Budget friendly Christmas presents from your local hardware store.

My thoughts have been centered around the hardware store recently.  Oh the wonders one can find in a store dedicated to destruction and reconstruction.  Take a little trip through the hardware store for supplies to make Christmas presents.

If you don’t have a “Big Box” hardware store in your area you might have to check out your local flooring center for today’s project idea.  I got my supplies from my local Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

Lowe's Home Improvement Center

Lowe’s Home Improvement Center

Coasters are used in many homes to protect the furniture tops from beverage mishaps.  Heat rings from a hot mug of coffee, water rings left behind when iced beverages drip condensation.  You can find plenty of coasters at your local stores.  Wood, fiber, ceramic, porcelain.  Some with inspirational phrases, colors, graphic designs, and even some you can personalize with your photos.

The price range of this decor item varies.  Cheap and inexpensive to quality with a high end price tag.  Most coasters I have seen in stores come in a set of four.

For this project, I have selected four porcelain tiles that measure 4″ x 4″.  The tile costs were 17 cents a piece.  The felt protective feet came in a set of 20 for $2.97.  If you have Mod Podge glue, or something similar, in your craft supplies this project will cost you less that $5 for one of a kind gift giving.

Altered porcelain tiles

Altered porcelain tiles

I used one of the last few papers from my DCWV Mariposa paper collection on these tiles.  My supply of Mod Podge was seriously depleted.  I went to my Michaels craft store to purchase more and found a formulation that is “Dishwasher Safe”.  This Mod Podge dries completely with no sticky or tacky feel after fully curing.  I don’t, as a general rule, use Mod Podge because of that one problem I have with it.  Living in a humid area this glue tends to be tacky for a long time before it fully cures.  Sometimes even weeks after project completion.

The Mod Podge set me back $9 and I had to purchase another tube of E-6000 which was an additional $5.  These two products will have a long shelf life in my craft room and will be used on other projects in the future so the cost can be spread out over the years.

I used the E-6000 to adhere the felt feet on the back of the tiles.  This is to ensure no furniture damage will occur when moving or stacking the tile coasters on table tops.  If you would like to have a full tutorial on making these tile coasters, I have a video for you.