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Papers In Feburary Kit

Papers In February Kit

The papers for the February 11, 2011 Crop and Scrap Kit will be one each from the Presto Patterns, First Edition, and Springtime Vintage Designers Series Papers.

The papers will be cut in 4″ widths.  For the back of the pocket area the lengths will be 6″.  The pocket fronts are 4″ x 4-1/2″.

Each of the papers in the kit will be different from the next kit because there are only two of each sheet of paper, except for the First Edition papers which has four of each print.  These three sheets of paper are more than enough to create this one mini album.  Even if you want to cover the front and back of the time cards which are 3-1/2 x 8-3/4″.  Add your own papers into the mix if you choose to.

Time Cards Left Bare

Time Cards Left Bare

If you choose to leave the Time Cards bare there will be a lot of paper left over and you might think about adding a strip or two to hide the total look of the Time Card.  The coin envelopes will also cover quite a bit of the Time Cards too, saving paper to use on the tags.

Since I don’t have a clue what type of pictures you wish to put in the mini I am leaving the embellishing up to you.  If you are looking for a project to do for your newborn baby or grand baby then the pieces I’ve used won’t work for that.

Time Cards Covered With Papers

Time Cards Covered With Papers

If you choose to cover the Time Card with paper you can work around the photos you wish to use from the scraps left over in covering the pocket areas.

Once you have the directions for folding the legal sized file folders into the shape necessary for this mini you can think about using the papers and things you already have on hand.

With Sale-A-Bration going on now and through March 31, 2011 you can take advantage of the FREE stuff when you order the Butterfly Prints, Notably Ornate, or Vintage Vogue stamp sets along with any other items you wish to get in your $50 order.  You can even purchase your very own pack of Presto Patterns Paper and experiment with it.

Watch this video to see what each type of mini album looks like, either fairly plain or totally embellished.


Homemade Stickles

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This is one of those crafting sessions where one thing lead to another.  More like “I wonder what would happen if…..”

It started with using Presto Patterns Paper, the Island Floral die, and Stampin’ Pastels chalks.  I thought the edges needed a bit more oompha.  I was using the Craft Mat Maureen had given to me already.

With the Pretty In Pink Stampin’ Spot I smooshed a patch on the craft mat and squeezed a dab of Glossy Accents in the ink then smeared it around with a toothpick.  That resulted in a pink mixture that applied well to the edges of the die cut pieces of the flower.  I then went on to  using the Garden Green and Summer Sun ink spots to work on the other pieces.

I cleaned up after each application and it all came right off the craft mat with no problems.  That got me to thinking about adding glitter in the mix.  Knowing that Glossy Accents will dry out and become really hard in time I chose to leave the glitter out of the mix and only add it as I needed to apply it.

I had stamped the Notably Ornate image on a coin envelope and it looked like it needed to be gussied up a bit so why not try it on that?  If it failed then I had not lost much and had learned something in the process.  You can watch the video below to see how this experiment progressed.

Personally, I would not advise mixing up a batch with the Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects and trying to store them.  The glue dries after a while and becomes totally hard.  While it stays liquid in the original container I have no idea what would happen if you mixed in drops of ink for color and added the glitter.  It might separate and the results would be a solid mass in a bottle.

As to the question of using Craft Inks in this type of application I would think they would work better than the Classic Inks since the Craft Ink has a longer “wet” time.  This “scientist” did not do her own “diligent trials” in this experiment and pretty much did things as usual – by the seat of her pants.

As to the question of how much ink to use on the craft mat?  I smooshed out enough that I could see it on the mat and have no idea how much I used.  The next question would be using drops of ink with the glue and I don’t have an answer for that one either.

All I can affirm is what I have done and had success with.  The rest will have to wait until later OR until I hear from you other “Scientists” what your results had been.

An Experiment On Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

The real paper

The real paper

This is the specialty paper I was hunting for that caused the revamping of my craft room.  “Presto Patterns” by Stampin’ Up!.  You can see (I hope) in the photo on the right, it looks like plain white paper.  Up to the top right of the paper you will see some shiny writing.  The entire page is covered with lines of writing.

