Scrap paper hoarder makes a birthday card.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last card making tutorial.  Yowzers!  Things have been plum a$$ crazy at my house.  Computer hacking up a hair ball, getting back into making video tutorials of different kinds, and now it is preparing for the Thanksgiving festivities.  Whew!

Today’s video tutorial is all in photos.  You don’t get to be showered with all of my blathering and have to sit through nearly 20 minutes of it.  This 3 minute video showcases my hoard of scrap papers and how I use them to make two cards.

I am using Operation Write Home Card Sketch #7 for this tutorial.

OWH Sketch #7

OWH Skecth #7

As you can see, the sentiment is supposed to be vertical in the center of the card.  I don’t have anything that I can use in this spot, I forgot about my stash of letter stickers.

I made two birthday cards.  One feminine and one masculine.  This card sketch was ideal for digging into my hoard of 1 inch by 5-1/2 inch scraps.

Birthday cards

Birthday cards

The sentiment is a rubber stamp from Club Scrap I’ve had for many years.  Time to get that puppy out and do something with it 😀

Hope you enjoy the video.


Masculine cards are easier to make than you think.

Masculine birthday card.

Masculine birthday card.

This card has been made using the Operation Write Home card sketch #7.  My previous card was a feminine birthday card using the same exact sketch.

Finished birthday card front.

Finished birthday card front.

When you have an opportunity to make a masculine card, think about the rubber stamp sets, or digital images, you have that are not “Cute”.  Stamps that you would not automatically think of as “girly” or feminine.  I’m using a 2005 stamp set from Club Scrap titled “Down To Earth”.

Club Scrap 2005 stamp set "Down To Earth".

Club Scrap 2005 stamp set “Down To Earth”.

Diving into my scrap stash I went into my neutral stash of 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 box and located six pieces that are off white.  Staying within the neutral stash I located four of my 1-1/2 x 5-1/2 strips of white card stock.  My final choice from the neutral stash were six of the 2 x 2 white card stock pieces for the sentiment.

Into my neutral stash.

Into my neutral stash.

Next up was my 6 x 6 stash of printed papers.  From there I chose 3 pieces that had a honeycomb design.  These pieces are from Stampin’ Up! and were titled Botanical (something).

6 x 6 print stash

6 x 6 print stash.

My last choice was a rust color card stock from my 1-1/2 x 3 stash.

1-1/2 x 3 stash

1-1/2 x 3 stash

These are the paper choices I used on the card pictured at the top of this post.

Scrap paper choices for the masculine card.

Scrap paper choices for the masculine card.

When you are creating your cards and feel that something is just slightly amiss.  Something you just can’t quite put  your finger on.  You know you have done a great job with your creation but just a little something needs to be done.  Don’t throw it off to the side and get frustrated.

As you can see in the photo above, I don’t have a dark brown card stock showing in the mix.  That was added later.  You can see the difference in the card front below.  Just adding a 1/8 inch strip of dark brown to the top and bottom of the tag section changed the whole look of the card.

Adding a very dark strip to surround one of the focal elements help.

Adding a very dark strip to surround one of the focal elements help.

Same exact card front.  A little bit of separation from the whole is what is generally needed.

To make a masculine card, think about your digital images or stamp sets that are “organic” or have lineal movement.  Take a closer look at your background stamps that you would normally use to give your design some visual texture.  Make those stamps or digital images the focus of your design.



Assembly line style card making…..

Sometimes….I get an idea.  That idea doesn’t get properly thought out.  Bringing that idea into reality…..turns into…..”What The Heck Was I Thinking?!

I looked through the Operation Write Home card sketches.  My search was to find a sketch that has many elements, therefore, I would be using up more scrap papers.  Brilliant!

I chose card sketch #10 from Operation Write Home.

Operation Write Home card sketch #10

Operation Write Home card sketch #10.

The stamp set I chose to use for some birthday cards is an old Stampin’ Up! Hostess Set titled “Birthday Bakery”.

Stampin' Up! Birthday Bakery stamp set.

Stampin’ Up! Birthday Bakery stamp set.

I have a tag punch I bought from Stampin’ Up! in about 2009.  This is the old style punch.  I’m pretty sure they don’t sell this style any longer.  The tag measures a tiny bit over one inch wide and is 1-1/4 inches long.

Old style tag punch from Stampin' Up!

Old style tag punch from Stampin’ Up!.

I’m busting out my Copic markers that were a gift to me from my friend, Maureen C. Mathis, several years ago.  I’ve not really used these markers to color many images.  It is time that I face me fear of coloring and just get with the program.

Copic markers.

Copic markers.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of using these markers.  I was even pleased with my results.  The images look like illustrations that would be in a children’s book.  Okay, maybe that is just a bit of an exaggeration of my coloring skills.

Copic marker colored images

Copic marker colored images

This is where I thought I had “Done gone and lost my mind”.  I did something that I absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt, HATE to do.  I fussy cut around every stinkin’ one of those images.

Fussy cut around each image.

Fussy cut around each image.

The results of this crazy bit of business has turned out pretty good.  I like the result.  And I do believe that I may have earned a new title.  “The Queen of Crooked”!  Oh well.  Let’s just call it “Whimsical”.

Finished birthday card front.

Finished birthday card front.

Over the next couple days I will be putting together a tutorial on how I made this card front.  I’ve taken step by step photos of the process and will be using those photos to create a video.

At this rate….I think it might be the year 2025 when I use up all of my scrap papers.  :/


A woman got busted over a birthday card.

How’s that for an ambiguous title?  The truth of the matter is that I did get busted.  My daughter saw it on Facebook.  :/

Stampin' Up!'s Big Bold Birthday stamp set used to create the balloons.

Stampin’ Up!’s Big Bold Birthday stamp set used to create the balloons.

