Where Did I Put That?

Cramped and totally messy

Cramped and totally messy

Last April I decided to get my room in order.  I purchased storage boxes from Michaels when they were on sale.

Knowing I had to get back out on the road come May, I hurried through projects and  stuff began piling up.

When I’d be home for a couple days I’d hurry through another project then leave this mess.  It got so that I didn’t like coming into this room to create.  Made me feel more like I was living in a “hoarders” home.  I hated it.  The mess got worse….

More stuff and more stuff

More stuff and more stuff

and worse as the weeks and months passed.

I couldn’t find anything.

My brilliant idea of putting the two six hole cubes facing each other turned out to be not such a good idea after all.

It became a dumping ground.  And it got worse….

The hoarding mess continues

The hoarding mess continues

Every time I tried to get something out of the storage cube thing I knocked something over and it spilled to the floor.

Not having enough room to move in this space to pick the stuff up it just stayed there.

I really got to the point that I didn’t go in this “haven” any longer.  It had become a horror show instead of a freeing space.

Bless Flylady.  One of her mantra’s is “You Can’t Organize Clutter”!  Let me tell you, I had C-L-U-T-T-E-R!

Presto Patterns Specialty Paper

Presto Patterns Specialty Paper

Sometime last spring, after I left for my job I ordered this pack of paper.  Presto Patterns Specialty Paper.

I did a video on this stuff.  It is white with clear embossed images.  You can’t see the images until you turn the paper in the light.

My thoughts went to glimmer sprays and mists to bring out the images.  Then doing some “Resist” inking on the papers.  Spread the ink around then clean it off with a cloth to expose the images.

Well….I couldn’t find the paper in that horrid mess.  I really wanted to use it on an up coming project I’m thinking of doing for the February Clubs but it was no where to be found.

Course, all I did was ram around in a couple places and make an even bigger mess.  Still didn’t find the paper.  Every time I went in this room I felt so choked and claustrophobic that I hurried out as fast as I could.

Monday I warned Joe everything was coming out of my room and into the kitchen.  EVERYTHING!  Well, everything that was not mounted to the walls.

Just after Thanksgiving I went back to Michaels and purchased three more of the storage boxes for paper.  They remained in their cartons and took up space on the floor.  Tuesday, things were going to happen!

I didn’t take pictures of all the stuff piled in the kitchen but I think you can imagine what it looked like.  I just transferred that infernal mess from one room to another.  Inspiration came from “I don’t know where” but this is the result of yesterday’s deep cleaning and adjusting.

I have room!

Finally! I have ROOM!

Space!  Room!  I can move around in here now!

Why didn’t I think of doing this earlier?

Who knows why, but it is finally beginning to look like a place to be in and work out of.

There are only three of the paper cubes, seen on the right  that have been added in the room.  All the rest is from last Spring.

Cube storage turned sideways

Cube storage turned sideways

The two cube storage towers that were facing each other in a corner before, and I could not gain access to the contents, have been turned on their side and stacked on top of each other.

Two of the new paper storage bins are to the left and the third is on the bottom at the right.  The two storage bins atop the paper box were last on my work table and taking up all the room.

The rest of the storage cubes

The rest of the storage cubes

I’ve turned the rest of the storage cubes and placed them against the furnace wall.

I can’t believe how much space I opened up in this little room by moving things around this way.

NOW, I can have someone in this room to work with me without feeling bunched up and claustrophobic.  Now it finally looks like a “Business” room instead of a JUNK room.

Tomorrow, my order from Stampin’ Up! arrives and I will be creating the three items for January and getting pictures of them to add in the Newsletter so you all can see that one set of Designer Series Paper, some coordinating Card Stock, and a few embellishments can create scrapbook pages, a Post-It-Note desk accessory, and four Valentine greeting cards.

I have to make sure that I fit in time to play with the LetterPress plate too.  Oh, what fun I will be having over the next few days!

I’ve come up with a new slogan for 2011.  Boo all you want.  How about submitting some ideas and the winner will get  the Because I Care stamp set.

“Crafting Maven in 2011”  Now you come up with a slogan and post it in the comment section of this blog.