Computer Innards And 5 Finger Discount In Joe’s Stash

Front Cover

Front Cover

This is the front cover of the mini intended for our neighbor Hugh.  The background papers are all from DCWV Family Connections.  Although there are some floral patterns the papers are a bit more masculine (to my way of thinking anyway).

I have a Cuttlebug embossing folder that looks like washers.  That inspired me to sneak into Joe’s room and ask if I could dig through his stash of stuff in search of “Embellishments”.  The embossed paper is from some stuff I’ve had for ages and ages and don’t remember who made it or where I got it from.

The two glittered flourishes are from Michaels.  And the “Spinner” image is from Stampin’ Up! in the mini catalog which will expire the 30th of April, 2011.  “Take A Spin” (#122015) is the name of the four stamp set.

Take A Spin #122015

Take A Spin #122015

Sorry it is so blurry.  I used black embossing powder and VersaMark to create the image.  For our friend, this stamp about sums up how we feel about him and the type of person he is.

This is the reason I had Joe in my room affixing the spinner hands to the embossed paper.  He works with all manner of things in a way that is more gentler and affords better results, where as I am one of those slap dash, ham fisted, make it work kind of people that end up having to do things over several times.

Pilfering Joe's stash

Pilfering Joe's stash

Since this mini is for a “Guy” then I felt it only right to add some “guy” type things to this page.  The washers and nut are some of what I pilfered from Joe.

The “Friend” sticker is one I’ve had for many years and has lain in a drawer unloved.  The eyelet is from Stampin’ Up.  The gold stuff on the embossed paper is from Michaels and is “Grecian Gold Rub and Buff”.  I’ve watched several videos on YouTube of Rach0113 that mostly does totally awesome ATCs and she uses the Rub and Buff on mostly everything she does.

This page is not complete, as of yet.  My brain is working at trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the front and not make it “Girly Girl”.

Sound or Video card

Sound or Video card

After taking some of the stuff off this card…and mainly the steel bar at the right

Card added to the page

Card added to the page

I put the whole card on the page.  Notice my totally original and thought provoking use of the 1’s and 0’s 🙂 around the border of the page?  White gel pen from Stampin’ Up! achieved that bit of adornment.  The tag is made using the Stampin’ Up! set Clearly For You #121976.

Butterfly bodies

Butterfly bodies

What ever those “diode” things are, they sure do make really cute butterfly bodies.  Complete with antennae!  The butterfly is one of the several die cuts from a Stampin’ Up! Embosslet named Beautiful Wings.

Page 3 of the mini

Page 3 of the mini

The paper is more of the DCWV Family Connections and the butterfly is the largest one in the Beautiful Wings embosslit.  The “High Tech” sticker is, once more, from a really old set of stickers I have had stashed away for a long time.

These two pages, with the video or audio card attached and the High Tech, are not finished.  I’m trying to figure out how to appropriately thank Hugh for all the hours spent at our house working on Joe’s Windows computer getting it cleared of viruses and updating it.  We’ve paid him for the actual computer swaps Hugh and Joe have gone through but Hugh has always come when Joe calls when the computer doesn’t work quite right.

Page 4 of mini

Page 4 of mini

The tag is another long forgotten item in my stash.  I used to belong to Club Scrap until it became a nuisance of having to have neighbors collect the monthly boxes while I was in some other part of the country at the time and the expense got a little unwieldy after a while.  I do love their stuff and occasionally order from them once in a while.

The flowers are from Prima and Hobby Lobby.  They start life out a creamy white.  I used Chocolate Chip Classic Ink from Stampin’ Up! on the edges of the flowers then spritzed them with my brew of Not Quite Navy, Cherry Cobbler, and Cajun Craze refill inks and Perfect Pearls.

Washers and a "Diode"

Washer and a "Diode"

More results of my pilfering from Joe’s stash of washers and the green thing is a diode deely whopper from one of the circuit boards.

Back side of tag

Back side of tag

This is the back side of the tag.  Another sticker set from Club Scrap that is ages old.  I think this is from one of their 2008 collections that I just could not get excited about.  Looks pretty good here so now it is loved and has a home.

The tag slips into places of the glittered flourishes I didn’t glue down.

Opposing page

Opposing page

I forgot what page this is, but it is to the right of the previous tag page.  The pocket is made from a template I found some where on the internet and I don’t remember where it came from.  The metal bits are from Two-Ten Studios, one of those purchases I made at Whole Lotta Scrap last year when I did the interview with the owner – Leslie.

Yet again, the “Friends” sticker is from my stash of many years in hiding.

