My Christmas present to Maureen. No peeking Maureen!

A package came for me a couple days ago from Maureen Mathis.  Her Christmas gift to me put a ginormous smile on my face and tears in my eyes.  She was so thoughtful to give me something that I can take along with me on the road to do some creating in the hotel rooms we stay in nightly.

A Slice tool kit, with storage pouch, that holds a spatula, pokey tool, craft knife, replacement blades, tweezers, a scraper, scissors, 6 inch ruler, and a bone folder.  This is the coolest tool kit and will come in handy.

A Slice tool kit

The Martha Stewart Portable Work Station is filled with pockets to hold many of the products I take along in my craft tote.  Currently I have to dig out all the stuff just to find the product I want to use.  It is compact and has a long strap that will be easier for me to carry into the hotel room.  Open it up and set it on the bed to begin creating.

A Portable Work Station

Thank you, so very much Maureen.  I am so blessed to have you as my friend.  I appreciate you and your generous heart.

Now, Maureen, you have to stop reading this post.

As many of you know, Maureen has a craft room she is totally pleased with.  For those of you that haven’t seen it yet I have included her video tour – Part 1 – of her craft room so you can see where she creates.

Okay, I guess you don’t get that video here.  I don’t know what is wrong with YouTube….maybe it is just me 😦

I am making her a bulletin board to go in her craft room.  One she can attach card inspirations, family photos, favorite things she wants to have near or whatever she wants to put on it.

I have one remaining frame and self healing cork attached to a board that fits the frame.  I am using DCWV’s Mariposa paper collection and some textured card stock from Club Scrap.  I have chosen the Mariposa papers because Maureen reminds me of a beautiful butterfly.  She brings joy to the hearts of all she encounters and she leaves them with a huge smile on their faces.  She has that effect on me anyway.  I am so very blessed to have her as my friend.

The papers are cut into 6″ x 6″ squares and placed over the cork.  This is the “test fitting” process.  I wanted to make sure the colors of the plain card stock don’t clash with the butterfly papers.  Once I was satisfied with the layout of the papers I glued them directly to the cork.

Test fitting the patterned and plain papers

After sitting overnight under a home styled “press” to ensure the papers were properly seated and adhered I attached fabric hem tape to sort of frame each of the papers.  I used fabric glue to adhere the hem tape to the paper.  Once more the project went under my “press” to allow the hem tape to be securely adhered.

You’re not still reading this are you Maureen?

Adhered fabric hem tape to frame the papers

While the cork board insert was in the “press” which was several pieces of stray wood I have accumulated over the years, two cases of Joe’s wine that is boxed, my cast iron dutch oven, and a heavy camera case Joe brought in to complete the full pressure points for everything to dry flat and secure.  Sorry, I forgot to take photos of my “press”.  Use what you’ve got 😀

I began the painting process on the frame.  I am using acrylic paint you can pick up at  any craft/hobby store.  Black and gold are the colors I’ve chosen.  I taped around the inner part of the frame using a low tack painters tape to section off the area I wanted to paint.  Once that was completed I set the frame aside for the paint to dry.

Painting the frame has begun

The inner section of the frame was taped to enable me to paint the outer edge with the black acrylic paint.  Once that was finished I set the frame aside to dry once more.

Outer section of the frame has been painted


The painter’s tape was then applied to both of the black areas, leaving the center section open for me to apply the gold acrylic paint.

Gold paint applied to the center section of the frame


Here is a close up of the black and gold painted frame.  Along with my piles of painter’s tape in my trash just below my table.

Black and gold painted frame

After the cork board had dried of all the glue applications I had done it was time to paint the wooden edge of the insert.  I also painted that with the black acrylic paint.Painting the wood insert

This is the “test fitting” of the frame to the insert.  Everything fits and I’m happy with how it is turning out.  This project will be handed off to my master painter who will apply a coat of varnish to the frame.  Once the varnish dries he will then attach the insert into the frame with glazier points to complete the assembly of this cork board.

