Here’s a “Cheap Trick” – Jumbo Card Stock.

Are you starting your Christmas projects?  Have some ideas rolling around in your head?  Discarding some really fun ideas because you don’t have enough paper?

On your next trip to Michaels head on over to the artist section of the store.  Generally it is located in the back with the canvas frames, colored poster board, paint brushes, and other non scrapbook and card making related stuff.

I will be making a number of “Mileage Books” and sell them at my long unused Etsy store.  These books I have made for Joe and I in our Drive-Away business.  They come in really handy for us.  Plus I got to play with my papers and supplies when I was home for a couple weeks at a time.

Take a look at the video I created showcasing the JUMBO card stock I purchased from Michaels.  The sheets normally sell for $2.29 each but you can sometimes find them, as I did, for $.99.  The card stock has some bends, folds, and marks on them.  There is some damage to the pieces but I can use them for my book covers.

This card stock measures 20″ x 26″.  The color selection is not quite as diverse as you would find with regular card stock in the scrapbook and greeting card section.

I am home now.  I have retired from my truck driving “Day Job” and will be puttering around in my craft room creating things.  I have to put in my time for doing the paper work for a few hours daily first, then I can play.  Right now I am awaiting the arrival of a special cord thing to connect one of my storage drives back to my computer.  That should arrive on Monday.

I hope this video and information helps you with your Christmas projects….or any other large project you have going on that needs a continuous length of paper.