Tag insert

Tag insert

The tag insert is from a template.  I have to find where I got this set and post it in my Template Section.  The tab pull is a punch from Stampin’ Up! and the dragonfly is a punch from my real early days of manic shopping in 2006.  That little guy has been hiding in the bottom of a bucket and this is the first time it has been used.

Okay, now for some really fun stuff I’ve done with the computer innards 🙂

Computer gizzies and a washer

Computer gizzies and a washer

One of the computer gizzies is an Intel Pentium Chip (the black one), the other is I don’t know what (green one), another of the little green wire wrapped thing-a-ma-bobs from the computer and a big washer pilfered from Joe.

Lawn mower

Lawn mower

Genius!  Am I right, or what!?  With Joe’s help in making a handle, which I really  needed because the lawn mower resembled a Roomba more than a mower.  Long forgotten and stashed away letter stickers from only God knows when I bought them to create the “Grass Mowing” title and thinly sliced pieces of green paper from Stampin’ Up! I made the grass clippings.

Mostly everything is attached using E6000 adhesive and Glossy Accents.

There is still a lot of work to be done on these pages and I still have three more pages to go in this mini.

My poor Scrubby

My poor Scrubby

For a while I’ll be next to him at my computer as he tries to rest and sleep in this recliner.  He gets some miserable bouts of muscle spasms that go on for quite a long time and the only relief is for me to massage his back until the quivering stops.  I have to get  him, complaining all the while, to sit up to do the massaging.  It is my way of taking his focus off his misery and the spasms to stop.

Plus, the drugs the doctor prescribed for him knock  him out.  Every six hours for one pill and every eight for the other.  Not much sleeping is going to be done by me for a few days but my Scrubby is worth the lack of sleep.

While Joe is sleeping peacefully I’ve found a site on the internet that has captivated my attention.  The Pioneer Woman.  She lives some where here in Oklahoma.  I was searching for a recipe (the day before the whole back issue) on seasoning pork chops to be covered with some luscious stuffing Joe made last Thanksgiving and has been in our freezer since then.

I have to confess.  I’m a snob *hanging my head in shame*.  I thought people that lived out in the middle of nowhere on farms and ranches lived in the dark ages.  This website has given me a right good kick in the pants and altered my view of living in the boonies.  It is full of photos of the livestock they care for on the ranch.  Her photography I’m totally green with envy over.  Her style of writing is laced with humor and I enjoy reading her posts.

Sorry Lynn if you feel abashed at my snobbery.  For some reason I have not equated you with living in the boonies but I think you would enjoy glancing through her website since you are a beekeeper and husband animals on your loving plot of land.

Time to dose my Scrubby with the next round of meds.

Handy Man Bulletin Board

My Son-In-Law’s birthday is tomorrow, November 12th.  I’m already late on getting this to him but I hope he will forgive me when he finally gets it.

I had asked my daughter what his favorite color was and what kinds of things he likes.   I told her I had planned on making him a bulletin board for his home office when he does the monthly budgeting, which he is really good at, by the way.  She told him what I was doing and asked what he wanted.  His response was “Red and silver.  Like Craftsman.”  First it threw me for a loop because she TOLD him what I was doing then I went all wonky because I had no idea what to do now.

I had planned on making his bulletin board on Lynn Claredge’s (liveupstairs) “Grid Card” thing.  I was going to have a photo of Carissa and Jaime attached to the cork then have little thought bubble like things all over the board with things they are planning and thinking about.  A desired trip to Italy, a cruise to some exotic port, a new house.  Well…that idea was now out of the picture.

Handyman Bulletin Board

This is what I came up with.  Since he desired “Craftsman red and silver”, I’d give him something sort of like he wishes.

The papers used on his cork board are all retired Stampin’ Up! “Thoroughly Modern” and Real Red textured 12 x 12 card stock.

I’ve used the White Gel Pen on the face of the tool box in a couple places.  You will see where in the photos later in this post.

I have used some embellishments I had to get from a local craft/hobby store since I don’t have stamps of these images.  I’ve also used foam core board to strengthen the embellishments for using as push pins as I’ve designed them to be.

I’m surprised this turned out to be fairly simple to do.  Once I got off my “High Horse” and came back down to the real world then the wheels began turning.

Image from the internet

I went to a well known tool internet site and looked at the images of their tool boxes.  They all looked pretty complicated and I was not sure how I was going to do this.  I hit on this tool box.  Dragging the image to my desk top I selected the print option on my computer and chose to make this image 8 x 10 and to fit the entire page.

Once I had that printed out to a good size I went into my room and began to seriously think about what I was going to do.

First, I used Repositional Adhesive on the outer edge of the paper and secured the image to a  self healing mat I have.

Craft knife to cut pieces out

"Drawers" placed on black card stock

Using a craft knife I cut the image into pieces that would be placed on the Real Red 12 x 12 textured card stock and on Basic Black 8-1/2 x 11 card stock.