The experiment I did was to see if my “Home Made Stampin’ Glimmer Mists” would be the “WOW” I had envisioned they would be.

Home Made Stampin' Glimmer Mists

Home Made Stampin' Glimmer Mists

I tried using Pearl Ex and hair spray.  For some reason, this time, the “straw” thing got clogged up really bad on every bottle I tried it with.

I did find success in “Perfect Pearls”.  Water 2/3 of the bottle, 10 drops of Stampin’ Up! Refill Ink, and 1/8″ teaspoon of Perfect Pearls.

These are Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red with the Perfect Pearls.

I used the Top Note Die from Stampin’ Up! for the “Experimental Pieces” shown in this blog entry.

Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red Home Made Glimmer Mist

Baja Breeze, So Saffron, and Rose Red Home Made Glimmer Mist

The paper curled, as is usual, when it was wetted by the “Ink Mists” I’ll call them.

Since I have a problem with my fabric cutting mat bubbling up when I use the heat tool, I purchased a couple of tiles from my local Home Improvement Center to do the heating on to save my cutting mat.  I got two sizes.  A 4×4 which was about 24 cents and a 6×6 which cost about 32 cents.

I think the Inky Mists I chose were too light in color for this trial.  There is not much color contrast to see the writing on the paper through the Inky Mists.

Inky Mists Baja Breeze, So Saffron, Rose Red after drying

Inky Mists Baja Breeze, So Saffron, Rose Red after drying

The paper warped the other way and would not lay flat.  I don’t know if it was because of the tile beneath holding the heat or if it is the paper.

It is pretty, though.  All sparkly.  The shimmery stuff shows up, and the words on the paper peek out to be seen a bit better.

The Inky Mist puddles show up, even after I used a kleenex to blot the excess moisture up before drying.

I might have to break out my clothes iron and try to iron this flat.  I was really surprised at the stiffness of this paper.

It is a thicker card stock than Stampin’ Up!’s Textured Card Stock.  It is firmer also.

Guess it is time to try a bit darker Inky Mists and see what happens.

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, and Night Of Navy Inky Mists

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, and Night Of Navy Inky Mists

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, Night of Navy

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard, Night of Navy

Rich Razzleberry, More Mustard and Night Of Navy were the Inky Mists I chose for this trial.

It turned out quite a bit better than the earlier one.  Deeper colors do show the words better on the paper.

It even looks better with the deeper colors.  Still warps after heating, but maybe there will be a way to tame it in my next experimenting.

Real Red, Not Quite Navy, and More Mustard Classic Inks

Real Red, Not Quite Navy, and More Mustard Classic Inks

Time to bust out the Classic Inks and see what happens.

I’m pretty sure the ink pads will do the trick as far as bringing out the words on the paper better.

AND the paper won’t curl after the application of the  Classic Inks as it did with the Inky Mists.

One thing I forgot to mention.  During the heating process and drying the Inky Mists, the embossed words on the paper melted flat.  They didn’t puddle but it was like they just went flat.  I could not feel the raised words as I had been able to previous to heating.

More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Real Red Classic Inks

More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Real Red Classic Inks

This did, indeed, bring out the words embossed on the paper.  I think I like this better because the words, themselves, are the sparkle on the paper.

There are several different papers in the Presto Patterns package.  All of them are of this white embossed type of stuff on white heavy card stock.

I have one more project to create for the January Clubs – Greeting Cards.  The “Gift Central Club” item will be posted tomorrow.  I worked on it and finished it yesterday.  Trying to get Joe out on the road and I will have the neighbor children over for a few hours this morning.  Play time will be later today.

The next experiment……Stampin’ Up! LetterPress Plates.  That I’m looking forward to 🙂

By the way….I’ve added a Poll to this blog.  On the right, below the catalogs is a link to the Poll Question.  I’d like to know what you think.