2 Templates Added to Blog

Friday, October 16, 2015, I have a video tutorial on cutting your scrap paper stash down to usable pieces.  Paper you WILL use instead of ignoring it.

I have added 2 new templates to my blog.  One is the cutting dimensions I use in Friday’s video.  Click on the “Scrap Stash Cutting Dimensions” template and save it.  It is a PDF that you can print out anytime  you need it.  Also, check out the “Operation Write Home” site.  Click on THIS LINK to go directly to the card sketches.  Each card sketch has the measurements for every element on the card front.

The second is “Nested Layers on Greeting Cards” that is a PDF also.  You can download it and save it on your computer to print and use anytime you need it.  This is only a PARTIAL listing of mat sizes to be used on card fronts.

Why cut up the used card stock and design paper into all of the different sizes?

  1. Die cutting.  The desired color of card stock or design paper from your scrap stash is ideal for die cutting.  You don’t need to cut into a brand new piece of paper.
  2. Punches.  Same as for die cutting.  Instead of punching one or two items from a full sheet of card stock or design paper go to  your scrap stash for the desired paper.
  3. Ready made pieces of card stock or design paper for your card fronts or scrapbook layouts.  No longer creating a need to cut up whole sheets of card stock or design paper.
  4. Fishtail banners.  Use  your 1 inch wide pieces of scrap to cut down to the size you want for the Fishtail pieces.
  5. ATC cards.  Artist Trading Cards have been around for quite a long while.  Use your scrap stash for creating your beautiful ATC’s to showcase your creative style.
  6. Junk or Junque Journals.  Tear, cut, or die cut your way through your Junk Journal by using from your scrap stash.
  7. Day Planners.  Are  you into the whole Day Planner rage?  Fauxbonichi?  (However it is spelled).  Planners made from Composition Notebooks?
  8. Inchies.  Use your scrap stash to either punch or cut the 1 inch square elements for your tags, card fronts, collage design, and even of your favorite paper combinations framed as home decor.
  9. Home Decor.  Speaking of Home Decor.  Use from your scrap stash to create wall hangings, cover papier mache boxes and figures.
  10. Paper Beads.  Are you into the whole Paper Bead making thing?  Get into your scrap stash for your bright and beautiful bead creations.

Is it time for you to get that box or bin of large scraps controlled?  Join me on Friday to see how to get this mess you hate into something you will be excited about.


YouTube Subscriber Question Monday – Original Sizzix Machine.

Last week I received a question from one of my YouTube Subscribers.  The question was regarding the “Old Sizzix Machine” and how to use it.  Mary Kim Nance’s question is as follows.

Hi Leslie, I love watching your videos.  They are inspiring!  I have a request to see how to use the original SIZZIX machine.  Lol…the big red heavy one your husband bought you.  I picked one up at Goodwill and I don’t know how to use it or if you can still buy folders/dies (?).  I thought I would give this a try before investing in a new model.  Any input would be appreciated. Thank you for inspiring me!  Take care.  Mary Kim.

It has been a long time since that, once loved, machine has seen the light of day.  Answering this question was an ideal time to get reacquainted with the old thing and get into my stash of dies.

Original Sizzix machine with some of my dies and embossing folders

Original Sizzix machine with some of my dies and embossing folders

Currently, many rubber stamp companies are making coordinating sets of dies and stamps.  They make it easy to be creative.  Stamp an image then use the appropriate die to cut the image out.   The dies for the stamp sets are all super thin, much like the Spellbinder dies.  In the photo above, the Spellbinder dies are above the Original Sizzix nesting together on a magnetic sheet that doesn’t work so great.  :/

I have created a 34 minute video showing how to use each of the dies I display in this photo.  I have included how to use the embossing folders which are to the top right.

Like many old “Work Horses”, they are put out to pasture when the newer versions come along.  :/

There are a few dies that will NOT work with the Original Sizzix machine.  The die body is too wide to fit through the throat of the machine, under the presser head.  Tim Holtz Alterations dies will not work on this machine.  His border dies WILL work with this machine because they are narrower, about half the size of his other dies.

I have used two cameras to create this video.  I found out that I can do “Picture in Picture” using my iMovie program during editing.  I have used this feature to highlight portions of the tutorial on making this old machine work for Mary Kim.

If you watch the video, keep in  mind that most of the time I don’t think things out very well.  Especially the portion using the Spellbinder dies and the “shimming” required to get the best use of the die sets.  I should have cut the shims to the size of the cutting plate making it easier to make the die work correctly.  :/

Oh, well…..at least the viewer will see what NOT to do when working with this machine.  😀


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