This was a bit of a challenge for me, since I’ve not done this before, and I was not sure where to begin so I just “winged” it.

Shading the card stock

Using the image as a guide in shading

I carefully cut the copy paper image so I could fold it away and use a Sponge Dauber and Chocolate Chip ink to do the shading on the “lid” of the tool box.

Folding the copy paper back in the areas to be shaded is the technique I used.  The results were pretty good.

Highlighting with the gel pen

Highlighting and shading completed

Using the white gel pen and the Chocolate Chip ink I did the shading and definition of the lid and highlighting of areas.

Really, this is quite easy to do.  Fold the copy paper back to the desired area and do your rubbing with the ink or lightly trace the area with the gel pen.  By this time I was beginning to feel less out of my depth and getting more stoked about what I was attempting.

Marking the drawers and the handles

Scoring the area of the handles

Marked and ready to paint

Using my ruler I placed it on the lines of the copy paper image and then pulled it away from the card stock.  Using the gel pen to mark the “drawer” definition and the Bone Folder to mark the area to be painted with silver acrylic paint for the drawer handles was not very hard to do.

Test fitting the pieces

Making sure I have not missed anything before it gets glued

After I was done with the shading, highlighting, and painting I gave these pieces a “test fit” to make sure they would all assemble together and look somewhat like the original photo did.

Looking pretty good right now, so it is time to get the cork board/bulletin board ready to mount papers and this piece pattern thing I just finished.

Cork board/bulletin board

Papers attached and pattern piece adhered

I mounted the “Thoroughly Modern” paper to the cork using Mod Podge.  The Creamy Caramel polka dot paper is supposed to be a “Peg Board” with the darker, Close to Cocoa paper as the frame.

Using Mod Podge I attached the tool box pieces to the red side of the board.  Looks pretty awesome, if I must say so myself 🙂

Sticker embellishments from the craft store

Reverse side of the embellishments

As I selected each embellishment I removed the foam tape from the backs of the pieces.  I would not be using it in this application.  It would just be in the way so the foam tape is carefully removed.

I’m going to be using some heavy duty adhesive to permanently stick these embellishments down so a bit of the foam tape left on the back is not going to cause a problem.

Trace around the embellishment on Foam Core board

Use a craft knife to cut the shape out of the Foam Core board

These embellishments are going to be push pins.  They need to be very sturdy and strong.  Chipboard is just not firm enough to keep from bending.  I’ve opted for 1/4″ Foam Core board.

Tracing the shape of the embellishment to the Foam Core board then cutting it out with the craft knife is what I am doing.  It is so much easier to use the craft knife when cutting on this stuff than scissors.  The scissors tend to pinch the Foam Core and alter the shape of it at the edges.

E6000 adhesive

Applied to the Foam Core board

I don’t want the embellishment to separate from the Foam Core so I’ve chosen to use E6000 adhesive.  This is the really strong stuff.

It is also quite strong smelling stuff.  You don’t need to use in a well ventilated room, and it is not going to make you “high” but it does have a very strange odor.  And it is kind of sticky slimy when you get it on your fingers.  Washes off your hands with soap and water.  Not sure if it will come out of clothing though so just watch what you are doing.

Marking the "Peg Board"

Everything has a place and everything in its place

Once I had all the embellishments mounted on the Foam Core board and they were finally dry, I took each piece to the “Peg Board” side of the cork board and drew around the embellishment with a Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker.

The cork board is now beginning to come together and look like what I had envisioned it to be.  🙂

Generic Push Pins

E6000 to adhere push pin

On the back side of the Foam Core embellishments I used the E6000 to attach the push pins to the embellishment.

The push pins are just generic ones I got from my craft/hobby store.

A good dollop of the E6000 on the push pin head then pushed down on the back of the embellishment and allow the adhesive to puddle around the head to seal it on.

Oops, that's not good

Much better

Mechanics in the truck dealerships we go to from time to time, to have a truck worked on, display photos of family and friends on the inside lid of their tool boxes.

I printed out some really cute photos of Carissa and Jaime on copy paper and attached them to 1″ square pieces of Foam Core board and E6000 adhesive.  As the adhesive was drying the black of the Foam Core began to bleed through the copy paper 😦  Not a good thing.  I printed the photos again but this time on Photo Paper and that was much better 🙂


Putting the remaining embellishments on the outside frame, I left the foam tape on them and used it to adhere the pieces to the frame.

This project took about three days to do.  It will take quite a bit less time on the next one because I won’t have a slightly panic stricken hole in my brain, nor will I be saying “How am I going to DO this?”

I sure hope Jaime likes this 🙂