Heat embossing with stencils and templates.

I will have six videos up on my YouTube channel today.  Yes, I said 6!

In my small attempt at getting others to look into the depths of their hoard of paper, tools, and products I dug through my stash of brass, plastic, and decorative stencils.  Over the years I have accumulated quite a number of items that have been shoved into the deep dark cupboards in my craft room.

Each stencil I use in this quasi-educational series was, once upon a time, chosen because of its supreme beauty.

Being the type of person that I am….having the attention span of a gnat….the spell wore off shortly after I got that most prized piece home.  Doubts and fears overcame my adventurous side.  What am I ever going to do with THAT?  The end result was nearly forever darkness.

Time to do a “Haul”.  Get in my cupboards, bins, boxes, and drawers and “Haul” out all of my stencils and templates.  In my zeal to be a good teacher and inspiration I did a few things that will become a “cautionary tale” of what NOT TO DO and if you DID DO IT then what the remedy is.

I have a, newly acquired, brass butterfly stencil that I nearly ruined by my genius.  I thought it would be prudent to tape the stencil on a piece of paper and use several colors of embossing powder at one go.  Uhm, err, ahem….DON’T DO IT.  And if YOU DO here is what to do when you have a massive fail.

Rubbing Alcohol, or Surgical Spirits for those of you in Europe, is your friend.

Rubbing Alcohol or Surgical Sprits is your friend

Rubbing Alcohol or Surgical Spirits is your friend

Place the stencil in a vessel of your choosing.  Cover the botched beauty with rubbing alcohol or surgical spirits and leave to soak for 24 hours.  Trust me….this will do wonders to your stencil and your spirits.

The paper I had the stencil attached to did not release when I pried it up off the paper.  It was stuck on there good and tight.

Paper stuck on the back of the stencil

Paper stuck on the back of the stencil

After soaking for 24 hours in the rubbing alcohol, the paper easily came away from the brass.  No scrubbing, no digging, no damage to the stencil.

After a 24  hour soak the paper released easily

After a 24 hour soak the paper released easily

You can see the entire fail in this photo.  You will also see that the stencil was not damaged.

The mighty fail

The mighty fail

The heated embossing powder comes loose with a bit of scratching with your finger nail.  No other tools required to remove the stuck on mess.

Just like new

Just like new


To get you started….here is my “Haul” video 😀



Sneak peek at next week’s tutorials for heat embossing.

Heat embossing with stencils

Heat embossing with stencils

What you see in the photo is just a SMALL selection of the stencils I own.  Over the past 10+ years I have acquired all kinds of things that, at the time, I thought I just HAD TO HAVE.

The newest acquisitions are the butterfly brass stencil and the Dylusions thing on the bottom right of the photo.  The rest have been hidden away in the deep dark recesses of my cupboards.

The two round stencils in the back?  Those are actually drain covers I bought from my local big box hardware store – Lowe’s – about 7 years back.

At this point….I have a, nearly, 3 hour “Show and Blab Fest” going on as I go through the various stencils and show you how to use them.  I have a LOT of editing to do on the video when I’m finished shooting.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 19th, 2015.  I’m POSITIVE you will search through your stash for the stencils you bought years ago.  “Come here my little friend”! 😀