A woman got busted over a birthday card.

How’s that for an ambiguous title?  The truth of the matter is that I did get busted.  My daughter saw it on Facebook.  :/

Stampin' Up!'s Big Bold Birthday stamp set used to create the balloons.

Stampin’ Up!’s Big Bold Birthday stamp set used to create the balloons.

The card front was created using papers from my scrap stash.  I tried a technique, new to me and quite possibly not something done by anyone else.  Then again, this technique is probably old and I’m just the last to know.

I picked out 2 x 2 inch patterned paper scraps, used various colors of inks, stamped the balloon image on the patterned paper then used Glossy Accents to cover the stamped image.  I taped the papers down to my table using painters tape before I applied the Glossy Accents.  You can see the entire process in the video I have below.

I used some, many years old, baby yarn to act as the balloon streamers.  The balloons are hot glued to the card front and the balloon tails are secured under the ribbon I’ve placed near the bottom.  This musical note ribbon is about eight years old.  I can’t read music so I have no idea if this is for a country western song, pop music, or classical notes.  Since I have no idea then I will ignorantly pretend it is the Happy Birthday song.  😀

I was quite happy that the outcome of my experiment was successful.  Most experiments are anything but successful.  The patterned papers show up very nicely under the ink and glue.

Patterned papers show very well under the ink and glue.

Patterned papers show very well under the ink and glue.

The cupcake is also from the Big Bold Birthday stamp set.  I used Close To  Cocoa on the cake part of the image.  I have no idea if this is still a color in the Stampin’ Up! family.  The top of the cupcake I used Pixie Pink ink.  The topper is another patterned paper scrap from my stash.  I was attempting to make it look like a “Sprinkle” festooned frosted cupcake.  I used Spiced Marmalade Stickles from Ranger Industries, a Studio G green and blue glitter glue, and a Liquid Pearls in Hydrangea on the flower centers.

Big Bold Birthday cupcake stamp

Big Bold Birthday cupcake stamp

The last bit of this card is a bow.  I’ve watched many videos on YouTube about tying small bows.  A dinner fork was used to make that cute little bow.

A fork was used to tie the bow.

A fork was used to tie the bow.

You can watch the condensed version of making this card in the video below.  I chose, for time sake, to only use the segments that highlighted the process of making the main features of the card.


I hope you have found something of interest in my video and give some of these techniques a try.


Glitter. From Crap to Fab!

With Joe out on the road and away from home I don’t have anyone to talk to.  I also don’t have anyone to feed either.  This gives me hours and hours of quiet time to do the things I need to do.  I have to wrangle myself to keep me from getting my days and nights mixed up.  It is too easy to take a nap in the afternoon then wind up being awake until 2 in the morning.

I know.  I have it really rough.  Don’t I?

I am feeling pretty good about getting my adhesives all sorted and organized.  It is time to move on to the next two shelves in the cabinet above my work table.  This is still the “Way Before” photo.

Now to sort out the glitter

Now to sort out the glitter

Pull everything out of the cupboard and take a look at what I have.  Lay it out on my work table.

Empty the cupboard of glitter

Empty the cupboard of glitter

I know I have more stuff somewhere in this room.  Oh, yes.  It is in the closet.  Crapazoid.  I have to work my way to the closet through a frightful obstacle course.

My floor right now

My floor right now

I succeeded in getting to the closet and pulling out the drawers with my glitter glue.

Glitter glue

Glitter glue

Guess what I found while I was in the closet.  I’ll give you three guesses and I bet you can get it in one.

Yes, indeed.  More adhesive :/

I forgot I had this

I forgot I had this

More specialty adhesives

More specialty adhesives

I got the adhesives dealt with quickly.  And yes, I did make it safely through the obstacle course to return the now empty drawers back into the cube they came out of.

Since my supply of glitter and glitter glue is pretty small – for now.  I will use some metal buckets I had purchased from Target about five years ago.  The buckets have been sitting on a shelf in another cabinet all this time.

Glitter glue and Liquid Pearls

Glitter glue and Liquid Pearls

Pearl Ex and Perfect Pearls

Pearl Ex and Perfect Pearls



I think it is about time that I treat myself better and make my storage items look good.  Usually I just chuck stuff and don’t concern myself with how it looks.  Today that changes.

