Heat Embossing on Mailing Labels.

Using mailing labels in heat embossing

Using mailing labels in heat embossing

The things I will show  you in today’s video came from my need to create a focal piece for a birthday card way back in 2006 or 2007.  Time to revisit and update that thought process to share with anyone that would like to try something just a little different in their craft room.

At the end of this post I will include the OLD video along with this newer version.

Heat embossing requires a tacky substance to hold the embossing powder in place until it is heated to the proper temperature with a heat tool.  So, my theory was (is) the back side of mailing labels has a tacky glue….that should work.

Your imagination and the tools you have on hand are all that is necessary in this project.

You want to create a sentiment on a card front or need a semi-graphic tag to add to a scrapbook page?  Let’s say the sentiment or tag you are wanting to create is the word “SMILE”.  You don’t have a rubber stamp with that word.  If you are a beginning crafter you may  not have acquired a stash of letter stickers.  So what do you do?  Do you just give up on the whole idea and put that project in the “Never Finished, and Ain’t Gonna Be Finished” pile?

Chances are good you have a computer of some type, and a printer.  Hopefully you have a printer that will not balk at printing on a piece of card stock.

Use a computer program you are familiar with.  Like MicroSoft Word or some other document software.  Check out your supply of Fonts that came loaded in your computer.  Type the word “SMILE” in the document.  Highlight the word and then go through your Font collection to see what it would look like.  Change the scale setting.  Make the word as large as the page would allow.  Create several of them on one piece of card stock, print them out, and choose the one(s) you like best.

KEEP IN MIND:  The glue on the label back is unforgiving when using card stock.  You don’t like the placement of your word?  Try peeling it up and getting it just so?  The card stock will leave behind some (or most) of itself in the glue.

Want to go for an original design?  Have some long unused punches?  Have some wax paper or a section of the label backing that is slick exposed?  Use your punches on this type of “resist” paper.  Lay the desired art pieces on the sticky side of the mailing label then pour on the embossing powder.  Heat set the powder with your heat tool then remove the mask pieces.  Add other embossing powder to these newly exposed areas and heat set that powder.

You need just a little bit of something on your card front or scrapbook page?  Something with some texture and shine?  You don’t have a stash of “Bling” at your disposal?  Don’t worry.  Just apply embossing powder to a mailing label and heat set it.  Then use your punches to create your own Bling.

Watch the video below to see how I created three different pieces using the techniques I described above.  Then you can watch the OLD video to see how this all began.

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Heat Embossing videos inspired by one of my YouTube subscribers

It has been quite a long time since I’ve been in my craft room.  Mainly because I have had a mental block.

An e-mail request from one of my subscribers has dislodged the boulder in my head and I am busy experimenting.

My first video is in answer to the questions raised about finding the tools and products to do heat embossing.

You might say “I don’t have any rubber stamps to do heat embossing”.  Don’t worry about that.  The videos I’m creating are meant to get you working with embossing powder successfully.  Applying it over large surfaces so you can see the reaction and to know when you have achieved the desired results.

The second video I put up is using painter’s masking tape on paper.  Create a grid to watch the changes occur as the plastic resins and embossing ink react to heat.  In this video I have three FAILURES to show you the progression of my newly formed idea that wasn’t quite well thought out.  These failures are shown AFTER the successful application of my idea.

Currently, I’m working on a video featuring mailing labels and embossing powders.  This is more experimenting with the heat embossing medium.  The results are a mixed bag of tricks and I’m only moderately happy with the end results.

Heat embossing with mailing labels

Heat embossing with mailing labels

Stay tuned….there will be more to come.