Conflicting information lead to breakdown.

Indeed, that is so.  I had taken my computer to the “hospital” last Wednesday.  Many tests were performed by skilled “physicians” who were baffled by the symptoms exhibited by the “patient”.  The computer was placed in “ICU” where it remained in critical condition.  A full diagnosis would be forthcoming after a battery of tests were performed after the “patient” was stable.

Through diligence on the part of one “Doctor” at The MacMan the system failure was found to be in a secondary portion of the “brain”.

Jeremy at The MacMan

Jeremy at The MacMan

As you can see from the photo above, I have three external hard drives.  Each one is 1 Terabyte.  The Silver one had some old and out dated Mac Operating files from the manufacturer.  Those old files were conflicting with everything else in my system.  My poor computer could not locate the proper files to open at the log in screen.  The day I rushed it to the “hospital” my poor computer had been trying to start for over two (2) HOURS!

The external hard drive, second from the left, is filled at total capacity.  There was some debate about the viability of that drive.  Since no one, in human history, has ever filled a drive so much that it had ZERO bytes left…..well you can say that I had been the topic of conversation for a couple of days.  And may very well be for some time to come.  :/

I went through withdrawals, really bad.  Now that my computer….and all of the accompanying hardware I had it linked to……is back home I will be back to posting on this blog.

I have a lot to share with you guys over the upcoming week.

A huge THANK YOU to The MacMan of Moore, Oklahoma.  My entire computer system was gone over in detail.  Nothing was overlooked in their diagnostic process.  The hard drive on my computer is in good condition.  I found out this is a 2006 Model and it is still going strong.  The problem was elsewhere in an external hard drive.  If you live in the Oklahoma City Metro area and are in need of repair for your Apple computer, I highly recommend The MacMan.