I will be digging through my Hodge Podge Hardware set I bought from Stampin’ Up! a long time ago.

Hodge Podge Hardware

Hodge Podge Hardware

I think I’ll use the small square nameplate thingys.

What to choose?

What to choose?

The small square ones will work well

The small square ones will work well.

I think I will use some Spellbinder dies I have.  That means another trip through the obstacle course for the dies and my Big Shot.  I also need to choose a ribbon.

Spellbinder dies

Spellbinder dies



I need some good stiff paper.  That means I have to look through my stash of Club Scrap paper.  A dark blue piece and a light green piece.

Club Scrap dark blue paper

Club Scrap dark blue paper

Club Scrap light green paper

Club Scrap light green paper

I also will need a scrap of paper to put behind the nameplate label thing-a-ma-bobs.


A piece of scrap for the nameplate

A piece of scrap for the nameplate

Out to the living room where my Dymo Label Maker is and do a test to see if the words will fit in the little nameplate things.

Dymo label

Dymo label

Get these labels put together.  Punch a hole in the corner.  Attach a grommet.

Create the label

Create the label

Run ribbon through the grommet

Run ribbon through the grommet

And attach the ribbon to the metal bucket.  Just in case you decide to do this I have a “Heads Up” for you.  Use some little glue dots to hold your ribbon in place around the bucket.  The ribbon wants to be dragged down by the weight of the label.  Just sayin’.

One down and two to go.

One down and two to go.

I have decided to let the Twinkling H2O’s stand at the shelf side.  Also my glittery “No Name” water colors from Hobby Lobby, and my box from Martha Stewart the glitter came in.  I have a confession to make.  I didn’t have any small bottles for the multi colored glitter I had purchased long ago from Stampin’ Up!  I didn’t want to fuss with the plastic containers so…..I tossed the stuff out.  I know.  Booooo – Hisssssss.

Twinkling H2O's

Twinkling H2O’s

No Name glitter water colors

No Name glitter water colors

Martha stewart glitter

Martha Stewart glitter

These all rest very well against the side of the cabinet.

That looks good

That looks good

Now….what you have been waiting for.  I know, I know.  I’ve drug it out long enough.  So here it is.

Ta Da!  I’m very pleased with the result.


Glitter stuff organized

Glitter stuff organized

If you don’t hear from me in several days….I may have fallen and can’t get up from the CRAP on my floor!  If you do see another one of these long winded posts you will know not to worry about me.

That fair?  Hope  so.

Are you getting inspired to tackle an organizational project?



Vellum stickers for cards

Before I get into today’s post I want to express my heartfelt apologies to my blogging friends who use the Blogger and BlogSpot platforms.  I have been reading all of your blogs….I just can’t comment on your fantastic creations.  This problem has been fixed I HOPE.  While home on this recent “dump and run” I got into my WordPress utilities and included the two platforms so that I can have easier access to your blogs and I can leave you some “Love”.

With that said, I have a half baked idea for a card that I made using some stickers.

I have a couple of “books” of card stickers from K&Co that I purchased from my local craft/hobby store last year.  Each book has a page for birthday, get well, marriage/anniversary, thinking of you, and thank you.  The stickers can be used inside the card or on the front – layered or just stuck on.

Vellum stickers

I made a “trial” card to test out a theory.  It is a card that can be used for Valentine’s Day or just an “I love you” card.

Valentine or Love card

Everything looks crooked, while the Tin Man tag is the only thing I did put off kilter.

  • Papers:  Colorbok textured card stock (behind vellum sticker and the card base); pink card stock is from Stampin’ Up!; the brown designer paper behind the sticker sentiment is also from Stampin’ Up!
  • Embossing Folder:  Cuttlebug Swirls
  • Tag:  Graphic 45 chipboard tags from Wizard of OZ
  • Liquid Pearls from Ranger or Tim Holtz
  • Ribbon:  My stash

One of the embossed swirl designs resembled a heart so I used that bit to layer on some Liquid Pearls to define the heart better.  I am learning how to allow my imagination to work things out with the limited amount of stuff I bring along with me.  At times this is more of a challenge than I am prepared for 😀