Test fitting the frame and the insert

Once that part of this is completed then I will be getting out the much dreaded hot glue to attach flowers, pearls, feathers, and other types of embellishments before I send this off to Maureen.

The rubber stamping inventory project will now continue while I await Joe’s part of this project to be finished.  I hope I can get this finished for her to receive it by Christmas!



I don’t know when to stop the tweaking.

I thought I had finished the bulletin board yesterday.  The project was then handed off to Joe to add his expertise.

Joe's turn to work on the bulletin boardHe is doing some purging in his office.  He has decided to part with some of his stuff and sell it on eBay.  This frame is quite large and he had to make room for it on the kitchen table.

“Glazier Points” are going to be inserted into the back of the frame.  These will help hold the bulletin board inside the frame and keep it there when Carissa pushes the pins in to hold her important notes.

Glazer PointsHere is an “artistic” shot of the works.  Setting the glazier points.  It takes skill and someone that is not as ham fisted as I am.  I bend these things pretty bad when I do it so it has become Joe’s job because he has the right touch.

Over the shoulder view

Joe’s job complete, this puppy isn’t coming out of the frame at all.  Nice and secure!

Securely fastened

This morning I went into  my room to see how the Beacon’s 3 in 1 glue did with the push pins.  Some are holding well with this glue….

Beacon's 3 in 1 glueHowever, some are not.  Just pulling the pin from the foam core by the attached decorative piece resulted in the pin remaining in the foam core.

Beacon's 3 in 1 glue didn't work on the plastic back of this pieceTime to get the “big guns” out and use the heavy duty E-6000.

E-6000 Industrial glue

This morning I added some pink ribbon with pearls to the frame.  I used hot glue to attach it.

Pink ribbon with pearls

There is something missing……looks like there is too much open space.  After attaching the ribbon it seems that the “art piece” is an after thought.

After adding the ribbon

Time to fill up the empty space with more Graphic 45 Le’ Romantique images.

Adding more Graphic 45 imagesThat looks better…maybe.

I had to cover the back of the frame with brown paper.  Hide the glazier points, rough cut wood, and anything else.  Make it look a bit more professionally put together.

Brown paper to the back of the frame

And, of course, I had to “sign” the piece 😀

My "signature"

All that remains to do is attach a hanger piece so it can be mounted on a wall.  This will be handed off to Joe once again for the final touch.

I will restrain myself from any further tweaking of the piece.

How often do you look at something you have made and decide that it is not quite finished, after you have finished it?

Enjoy your crafting time.  My crafting time is near an end for a while 😦  Time to get back to my day job.


Altered Goodwill picture and frame.

Back in January I purchased two pictures with frames from the Goodwill.  The pictures and wet stained cardboard backing I threw away but kept the frames.  Total price for these two large frames….$5.00

Picture frames from the Goodwill

Joe measured the inside of the frames and we went to our home improvement center to have some plywood cut down to size.

Getting the plywood cut for the framesI found a place in Oklahoma City that sells industrial self healing cork.  Much more heavy duty and durable than the stuff I’ve purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michales, Dollar Store, and the home improvement centers.  This stuff is expensive but it is going to hold up so much better than the cheap stuff.

Heavy duty industrial self healing corkJoe and I cut the cork to fit the plywood, to my specifications anyway.  He administered the contact adhesive to both the wood and the cork.  Then we carefully placed the cork in the designated areas and Joe went to town banging on the cork to seat the two surfaces.

Now it is finally time to do something with one of the cork boards.

Gluing paper to the cork

The papers I’m using are mixed.  DCWV Family Connections, K&Company Life’s Journey, and Graphic 45 Romantique.

The oval frame piece is DCWV Family Connections, the antique documents paper is K&Company Life’s Journey, as is the border of the roses.  The focal collage (sort of) papers are from Graphic 45 Romantique, as is the bridal image within the oval.

