Check out the clearance bin at your office supply store.

A few years back I found some 3″ x 5-1/2″ journals in the clearance bin of an Office Depot.  I think near my home…but it could have been in Jacksonville, Florida; Baltimore, Maryland; Rancho Cucamonga, California; or some other place where we had to stop to get work related papers copied or replenish supplies.

These little notebooks have covered fronts and backs which are constructed from some heavy duty chipboard.  The binding is like the Bind-It-All but not exactly.  The holes are too close together.

Small notebook

I nearly passed up on these after taking a good look at the image.  There must be a “Super Shopper” that I am unaware of.  This masked woman might have super powers.  Or not, since many of these were in the clearance bin.

Super Shopper?

For 50 cents I can overlook the odd image on the front.

Bargain at 50 cents

The inside has lined paper to write notes or use as a Password Journal.

Lined pages for notes

I was in need of a Thank You gift for one of the people we do business with.  I had to make a rather large request for past documents.  Information dating back to June on through October of this year.  For some reason I have difficulty receiving these documents when they are mailed out to us.  I get some but not all, thus the request for old information.

Since the binding of these notebooks is not similar to my Bind-It-All I could not take the book apart without damaging the binding doo dads.  My option was to cover over the image.  Squares of orange, brown, pink, and beige all over the front of one notebook.

Altered notebook

All items used to cover over the notebook front are from my paper scrap stash, seldom used ribbon stash, and newly found stamps from my rubber stamp stash.

Are you in need of a gift and find yourself short on time or money?  Maybe you just don’t know what to give someone.  Nearly everyone could use a small notebook that has been personalized by you.


Altered desk drawer organizer.

Let me see now.  Spring of 2010 I think is when I purchased a few of these desk organizers.  The lid has a magnetic closure.  While at an Office Depot in Baltimore, Maryland I spied these in the clearance bin for $1.00 each and I snapped four of them up.  They have been in a closet ever since.

Desk organizer box with lidInside the box are small compartments for post-it-notes, paperclips, and other small items.

Partitions for note pads, paperclips and other small items

I’m using only two papers in altering this box.  DCWV Mariposa and 7 Gypsies “Lillie” 8″ x 8″ paper. The box measures 8-1/2″ wide, 4″ deep, and 1″ tall.

I’ve attached strips of Mariposa paper to the front, sides, and back of the box.

Front side of boxLeft side of boxRear of boxRight side of box

The lid of the inside of the box is covered with 7 Gypsies “Lillie” paper and the inside compartments are lined with Mariposa paper.

Inside lid and compartments

Glitter AND flowers all at once.  For those of you that don’t know me, I have a difficult time with flowers.  Have no idea why, just some kind of crazy anxiety.  Won’t look right, others do better, not the right colors.  You know, just a regular fear.  Same with glitter.

Flowers and glitter on the same piece

The finished project looks pretty cool, in my opinion 😀

Altered office organizer box

What have you found in the clearance bin of your local office supply store?  What have you found at yard sales or at a thrift shop?  If you alter something leave me a link to your blog post so I can go see it 😀

My husband is back in the hospital with a pretty big problem with his blood levels with the Coumadin (Warfarin).  His INR is supposed to be 2.1 to 2.3.  It has elevated to 9.6 and that is not good.  So I will be with him until he gets back home.


DCWV Mariposa, DCWV Family Connections, and SEI Moonrise papers for notebooks.


We have had Home Health Nurses and aides in our home daily since late Wednesday night taking care of my husband, Joe, as he is recuperating from Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in his lungs).  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Michelle was the first to find her way to our address.  She helped Joe learn how to give himself the shots he needed to thin his blood.  She did her normal nursing duties of taking Joe’s blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen readings.  Michelle got all the paperwork started and placed in a notebook for the subsequent nurses that would be following her  Thursday morning.

Michelle's notebookDCWV Mariposa papers were used on Michelle’s notebook.  The hidden bling is an item I picked up months ago from Michaels in the $1 bin.  The flower is from my stash and the center brad is a Stampin’ Up! purchase a couple years ago.  The name tag is created with rub-on letters and cut out with the Curly Label Punch from Stampin’ Up! – one of the old black style.

Thursday morning Bernita and Warren arrived at our home to take care of Joe.  Bernita is the RN and was training Warren in his duties when visiting the sick in their homes.

Bernita's notebookBernita’s notebook is made using DCWV Mariposa papers.  The flower is a from a birthday present I received from one of my daughters a couple years ago, the green flower below (acting as a leaf) is from my stash. I’ve used rub-ons to make the name tag and used the Curly Label Punch again.

Warren's notebookWarren’s notebook is covered in DCWV Family Connections paper.  The metal book plate is from Stampin’ Up!’s Hardware box.  I don’t think they sell that any longer.  The tag was purchased at Office Depot a couple years back.  The stamp is “Notably Ornate” from Stampin’ Up! – once again a few years ago.  I’ve spritzed, both, the tag bearing Warren’s name using rub-ons and the other tag with my brew of mists.  The large tag at the bottom is Cajun Craze, while the top name tag is Old Olive, Cherry Cobbler, and a blue color I didn’t look at.  A piece of multicolor ribbon was knotted then threaded through and tied on itself at the tag.

Warren did all the nurse work.  He took Joe’s blood pressure, temp, and oxygen readings.  He also stuck Joe’s finger to draw blood and placed a sample on a fancy machine to await the results.

William was the last to come to our home to see to Joe’s care.  Blood pressure, temperature, oxygen level checks and a finger stick to draw blood for the fancy machine.

William's notebook

William’s notebook is made using SEI Moonrise paper.  My last two Tim Holtz gears have been adhered to the front, with one being used as an accent to the name tag – also made using rub-ons.  An adhesive backed card stock “Bingo” sticker from Tim Holtz is applied as is a black and gold button from my stash.
The last notebook I completed is for Joe’s heart specialist, Dr. Miller, who took care of my husband while he was in the hospital.  We have an appointment early in September to see him and find out how Joe is progressing with the Home Health Nurses and my care.

Dr. Miller's notebookThe paper for this notebook is from SEI Moonrise.  The “Going to the Doctor” sticker is from my stash.  The calendar sticker is a Tim Holtz adhesive back card stock sticker.  The burlap is from a piece cut from a length used in my day job.  The turquoise striped paper is from Stampin’ Up!  It was a scrap I found and don’t know what set it came from.  Sorry, I don’t even know the name of the punch I used either, although it is from Stampin’ Up!

All five of the notebooks are filled with yellow legal pad paper 8-1/2 x 11 which I cut at 4-1/4 x 11.  The 4-1/4 x 11 lengths were cut in half at 5-1/2.  All of these notebook pads measure 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 – covers and all.

Thanks for dropping by to see what I’ve been up to.  Now it is time to go check on Joe to see if he’s napping or getting himself into trouble 🙂