Coma but the brain was showing signs of life.

My computer is finally back home from the repair shop.

For nearly a month it was showing signs of trauma.  It succumbed to coma after some really weird power outage events here at home.  The stress was too much for the poor thing.

My poor computer’s brain was scrambled.  Valiant attempts it made each time I took it to the repair shop where it worked just fine and without any problems.  Bring it back home and it would not work.  This went on for several days…in and out of the shop.  Until it was finally determined that my computer needed to have a full diagnostic run on it and some “medical” tests run.

Once my computer’s guts were opened, poked, prodded, and thoroughly cleaned it was determined that the hard drive was in such a state it needed to be “defraged”.

Computer being defraged

Computer being defraged

Bob, from The MacMan in Moore, Oklahoma, sent me an email telling me that my hard drive was all in the “RED”.  Defraging was necessary in order to have it back in working order.  As you can see, from the photo above, my poor thing was in critical condition.

It is back home and I am finally able to get back to doing what I have been doing.  Making tutorial movies for my YouTube channel, getting back in touch with friends and family on Facebook, (which I did do with my smartphone) and making an attempt to catch up on the blogs I have missed reading, and finally to begin the posting on my blog.

While my computer was down I worked on the cork bulletin board.  Sharing my progress in photos to Facebook.  As a test to the abilities of my newly “unscrambled” hard drive I made a video for my channel on how to alter a picture frame from the Goodwill, with a lot of help from my Joe.

If you are interested in the process, you can watch the video below.