Papers glued to the cork board

I’m thinking of giving this to Carissa.  She has some framed art work on her walls of men and women around this time period.  The colors are deep red and black so maybe these colors will be too tame for her.    I’m also contemplating hot gluing tear shaped pearls strung together around the inset of the frame.  The outer part.  The white might fade out.  I tried black ribbon in the area of the frame and didn’t like it.

The bulletin boards I’ve made before I’ve used foam core board for the push pins.  Cover the exposed foam core with ribbon and glue it all together.

Foam core push pinsI wasn’t thrilled with the results then and I’m not thrilled with them now.  So I’m going to try my hand at coloring with Copic markers and use Tim Holtz Facets for the push pins.  This should prove to be interesting.


Hampton Arts rubber stamp set

The Graphic 45 Romantique collection has an advertisement for women’s hats.  I have used the advertisement on the board now the push pins are going to reference the ad.

Graphic 45 Romantique paper and the push pun tops

I had a bit of trouble with the coloring.  The Staz-On ink smeared just a tiny bit.  The next push pin tops will be from the Graphic 45 paper and the Facets.

Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz Facets

The push pins are just some clear things I’ve purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Push pins

I’m going to try the Beacon 3 in 1 glue to adhere the tops to the pins.

Beacon 3 in 1 glue

I have quite a scrap stash of foam core board.  I’m using it to poke the push pins in and be held upright while the tops dry after they are attached.

Scraps of foam core board

The support system seems to be working really great.  The jury is still out on the glue!

Foam core support

Foam core and push pins

A couple of the push pins will be some beautiful pieces I found in the gift that Shelly gave me.  They are not buttons.  I don’t know what they are….besides beautiful.

Push pin topPush pin top

So that is the project I’ve worked on today.  Are you up to altering a Goodwill find?  If  you do, leave a link to your blog so I can go see.


Long forgotten plastic template

I have been gathering items for many years.  Sadly, most of these items are stuffed away in notebooks, boxes, and drawers and forgotten about.

I have several Staedtler templates in a notebook.  I don’t remember where I purchased them from.  Most likely Michaels since that is the place I do most of my hunting for craft items.

I recently purchased the Graphic 45 Magic of Oz paper pack and have been working on creating a small bulletin board.  I needed something to represent the “Yellow Brick Road” and remembered that I had something that might work.

This is what I’ve come up with using yellow acrylic paint, Whisper White card stock, and the template.

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

The bulletin board is not finished.  My husband has sprayed it with a clear sealer and I’m waiting for it to fully dry before I do more to the front and cover the back with some thick craft paper.

Bulletin board

Bulletin board

I’ve created a video of using the template for this project.  There are so many uses for a plastic template of this type.

What do you have hiding away in your craft space?

Handy Man Bulletin Board

My Son-In-Law’s birthday is tomorrow, November 12th.  I’m already late on getting this to him but I hope he will forgive me when he finally gets it.

I had asked my daughter what his favorite color was and what kinds of things he likes.   I told her I had planned on making him a bulletin board for his home office when he does the monthly budgeting, which he is really good at, by the way.  She told him what I was doing and asked what he wanted.  His response was “Red and silver.  Like Craftsman.”  First it threw me for a loop because she TOLD him what I was doing then I went all wonky because I had no idea what to do now.

I had planned on making his bulletin board on Lynn Claredge’s (liveupstairs) “Grid Card” thing.  I was going to have a photo of Carissa and Jaime attached to the cork then have little thought bubble like things all over the board with things they are planning and thinking about.  A desired trip to Italy, a cruise to some exotic port, a new house.  Well…that idea was now out of the picture.

Handyman Bulletin Board

This is what I came up with.  Since he desired “Craftsman red and silver”, I’d give him something sort of like he wishes.

The papers used on his cork board are all retired Stampin’ Up! “Thoroughly Modern” and Real Red textured 12 x 12 card stock.

I’ve used the White Gel Pen on the face of the tool box in a couple places.  You will see where in the photos later in this post.

I have used some embellishments I had to get from a local craft/hobby store since I don’t have stamps of these images.  I’ve also used foam core board to strengthen the embellishments for using as push pins as I’ve designed them to be.

