Altered Photo Frame

I took the weekend off from my “day job” paperwork to do some SERIOUS work instead.

In Lebanon, Missouri on I-44 at exit 127 is a discount store – Shepherd Hills – we stop at every time we are on that stretch of highway.  I find bargains there for my crafting as well as really good deals on Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives and OXO kitchen tools.  Our most recent trip I picked up some really good solid wood picture frames.

Wood picture frame

Wood picture frame

Can’t beat the price at $2.55 and I bought three of them.

The people we rely on to keep us working are barged in on and expected to perform at, virtually, a moments notice.  Our poor vehicle mechanics are just one of the professionals we rely on.  A call to their shop to give a heads up on when we plan on being home and for how long, then a phone consultation on the vehicle problem.  Day of arrival at the shop is always hectic with several vehicles way ahead in line before us.  These guys always manage to get us in and out right away.

As a way of showing our appreciation for the work they do and how they don’t put us off for some other day that is more convenient for them I have created a clock.

This project is pretty simple.  I went to a local glass place to have a 3/8 hole drilled in the piece of glass on the picture frame.  They tried it with their glass and it broke in half so I scrapped that idea.  I had Joe cut an 8 x 10 piece of wood I’ve had in my craft room closet for a number of years.  A bit of acrylic paint, some appropriately themed vintage pictures, and photos of Joe’s tools, along with the clock work pieces I spent the weekend creating this piece.

Give this a try with your own photos and favorite scrapbook papers and embellishments.  I’ve made a YouTube video of the process I went through.  Hope this sparks your creative process.  Maybe create a clock for your craft room or make a gift for someone you care about and appreciate.

Happy crafting – Leslie