker Post-Its are FINISHED!

Man does it feel good to see the little pile of those things all finished.  Creating the boxes are what is left and I’ll knock those out probably Sunday.  Joe is home today and we have a lot of running around to do.

Gladys (our work pickup) has an intermittent problem.  When it gets really cold she doesn’t like to start.  But it is not all the time.  It is like somewhere in the fuel lines air gets in after she’s sat for a while.  The fuel drains from one line or more then has to be primed to get the fuel flowing back again.

Gladys rocks back and forth as the engine does a surging thing trying to equalize.  We’ve had her in the shop numerous times and the problem eludes all the technicians.  There are other things Joe needs to do today so my day will be spent mostly away from home.

Okay to the Post-Its 😀  You’ve seen the “Welcome To Las Vegas” and the “Poker Face“.  Here is “It’s Only A Gambling Problem When You Lose”.

Gambling Problem

Gambling Problem

This might be a funny saying but sadly it has become quite a major problem here in the US.  We have a casino about 5 miles from our home.  I don’t go there much.  I have a tale to tell of my own gambling addiction I had.

We used to live in Beaver, UtahMesquite, Nevada was about three hours away and Las Vegas, Nevada was about five hours away.  Overton, Nevada is close to Mesquite.  We – Joe really – would deliver repaired transformers to Overton Power after we fixed them and sometimes I’d go along with him.  The kids and I would pile in our old pickup and stay a weekend in Mesquite.  Sometimes it would just be Joe and I.

I was so excited and stricken by the lights of the slot machines and I’d hear the bells clanging when someone hit the Jackpot.  I’d play the nickle slots because the quarter slots were too rich for me.  Joe gave me $20 one afternoon to go play the machines while he went to the Black Jack tables.  I had some luck at the slots but not much.  After about four hours I went back to our hotel room to find Joe there.  I asked him for more money and he gave it to me with the admonition that was all the money we had left and we still had to get home.

Yes, you know where this is going don’t you.  I lost that last $20.  I was so scared to go back to the room and tell Joe what I had done.  Back then we had only been married for about 4 years and I was still waiting for him to beat me.  I knew that this time he’d beat me for sure so I was not going to the room.

Holding the last four nickles of the $20 that meant getting home or not, the time was about 4:30 in the morning.  I hated myself for being so weak and getting caught up in the winning.  Sitting at a machine in the main floor area of the casino I heard my name called out over the loudspeaker.  A jolt of fear hit me and I took off from the main part and headed to the very back corner and sat at one machine that was surrounded by lots of taller machines.  My name was called again.  OMG.  I was sick with fear and dread as I huddled in my hiding spot.  Once in a while I’d pop my head up to see if the Security Guards were coming for me.

One peek over the top of the machines and I saw Joe.  Standing about 10 feet away with a look on his face that I’d never seen before.  It was anguish and fear written on his face, not anger.  He stood at the entrance way with his back straight, head erect, eyes focused and scanning for me.  His arms were flexed and  his hands were balling into fists then opening up to some kind of rhythm of their own.  He saw me trying to hide from him.  Joe then kind of wilted.  Almost like he was going to fall to the floor in a puddle.  He staggered a bit to a wall and just when I knew this time would be the time – public or not I’d get beat.  Joe leaned against the wall, covered his face with his hands, and rocked back and forth for a bit.

Okay.  He found me.  Now it was time to face the  music and just survive the trip  home.

Joe stood away from the wall, shaking.  He was laughing!  He was laughing at me.  OMG what the heck does this mean?!  I steadied myself for some harsh words, a strong grip on my arm, and being drug from the casino to await my fate.

Joe walked over to me.  Opened his arms and told me to come to him.  Afraid, I did as I was bid.  He wrapped me in his giant arms and held me close.  He was laughing and had tears running down his face.  I didn’t know what to think of this development.  Joe continued to hold me and then tell me that he was so scared that I had been kidnapped and hauled off somewhere that he would never find me again.    He had concocted various scenarios in his head of having to hunt people down and kill them for having taken me from him.

This was a love that I had never experienced before.  I still was waiting for the beating.  22 years later I’m just about over waiting for the beating.  It didn’t come then and it hasn’t come since.

Anyway, that is my one experience with a Gambling Addiction.  The slot machines lost all their lure after that night.  Oh and the money to get home.  Joe told me later that he knew I’d be asking him for more money so he hid the “Get Home” money in a different place so I wouldn’t find it.

On to the rest of my Post-Its.  The next one is “Where Did All My Money Go….Vegas”.  The photo I found on the internet is pretty appropriate for this one and my gambling tale of woe.

Where did all my  money go?

Where did all my money go?

The lights of Las Vegas are not only spectacular on the outside of the buildings.  There are tons of bright lights inside the casinos at the various machines that lure a person in.  I still feel a trill of excitement when I walk into a casino but not the crazy all consuming rush I once had.  I still keep to only spending $20.  When that is gone then I’m done.

The laser die cuts from Scrap Your Trip, if you remember from the video I put up a couple days back.  I had two (2) of the “Welcome To Las Vegas”, two (2) of the “Poker Face”, two (2) of the “It’s Only A Gambling Problem When You Lose”.  I have only one (1) of the “Where Did All My Money Go” for a total of seven (7) which Tim had asked for.

I created one just for Tim.  Poor guy is a WORKAHOLIC!  He gets in around 7:30 every morning and leaves most nights after 10 p.m.  Sometimes staying until well past midnight.  He goes in on Saturday and Sunday as well.  Occasionally he will take a day off and go have some fun but he mostly works.

Tim is single and has been for a number of years.  He longs to have a relationship but doesn’t have time for one.  I asked him what kind of woman he was attracted to and his answer was pretty much a typical guy.  A form fitting dress, high heels, and cleavage will get his attention every time.

I found some suitable images of women playing Poker.  The extra cleavage with near fallout is hidden behind the barrel of the pen.  And I’ve also put my own little bit on the base 😀

Tim's "Dream Table"

Tim's "Dream Table"

I could not resist adding the elderly ladies to the base 😀  I know….I’m BAD 😀

Dream interrupted

Dream interrupted

Okay.  I’m done blathering for today.  It is time to get my face on and get about today’s errands.  Hope you all have a great weekend.