I’m surprised this turned out to be fairly simple to do.  Once I got off my “High Horse” and came back down to the real world then the wheels began turning.

Image from the internet

I went to a well known tool internet site and looked at the images of their tool boxes.  They all looked pretty complicated and I was not sure how I was going to do this.  I hit on this tool box.  Dragging the image to my desk top I selected the print option on my computer and chose to make this image 8 x 10 and to fit the entire page.

Once I had that printed out to a good size I went into my room and began to seriously think about what I was going to do.

First, I used Repositional Adhesive on the outer edge of the paper and secured the image to a  self healing mat I have.

Craft knife to cut pieces out

"Drawers" placed on black card stock

Using a craft knife I cut the image into pieces that would be placed on the Real Red 12 x 12 textured card stock and on Basic Black 8-1/2 x 11 card stock.

This was a bit of a challenge for me, since I’ve not done this before, and I was not sure where to begin so I just “winged” it.

Shading the card stock

Using the image as a guide in shading

I carefully cut the copy paper image so I could fold it away and use a Sponge Dauber and Chocolate Chip ink to do the shading on the “lid” of the tool box.

Folding the copy paper back in the areas to be shaded is the technique I used.  The results were pretty good.

Highlighting with the gel pen

Highlighting and shading completed

Using the white gel pen and the Chocolate Chip ink I did the shading and definition of the lid and highlighting of areas.

Really, this is quite easy to do.  Fold the copy paper back to the desired area and do your rubbing with the ink or lightly trace the area with the gel pen.  By this time I was beginning to feel less out of my depth and getting more stoked about what I was attempting.

Marking the drawers and the handles

Scoring the area of the handles

Marked and ready to paint

Using my ruler I placed it on the lines of the copy paper image and then pulled it away from the card stock.  Using the gel pen to mark the “drawer” definition and the Bone Folder to mark the area to be painted with silver acrylic paint for the drawer handles was not very hard to do.

Test fitting the pieces

Making sure I have not missed anything before it gets glued

After I was done with the shading, highlighting, and painting I gave these pieces a “test fit” to make sure they would all assemble together and look somewhat like the original photo did.

Looking pretty good right now, so it is time to get the cork board/bulletin board ready to mount papers and this piece pattern thing I just finished.

Cork board/bulletin board

Papers attached and pattern piece adhered

I mounted the “Thoroughly Modern” paper to the cork using Mod Podge.  The Creamy Caramel polka dot paper is supposed to be a “Peg Board” with the darker, Close to Cocoa paper as the frame.

Using Mod Podge I attached the tool box pieces to the red side of the board.  Looks pretty awesome, if I must say so myself 🙂

Sticker embellishments from the craft store

Reverse side of the embellishments

As I selected each embellishment I removed the foam tape from the backs of the pieces.  I would not be using it in this application.  It would just be in the way so the foam tape is carefully removed.

I’m going to be using some heavy duty adhesive to permanently stick these embellishments down so a bit of the foam tape left on the back is not going to cause a problem.

Trace around the embellishment on Foam Core board

Use a craft knife to cut the shape out of the Foam Core board

These embellishments are going to be push pins.  They need to be very sturdy and strong.  Chipboard is just not firm enough to keep from bending.  I’ve opted for 1/4″ Foam Core board.

Tracing the shape of the embellishment to the Foam Core board then cutting it out with the craft knife is what I am doing.  It is so much easier to use the craft knife when cutting on this stuff than scissors.  The scissors tend to pinch the Foam Core and alter the shape of it at the edges.

E6000 adhesive

Applied to the Foam Core board

I don’t want the embellishment to separate from the Foam Core so I’ve chosen to use E6000 adhesive.  This is the really strong stuff.

It is also quite strong smelling stuff.  You don’t need to use in a well ventilated room, and it is not going to make you “high” but it does have a very strange odor.  And it is kind of sticky slimy when you get it on your fingers.  Washes off your hands with soap and water.  Not sure if it will come out of clothing though so just watch what you are doing.

