Heat Embossing on Mailing Labels.

Using mailing labels in heat embossing

Using mailing labels in heat embossing

The things I will show  you in today’s video came from my need to create a focal piece for a birthday card way back in 2006 or 2007.  Time to revisit and update that thought process to share with anyone that would like to try something just a little different in their craft room.

At the end of this post I will include the OLD video along with this newer version.

Heat embossing requires a tacky substance to hold the embossing powder in place until it is heated to the proper temperature with a heat tool.  So, my theory was (is) the back side of mailing labels has a tacky glue….that should work.

Your imagination and the tools you have on hand are all that is necessary in this project.

You want to create a sentiment on a card front or need a semi-graphic tag to add to a scrapbook page?  Let’s say the sentiment or tag you are wanting to create is the word “SMILE”.  You don’t have a rubber stamp with that word.  If you are a beginning crafter you may  not have acquired a stash of letter stickers.  So what do you do?  Do you just give up on the whole idea and put that project in the “Never Finished, and Ain’t Gonna Be Finished” pile?

Chances are good you have a computer of some type, and a printer.  Hopefully you have a printer that will not balk at printing on a piece of card stock.

Use a computer program you are familiar with.  Like MicroSoft Word or some other document software.  Check out your supply of Fonts that came loaded in your computer.  Type the word “SMILE” in the document.  Highlight the word and then go through your Font collection to see what it would look like.  Change the scale setting.  Make the word as large as the page would allow.  Create several of them on one piece of card stock, print them out, and choose the one(s) you like best.

KEEP IN MIND:  The glue on the label back is unforgiving when using card stock.  You don’t like the placement of your word?  Try peeling it up and getting it just so?  The card stock will leave behind some (or most) of itself in the glue.

Want to go for an original design?  Have some long unused punches?  Have some wax paper or a section of the label backing that is slick exposed?  Use your punches on this type of “resist” paper.  Lay the desired art pieces on the sticky side of the mailing label then pour on the embossing powder.  Heat set the powder with your heat tool then remove the mask pieces.  Add other embossing powder to these newly exposed areas and heat set that powder.

You need just a little bit of something on your card front or scrapbook page?  Something with some texture and shine?  You don’t have a stash of “Bling” at your disposal?  Don’t worry.  Just apply embossing powder to a mailing label and heat set it.  Then use your punches to create your own Bling.

Watch the video below to see how I created three different pieces using the techniques I described above.  Then you can watch the OLD video to see how this all began.

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog.



When a project idea crosses over into the Twilight Zone – Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone

The younger generation will not understand this reference to Twilight Zone.

“Who is Rod Serling?”  “Was he in Twilight?”  “He’s not followed by TMZ, so he must not be anybody.”

I’m continuing to work on my daughter’s album.  I have high hopes to hand it over to her when I see her, and the rest of our motley crew, in Orlando, Florida for our Family Reunion at Disney World.  19 days – *gulp*

I’m still working with DCWV Street Lace papers.

DCWV Street Lace papers

These two pages will be dedicated to the architecture of Funeral Homes.  The angles, lines, and quiet elegance of the buildings which no one likes to enter unless they have business there.

What better reference of amazing architecture than butterfly and dragonfly wings.

Butterfly wingsDragonfly wingsI can’t use either of these two papers for a two page layout.  The images are on the same side, not opposing sides.  So I will use one of each and cut them up into squares.

I will be using the “Color Block” cutting pattern from the Club Scrap Idea Deck on these two layouts.

Color Block cutting patter from Club Scrap's Idea DeckThe base papers I’ve chosen for these two pages are pink and black with faded imagery.

DCWV printed papers from Street LaceCrapazoid!  I didn’t plan ahead for the cutting instructions.  I just loaded the paper in my trimmer and went to work.  Now it looks like an IED went off and blew the butterfly and dragonfly to smithereens. 😦

The butterfly and the dragonfly have been blown apartI could use the other two butterfly and dragonfly pages and cut them correctly….but I’ve chosen to work with what I’ve done.  Hopefully I can save this mess somehow.  Besides, chances are I would do the very same thing and make things even worse!

I need letters to spell out “Architecture”.  I don’t want to drag out my Cricut and set it up.  You don’t want to see my room, seriously you don’t.  I looked through all my pages of sticker letters…not enough of some letters.  Then I remembered some paper letters I purchased way, way, way back in about 2005.  These letters are made from pretty thin scrapbook paper.  Each set of letters has about 150 pieces attached at one of the ends with some of that stuff like paper pads have.

Paper letters to be used as stickersLet’s see if the whole word will fit on one page.  Yes!

The letters fit on the page and spell out "Architecture"These letters are not sticky backed.  And they are made from really thin paper so I had to be careful when pulling them from the “pad” they were attached to.

The colors have got to go!  They need to be one solid color.  I know!  How about Flocking them.  I can run the letters through my Xyron, face down, to get the sticky on the front of the letter then add the Flock.  Brilliant!

Plan is to Flock the letters in whitePut the letter face down in the Xyron 1.5 inch sticker maker.

