Out from the fog of HTML coding and into the light.

Man, I have to tell you.  Doing “Hard Code“, as I’ve just learned is the term, is really an all consuming thing.

I talked with a tech person at my Website Hosting Service.  The fault with the “Invalid Template!” and the subsequent failure of my “Home Page” was all in the file name I had given it.

When I created my website from scratch last year I had a file named “index.html”.  That is a standard for any website that is created.  They all have to have an “Index” file.  Since I was making a whole new website I thought I’d have to name it a bit different so I added the acronym of my website to the index file.  Making it “indexmiaf.htm”.  THAT was my whole problem.

The remedy was to rename the file to “index.htm” and then go in to every file that referenced the Home Page and change the file name as well.

After that little change everything is working as it should.  See, I told you.  A little knowledge for me is Dangerous!  Oh well, at least it was a simple fix.

Joe has a doctor appointment this afternoon and he is still home.  I’m taking the time off from doing my website by getting back in touch with my friends and fellow bloggers.  Answering their comments and leaving some of my own.  The madness has abated so I can now relax and enjoy the rest of the process of getting my website completed over the next few days.

Going back through my YouTube videos to select them for various spots in my website has been a revelation.  Man are they bad or what?!  I need to make some updated versions minus the “boob shots”.  Terrible job I’ve done in those videos.  Learning curves are pretty steep sometimes.  At least for me they are!

One other thing I learned was how much fun I had when I did a lot of creating and doing tutorials.  I’m going to get back into that kind of thing more.  I’ve lost my focus and the joy of creating by turning my life into a BUSINESS.  I do want to still make this a viable business but I want to be able to enjoy the process.  Over the past year I’ve lost the joy of it all and strayed from my path.  It is time to get back on the road and out of the weeds 😀

I will alert you all to new content on my website as it happens.  Tutorials will be included there in a new section.  That will require another several days of coding to make that happen.  I like the idea of having control over my website by adding items to it and changing things as I need to.  Control being the operative word here.  I’m a freak sometimes.

So I’m off to finish getting dressed and ready for today’s bout of errands and doctor visits.  I won’t be posting anything tomorrow.  I’m going to Dallas with Joe to get his trucks hooked up and ready for him to get back on the road.  I  have March and April to get myself back on the right track before it is time for me to head back out for another six months on the road.  I’m going to make the best of the time I have left at home and get the fun put back in my crafting.

Everyone enjoy your day.