Marking the "Peg Board"

Everything has a place and everything in its place

Once I had all the embellishments mounted on the Foam Core board and they were finally dry, I took each piece to the “Peg Board” side of the cork board and drew around the embellishment with a Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker.

The cork board is now beginning to come together and look like what I had envisioned it to be.  🙂

Generic Push Pins

E6000 to adhere push pin

On the back side of the Foam Core embellishments I used the E6000 to attach the push pins to the embellishment.

The push pins are just generic ones I got from my craft/hobby store.

A good dollop of the E6000 on the push pin head then pushed down on the back of the embellishment and allow the adhesive to puddle around the head to seal it on.

Oops, that's not good

Much better

Mechanics in the truck dealerships we go to from time to time, to have a truck worked on, display photos of family and friends on the inside lid of their tool boxes.

I printed out some really cute photos of Carissa and Jaime on copy paper and attached them to 1″ square pieces of Foam Core board and E6000 adhesive.  As the adhesive was drying the black of the Foam Core began to bleed through the copy paper 😦  Not a good thing.  I printed the photos again but this time on Photo Paper and that was much better 🙂


Putting the remaining embellishments on the outside frame, I left the foam tape on them and used it to adhere the pieces to the frame.

This project took about three days to do.  It will take quite a bit less time on the next one because I won’t have a slightly panic stricken hole in my brain, nor will I be saying “How am I going to DO this?”

I sure hope Jaime likes this 🙂

Bulletin Board


Late Birthday present

This is a late birthday present for my California daughter.  Her birthday was October 3rd.  I was out with my “Day Job” when her birthday came and went.  She was really great about waiting until after I got home to finally get her present.

The outside measurements are 18″ wide x 11″ tall.  Inside measurements are 15-1/8″ wide x 8-1/8″ tall.

The paper used on the cork face is a retired Designer Series Paper called Cottage Wall.  I’ve used various sizes of scraps to fill the space.


Naked bulletin board

This is how it started out life.  I found two of these at a discount store while I was out running errands.  My Son-In-Law has a birthday coming on November 12th and I have to get cracking on his also.

With  my limited time at home I’ve foregone the Christmas gifts and have concentrated on only birthdays.  There are so many people in my family that trying to make 26 Christmas  gifts in a month is more than I can handle by myself.  So I’ve opted for birthdays.

NEARLY everything is Stampin’ Up! products.  There are some things from my stash.

My daughter, Heidi Jo, is a “girly girl” and this was a bit of a challenge for me.


Die cuts and Paper Daisies

More die cuts and Paper Daisies

The die cut pieces of the flowers (bottom left and top right on the frame) are from two retired sets of papers.  I’ve used the scraps left over from other projects.


Wire and beads

Letter beads

The wire and beads are from my stash.  I felt the frame needed more than just the flowers at the corners.  Looked kind of empty.  I wanted to personalize it for her without going “over the top”.  Balance is what I was going for and trying to stick with the “Rule of Three”.  Having the wire and beading to cover the bottom and right edges was a compromise that I came up with.


Feathers and more beading

The flower, feathers, and beads are from my stash.  Don’t tell Joe, but I snuck in  his room and “borrowed” a pair of his needle nosed pliers to work with the wires that hold the beads.  This is a new foray into crafting that I’ve seen done on YouTube and have been a bit skittish to try.

There are Stampin’ Up! ribbons the beading is dangling from.

This flower and the beading is at the top left of the frame.

The construction was simple (fairly simple) after I selected the paper I would use.  Mod Podge was used on the cork and again on the back of the paper for adhesion to the cork.  I put a cover coat on the paper, as well, to make it look shiny.  The frame was painted with a gold acrylic paint from my stash.  There is something on the frame that caused the acrylic paint to have a crackle look in places.  I covered the acrylic paint and top part of the frame with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze for durability.  All of the embellishments are secured with E6000.  Just in case the bulletin board takes a header for the floor, a time or two, and stuff won’t fall off.