Put letter in Xyron 1.5 sticker maker face downI was so confident this was going to work that I ran all the letters through.  My thinking was that the sticky from the Xyron would be enough to adhere the Flock without me having to use the Two Way glue pen.

I ran all the letters through the XyronStarting with the first letter I put it in the funnel tray, poured the Flock on top, then pressed the Flock around the entire letter.

Remove the first letterPut it in the funnel tray and pour Flock all over the letter.

Pour Flock over the letterPress the Flock into the glue.  Press all over the letter to make sure the Flock is applied evenly.

Press the Flock into the sticky on the letterCrapazoid!  The Flock is not fully covering the letter as I had invisioned 😦  Now what am I going to do?!

Well, that didn't work!Start over.  I mean, it is not like I don’t have enough of these letters.  This time I’ll put the letters in face up through the Xyron.

Start over.  Letters face up this timeI’ll paint them with white acrylic paint.  I wonder if acrylic paint goes bad?  This bottle I’ve had since 1998 when I used to paint plaster houses.  Seems to still be good.  At least I can hear it slushing around inside as I shake the bottle.

Paint the letters with whitel acrylic paintLooks like this is going to take two applications of paint.  Let the letters fully dry before adding the second coat.

Paint the letters Let this coat dry then apply a second oneWhile the paint is drying on the letters I think I’ll cut some gray papers to be used as mats in the layout.  Hide the blown up butterflies and dragonflies.

I've cut gray papers to be matsThe really great thing about this “Color Block” layout is that you can turn it round and round until you get the effect you like.  No right way and no wrong way.  My kind of plan 😀

Which configuration is best?  This one, or.....This way, or.....Maybe this way, I don't knowOkay, okay.  Just pick one already!  Sheesh!

Since I can’t decide which way I want to go, I think I’ll find a rubber stamp that looks like something that would be on a blueprint.  I didn’t find anything in my stash of stamps but I did find a chemistry related image.  The stamp is from Club Scrap and I don’t remember what set it was for.  I won’t tell Tiffany if you don’t tell.

Use a rubber stamp over the acrylic paint to add visual interest

By stamping over the acrylic paint you get visual interest.  Think about your stamps with small images.  This would be ideal for those tiny flower stamps or maybe polka dots.  You can add colors in the stamping to match your layout.

Stamped image over acrylic paintIf you decide to use this technique, please don’t be a messy painter like I was.  The acrylic paint on the Xyron paper comes right off with the letter.  What an unsightly mess.  You’ll have to clean around each letter before taking it off the protective paper.

Clean off the acrylic paint around the letter with a pokey toolOnce I had the letters cleaned and cleared of excess acrylic paint I mounted them on a strip of card stock that was sort of a tan color.

Mount your letters to a title stripI have a bad place on the layout that I seriously need to hide.  While adhering the cut pieces to the base paper I put a couple of them on the wrong way.

I have an oopsy to coverAfter all of the messes I’ve created, and good ideas gone wrong, I have a two page layout that I’m happy with.  A title that is seriously one of a kind and plenty of spots for Tiffany to add photos of the Funeral Homes she has taken pictures of.

Layout ready now for embellishmentsI’ve used sticky foam strips to raise the title off the page to add some dimension.

Don’t give up on your idea.  Work with it for a little while.  Through the frustration will come inspiration 😀

Now I’m off to add tags, photo corners, and embellishments to this layout.  I’ll show you the finished project when it is done.


I’m dizzy from going around in circles.

My daily schedule has been getting up at 5:00 a.m. and start the coffee maker.  While the coffee is brewing then I check my emails and blog post comments.  Then by 8:00 a.m. do a bit of paperwork to catch up on things until 10:00 a.m. The remainder of the day is spent thinking about and doing craft things.

Lately, I’ve had a bit of trouble getting away from the computer by 8:00 a.m.  Lots, and lots of trouble.  So much so that I’m really having a hard time getting myself on track.

I have so many projects in the works now that I’ve really gummed up the works here.

Picture frames from the Goodwill store.

Picture frames to alter

Picture frames to alter

These two frames need to be sanded and painted.  I haven’t chosen the papers yet for the bulletin boards that will be framed so I have not chosen a paint color.

Remember this trip to the big box hardware store?

Getting wood pieces cut

Getting wood pieces cut

The cut pieces of wood have now been turned into this.

Bulletin board inserts

Bulletin board inserts

Man did we ever create a powerful stink in this house yesterday.  Attaching this self healing rubber cork to the wood with Contact Cement.  Man, Joe and I were both quite loopy by the time this part of the project was over.

We had to save ourselves and go to Red Lobster for dinner.  The price we had to pay for getting out of the fumes 😀 and letting them be expelled from our house by having every vent fan running from one end to the other 😀

Yesterday I had Joe cut more cardboard for me.  I’ve got an additional five Post-It holders to do.  Revamp the Poker holders I made.  I did spend a couple hours on the telephone with Tim to get the necessary information for what he wants done with the Poker holders.  That was a much  needed conversation.