I have wanted to get myself trained to put things away when I’m finished using them.  At  home it is easier to just pile things up until I have an avalanche off to one side before I even consider putting things away.  Crafting in hotel rooms as we travel is kind of a “forced” training 😀

Crafting in hotel rooms

If I don’t put the stuff away as I’m finished we won’t sleep very well 😀 and I run the risk of leaving something behind that has been wadded up in the bed clothes 😉  This is not a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that.  I’ll just call it “Self Improvement” 😀  The other thing I am attempting to do is quell the whining and misery I put Joe through wanting to be home to get into my crafting.  Taking it along with me and being able to be creative has helped a lot, so far, in our day job.

Do you take along creative things as you travel?  Knitting, crocheting, altered journals, scrapbook projects, card making stuff?  What are the things you have found helpful in your travel for organizing your stuff?  I’d like to know.  You may spark inspiration in me, and others, to keep my stuff organized and undamaged during my travels.

Thanks for stopping by.


And now, for something totally different.

We arrived in Danville, Illinois around 4 this afternoon. My friend, Shelly, has spent the last couple days at the hospital with her ailing Mom who is about to lose her fight with life. Shelly is taking in all the dire information and preparing herself for facing the loss.

There is a spark of hope the doctors and nurses are dangling out there that could possibly extend her Mom’s days a little longer. Having to bear this on her slender shoulders is hard for me to know what to say or do.

Inept is how I feel. All I have to offer Shelly is my time and an ear. Why is it that “Bewitched” is only a fairytale television show? An old one at that and most of you are saying “What?”.

We got to spend a little over two hours with Shelly and Brian. Joe received some encouragement and pointers about eBay from Brian. Shelly’s kids are the cutest. Watching and listening to these three took me back home to Greeley when our kids were young and full of life and antics. I find I miss my kids when they were young.

Will, the oldest, resembles a young Broderick Crawford as Ferris Bueller.


Next is Ariel. A little slip of a girl that is soft spoken and the middle child. If you are one you know what that is like. Always being in the shadow of the older and the younger while trying to leave her imprint on the world.


The youngest is Jasmine who can do a mean imitation of Jim Carrey without even trying hard. I think Jasmine will be a Fashionista given half a chance.


Shelly, thank you for sharing your family with Joe and I this evening. We were both delighted with your company. I’m just dang sorry the circumstances in your lives has been over rich with sorrow these past months. Brian, I am sorry for your loss of your Father then quickly followed by your Brother.

You are all in my prayers and thoughts as you continue to deal with the rigors of life and ailing family. Love you guys.

Back to the hotel room I messed about with my crafting supplies to create a Father’s Day card. A little early in the year to be looking toward June but the older I get the faster the days slip past me.


The papers are all Stampin’ Up! And from various packs of paper.

The stamp set is also from Stampin’ Up! Plane and Simple is the name.

I’ve used Glossy accents on the goggle lenses.


On the compass image I have rimmed the edge with Bisque Liquid Pearls in an attempt to make the image look like it is metal. I’ve also used Glossy Accents for the crystal face in an attempt to make it look like glass.


We will be heading to Indianapolis, Indiana tomorrow where we will stay to make an appointment Joe has in that town for an unrelated matter.

I will have tomorrow afternoon to mess around some more in my crafting bag of tricks.

I bid you all goodnight.


Small table to work on in Dixon, Illinois.

We arrived safely in Dixon, Illinois and checked into a hotel. This room has a small table for me to spread out my card making things on.


My crafting supplies have been stowed away in the back truck during this trip. I’ve been concerned about the little tubes of Liquid Pearls freezing in the cold during this trip. Last night we arrived at the hotel in Mt. Vernon, Missouri too late for me to take the craft totes in. Tonight we have stopped fairly early so a check on the goodies was important.

This is the card I made tonight.


The Liquid Pearls travelled well and I was able to use them. They are taking the place of brads on the label.


Papers: Club Scrap and Stampin’ Up!
Stamped Image: Birthday Bakery by Stampin’ Up!
Punches: Lacy Scallop, Word Window, and Curly Label by Stampin’ Up!
Ribbon: My stash

I have one more card to make using this stamp set in a kit I put together. I hope to work on it tomorrow night as we stop on our way to Nashville, Tennessee.