The card front was created using papers from my scrap stash.  I tried a technique, new to me and quite possibly not something done by anyone else.  Then again, this technique is probably old and I’m just the last to know.

I picked out 2 x 2 inch patterned paper scraps, used various colors of inks, stamped the balloon image on the patterned paper then used Glossy Accents to cover the stamped image.  I taped the papers down to my table using painters tape before I applied the Glossy Accents.  You can see the entire process in the video I have below.

I used some, many years old, baby yarn to act as the balloon streamers.  The balloons are hot glued to the card front and the balloon tails are secured under the ribbon I’ve placed near the bottom.  This musical note ribbon is about eight years old.  I can’t read music so I have no idea if this is for a country western song, pop music, or classical notes.  Since I have no idea then I will ignorantly pretend it is the Happy Birthday song.  😀

I was quite happy that the outcome of my experiment was successful.  Most experiments are anything but successful.  The patterned papers show up very nicely under the ink and glue.

Patterned papers show very well under the ink and glue.

Patterned papers show very well under the ink and glue.

The cupcake is also from the Big Bold Birthday stamp set.  I used Close To  Cocoa on the cake part of the image.  I have no idea if this is still a color in the Stampin’ Up! family.  The top of the cupcake I used Pixie Pink ink.  The topper is another patterned paper scrap from my stash.  I was attempting to make it look like a “Sprinkle” festooned frosted cupcake.  I used Spiced Marmalade Stickles from Ranger Industries, a Studio G green and blue glitter glue, and a Liquid Pearls in Hydrangea on the flower centers.

Big Bold Birthday cupcake stamp

Big Bold Birthday cupcake stamp

The last bit of this card is a bow.  I’ve watched many videos on YouTube about tying small bows.  A dinner fork was used to make that cute little bow.

A fork was used to tie the bow.

A fork was used to tie the bow.

You can watch the condensed version of making this card in the video below.  I chose, for time sake, to only use the segments that highlighted the process of making the main features of the card.


I hope you have found something of interest in my video and give some of these techniques a try.


Small table to work on in Dixon, Illinois.

We arrived safely in Dixon, Illinois and checked into a hotel. This room has a small table for me to spread out my card making things on.


My crafting supplies have been stowed away in the back truck during this trip. I’ve been concerned about the little tubes of Liquid Pearls freezing in the cold during this trip. Last night we arrived at the hotel in Mt. Vernon, Missouri too late for me to take the craft totes in. Tonight we have stopped fairly early so a check on the goodies was important.

This is the card I made tonight.


The Liquid Pearls travelled well and I was able to use them. They are taking the place of brads on the label.


Papers: Club Scrap and Stampin’ Up!
Stamped Image: Birthday Bakery by Stampin’ Up!
Punches: Lacy Scallop, Word Window, and Curly Label by Stampin’ Up!
Ribbon: My stash

I have one more card to make using this stamp set in a kit I put together. I hope to work on it tomorrow night as we stop on our way to Nashville, Tennessee.

A Crime Scene birthday card.

Going through my rubber stamp cataloging I came across this stamp set from Stampin’ Up! titled “Alpha Builders Accessories”.  The letters are only C-I-S.

Alpha Builders Accessories


What can a person do with this?  Maybe that is why it was in a garage sale a couple years back and my neighbor picked it up for 50 cents and promptly gave it to me.

I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head since I unmounted this set in my cataloging frenzy.   A birthday card that will be a “CSI” crime scene file folder.  This is a “Prototype” of a card.  Or I guess it is a “Practice” card 😀

Crime scene folder

The magnifying glass is a stamp from Club Scrap.  To make the folder I used an 8-1/2″ x 11″ ivory or vanilla card stock.  I cut the card stock from the 11″ side down to 5-1/2″.  I now have two 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ pieces of card stock.

5-1/2" x 8-1/2" card stock

To create the file folder tab I scored the card stock at 4″ instead of the standard 4-1/4″.

Score at 4"

This will give you a 1/4″ leading edge on the right of your card base.

1/4" over hang on card base

Next I  made a 2″ mark down from the top of the card on the over hang of the card back.

Measure 2" down from the top

Make a mark at 2"

Next I drew a line, using a pencil, down the card from the 2″ mark to the bottom edge.

Draw a line from the 2" mark down to the bottom of the card

Cut away the excess card stock using your pencil line as a guide.

Follow the pencil line

and cut away this piece

Next I used a Corner Rounder punch.

Corner Rounder punch

Round the corners of the card

To get into the tight area of the tab I had to take the paper guide off of the punch.  If you have one of those Corner Chompers you won’t need to do this step.  To remove the paper guide you will grab hold of one of the “ears” and pull GENTLY outward while pulling down on the guide.  The two pieces will come apart.

Remove the paper guide

Insert the tab corner into the punch as you would normally.

Insert the paper into the punch as normal

You will have a rounded corner on the file folder tab.

Folder tab corners rounded

Next, I stamped a birthday cake image from the “Fun and Fast Notes” stamp set from Stampin’ Up!  I cut a section out of the cake to make it look as though it were sliced through.  Behind the cut out portion of the image I put a scrap piece of white card stock.  Using a pencil I drew lines where the cake layers would be seen from the cut.

Cut a slice out of your cake image

Next I colored the scrap paper within the lines marked to show the inside of the cake is chocolate 😀

Creating the inside of the cake

Adhere the adhesive of your choice around the colored marks, then mount the pieces together

Add adhesive to the colored scrap

Cake with exposed slice

I have a pad of index cards that I will be using as the “report” inside the file.

Lined index card

Here is the inside of this card.

Inside of the card

I have a few weeks to give this card idea a bit more thought before Carissa’s birthday.  She is my youngest daughter.

What would you do to create a “Crime Scene” card?