Cardboard cut to 7" width

Cardboard cut to 7" width

I’m still doing the “Inventory” thing with my dies.  I have one set of Alpha Dies from Sizzix to complete then to begin on my Nestabilities/Shapabilities dies.  Then all the die cutting and punching will be done.

Sizzix dies and Nestabilities

Sizzix dies and Nestabilities

I have one of my Sizzix Alpha Die sets completed and attached to the Inventory Sheets.

Alpha dies mounted to Inventory Sheet

Alpha dies mounted to Inventory Sheet


While cutting and mounting these alpha dies a thought occurred to me.  How about a “RANSOM NOTE” card challenge?

Use your letter stickers, alpha stamps, alpha dies, cut out words from magazines, tear out words from newspapers.  Crumple up your papers and ink them up.  Make them look like they have been around the world and back.  Mess things up a bit.

What would the card front or inside say?  I’m still thinking on that and would sure enjoy some input from you guys.

Joe loves to read.  We have a Barnes & Noble close to our house that we hit about once a month.  I’m thinking of getting him a gift card to purchase his next set of books.  So my idea is while he is gone go to Barnes & Noble to get the gift card, talk to the manager and see if he/she would like to be in on a bit of fun.

Word the card in such a manner as to say Joe MUST go to Barnes & Noble.  He is not allowed to leave the store without finding three books.  There are two people he has to encounter.  Joe has to say to each person “The sky is blue” and they are to respond back to him with “The sun glows red” (or some such nonsense).  The second person that responds to him will hand over the gift card tucked into a book that is laying on their desk area.  Then Joe has to go to the center of the store and loudly say “Happy Valentine’s Day” before he can go to the checkout stand.

Would I torture my husband in such a manner.  HECK YA!! 😀  Joe is planning on being home before Valentine’s Day so this should work out.  Now if I can keep him so that he doesn’t read this blog post 😀

Is anyone out there up for this CHALLENGE? 😀  You can do whatever is right for you and your spouse.  Lynn, you can make Rod go out and find something you have made for him.  Have him hunt around in your glorious flower beds.  OMG, I crack myself up!

First, I need to take care of this little mess before I can go on to other greatness 😀

Another mess I've made of my craft room

Another mess I've made of my craft room

Today will be my final day of doing my computer stuff in the morning.  I’m going to get cracking on the work I have to do after my first cup of coffee.  Then later in the evening I’ll check my emails and tend to my blogs.

Ya, right.  Well, that’s my plan for now and I’m gonna work my plan 😀

Using the negative space of letter stickers

Using the negative part of used letter stickers

Using the negative part of used letter stickers

Searching through my abundant supply of letter stickers to find the right size for this project I found this really, really old set of stickers.  No “T” 😦  There is, however, a black outline from where a “T” was.  BUT to only have one negative letter was not going to be good.

I’ll use it anyway, along with a couple other letters.  Sorry for the out of focus bit here.  It is a bit of a trial working the camera with my left hand since I’m right handed.  I dropped the camera about four times trying to get the thing to focus where I wanted.  So you get to see the best of 4 😀

Cut around the negative space

Cut around the negative space

I have one of the original Cricut machines.  The smallest it will go down is 1″ which I’ve used on the letters of the person’s name for this Holder.  I have not played with my Cricut much so I really don’t know all that it is capable of….other than cutting out letters.

I need to get into my room and get it cleaned out today.  I have some black rhinestones I need to find in that flaming mess so I can attach one to the “U” where the unsightly space is.

Speaking of letters, I dug further in my stash for the lettering around the cover.

OSU's Pistol Pete and Bullet

OSU's Pistol Pete and Bullet

Both images…Pistol Pete and the Spirit Rider on Bullet….are from the internet and printed on Whisper White card stock.  Should you decide to print a photo on card stock and wish to have the image not fade over time there is a product that is good for this.

Krylon‘s “Workable Fixitif” is the best stuff to use.  This is NOT RECOMMENDED for use in scrapbooks because of the chemicals in this product.

Krylon Workable Fixitif

Krylon Workable Fixitif

If you draw with chalks this stuff is the best.  It will keep the work you have already done from smearing as your hand moves around the paper as you draw.  You can still go back to an area already worked with no fear of having a slick surface with no chalk adhesion.

When you first spray this over a photo on card stock the photo will change and get darker.  Don’t worry, let it set for about 20 minutes.  It will dry clear and your photo will look as it did before  you sprayed it.  Also, take this outside!!  Spray this pungent stuff outside.  Do several passes about 5 inches from the surface of what you are spraying.  Don’t linger in a spot too long or it will cause the colors to bleed and run.  Not good 😦  Coat the entire image and surrounding paper you will be working with.

I have a treacherous path into my room.  This space is beginning to look, and feel, as though it should be featured on one of those “Hoarder” shows.

A pathway through my craft room

A pathway through my craft room

I have two bases being pressed right now.  They will not be workable until later this afternoon so it is time to get in this room for some purging, cleaning, and reorganizing.