A gift for Joe’s nurse

First off I have to thank Jann Gray, Shelly Makowski, Lynn Claridge, and Maureen Mathis for all of your love and support during this time of my husband, Joe, being in the hospital and treated for Pulmonary Embolism. Also a special thanks to our daughter Loreli, the ICU Trauma nurse, acting as our go between with Joe’s doctor and deciphering the information we have been bombarded with.

Friday Joe had trouble breathing and bad pain in his right side. He said it felt like he had cracked a rib. A late evening call to our Family Physician resulted in an early appointment Saturday morning then being sent off to the ER at a nearby hospital.

Tests, scans, ultrasounds, and blood work told Joe’s heart specialist that he has blood clots in both of his lungs. PE, or Pulmonary Embolism. The doctor gave us the news on Sunday and I had a private meltdown in my car at the hospital parking lot. Reaching out to my friends and letting all our kids know what is happening to their Dad.

I have been keeping busy with text messaging to our kids and answering their questions, relaying other questions to the doctor or nurses and just trying to keep close to Joe day and night.

In the lulls I have been creating in Joe’s hospital room. I’m trying not to take over every flat surface and have only partially succeeded.


I did get Joe’s pocket notebook finished while I kept an eye on him. The papers used are from Graphic 45 Communique.


Jann suggested I do something for Joe’s nurse who has really been wonderful and patient with me as I relay the questions from family and our Loreli who asks about the course of treatment and all the meds they are giving him.

The nurse would watch me making something from time to time and she tossed out a request for a notebook of her own. Once again, Graphic 45 Communique papers and bits from the “Traveling Stash” I received from Jann, plus the things I’ve picked up on the road were used to make this gift I gave her for her patience and skill.


I used some mica pigments to add a touch of color to the black and antique ladies. First I was going to just add a touch of red to their lips and botched up the first woman so I cleaned that off. The hats seemed to be a safer place to add color.

A tag, flowers, rub ons (Weva), and a button from Jann created the name piece. The stamp image is from a Tim Holtz set. I used a light blue mica pigment water color to accent the tag and add some shine.

The lacy bit is a Martha Stewart punch using black and green card stock. I’ve accented the lacy bits with black gel pen on the green piece and white gel pen on the black lacy piece. Glitter glue has been added to the lacy holes for extra sparkle. The lower right corner is adorned with square rhinestones.

Joe’s nurse, Weva, was thrilled and a bit overwhelmed. She said this was the first time anyone had done anything special for her. I’m glad I took Jann’s advice 🙂

Lynn offered that working with my crafty stash would keep my mind off things and lend some normalcy to this mess for Joe. I do believe it is helping. At least it is helping me to cope and not be peeled off the ceiling frequently.

I also made Joe’s load book for our eventual return to work. This is the piece his nurse saw me make.


Once again, many thanks to everyone that has held Joe and I up in your love and support.


Liquid Pearls v Glitter Glue

Friends, we are burning up the highway. NOT!

Between flat tires and radiator hoses spewing hot gunk – PLUS – the National Holiday of July 4th we have gone 103 miles in two days.

We are in Wichita Falls, Texas and a hotel room awaiting the resuming of business tomorrow. So I am taking advantage of the down time to play around with some products.

Jann Gray of WhatYouMakeIt created a superb crafting stash for me a few years back. It is now in my kit :D. Thank you, Jann, once again.



I am using a clear stamp set from Inkadinkado.


Liquid Pearls from Ranger Industries.



And Glitter Glue from Studio G.


Results thus far……


The Liquid Pearls is better at filling an area. I like the way it is looking as the product dries.


The Glitter Glue tends to have a peak that falls over after application.


The recommended drying time of the Liquid Pearls is 2-3 hours for thin layers and up to 24 for thick layers. The Glitter Glue has a longer drying time, upwards of 6-8 hours for thin layers and up to 24 for thicker applications.

I think this stamped image would be better suited for a heat embossing technique or maybe some Copics.

I do like the look of the plain stamped image over the blinged up image.


Have you worked with Liquid Pearls? If so, leave me your thoughts and what you have done with them.


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