IKEA Moppe Collection and Pantone Color of the Year

I have just about got everything put back into my room.  In order and organized.  I have done a lot of purging.  I have a pile of stuff that I will be giving away either on my YouTube channel or here on my blog.  Once I get that mess sorted into something more than a pile that is threatening to become an avalanche, that is.

My room needs some color…other than stark white.  I have a set of wooden drawers from IKEA.  When I bought these….in about 2003….they went by a different name.  Today they are called MOPPE.  These cubes are unfinished wood.  Check out Pinterest to get some ideas for your storage needs.

I am using the Pantone Color of the Year.  I am choosing the papers to cover the drawer fronts from the “Grand Canyon” collection.  Deep earthy tones ranging from rich browns, deep purples, blue gray, dark peach, and greens.  I can do this from my recliner.

As you can see, by the photo below, prints don’t matter in this case.  Just use the color range if you have the vast array of paper scraps as I have.  Good Lord!

IKEA Moppe collection

IKEA Moppe collection

Hey, look a bit further down on the wooden drawer fronts and you will see that I had made an attempt to cover the drawer fronts years ago.  The great thing about this IKEA set of drawers….there is another side of the drawer if you don’t like what you have done.  Just like our paper when rubber stamping.  Make an “Oopsy”, flip the paper over and try again.  😀

I’m using papers that I have on hand in my various scrap paper bins.  The purple drawer, you see in the photo below, is using a 12 x 12 piece of Halloween paper I’ve had for a number of years.  One side has glitter and the side I chose has circles.  I had to piece the paper together to get it long enough.  These wide drawers are more than 12 inches.

Purple and green on the first set of cubes

Purple and green on the first set of cubes

I’m using a mix of text weight paper and card stock.  Whatever has the color I want to use and that will fit.

I keep the Pantone colors open on my iPhone as I go about the color selection.  The actual colors from the site and the papers I have in my stash don’t necessarily match each other.  I am using it as a guide to introduce me to being bolder in my paper choices.  Meh, failure just means I’ve learned something.  And I do have the other side LOL.

Pantone site on iPhone

Pantone site on iPhone

Once you choose the paper for your drawer front, check it for fit.  I hold it as firmly as I possibly can.  Press along the edges of the drawer front then use a pencil to draw along the drawer.  Include the finger notch.  Then cut along the inside of the pencil lines.

Fit the paper and press along the edges

Fit the paper and press along the edges

Using a pencil, draw around the drawer front, including the finger notch

Using a pencil, draw around the drawer front, including the finger notch.

Apply glue of your choice to the drawer front then smooth out.  Check to make sure you don’t have any voids or dry areas.  Especially along the edges.

Add glue of your choice

Add glue of your choice

Smooth it out and check for voids

Smooth it out and check for voids

Apply your paper and press well to adhere.  Use a brayer or a credit card to get out air bubbles and seat the paper well into the glue.

Apply paper to the glued surface

Apply paper to the glued surface

Use a brayer or a credit card to work out air bubbles

Use a brayer or a credit card to work out air bubbles

My radiation treatments begin today.  This afternoon I will start a five to seven week regimen which will be Monday through Friday.  Wonder if I will glow in the dark by the time it is over.

Never fear, I will be back to making video tutorials.  Hopefully next week.  This week I will finish editing the videos I have made for the wonderful and loving gifts I have received.  Watch for those.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jesska
    Mar 28, 2017 @ 09:42:11

    Paper on the drawers is a fantastic idea – I’ll have to try that 🙂 I’ve been meaning to paint mine for years – gluing papers to the fronts is somehow less intimidating..

    Hope your radiation goes well (is that even a thing? Should I say as well as possible?)


    • Message In A Fold
      Mar 28, 2017 @ 20:57:06

      Thank you, Jesska. I seriously need to stop by your blog to see what adventures you have been up to lately. I know I have missed out on a lot and I need to get caught up.

      Let’s see. Painting the cubes and the drawers. Several hours to brush on a paint with a primer so you don’t have to sand the unfinished wood smooth. Unless, of course, you roll that way and want an even and flawless finish. Then add another four hours to the several. And if you are really into the whole “Never paint over wood” thing then add an additional day at the onset to sand, wipe, then use a tack cloth to get up the fine dust particles. Then add a coat of sanding sealer. Wait until that dries. Once dry sand the raised surface smooth once again and go about cleaning up all the dust. Add one more coat of sanding sealer and allow to fully dry over night. Then you can go about your business of painting.

      OR. Allow for time of finding the papers you want, draw the drawer front on the back side of the paper, cut that out, apply glue to the drawer front and attach paper. Moosh the paper and glue together to adhere properly. Once that is done go put your beautiful new drawer back where it belongs. Then repeat. Yep, I’ll take the easier way out. LOL!

      My first radiation treatment went pretty well today. I thank you for thinking of me.
      Hugs – Leslie


      • Jesska
        Mar 31, 2017 @ 05:21:46

        Exactly! And I definitely belong to the pro-sanding brigade… and that makes every wood job that much more work intensive.. and if I’m going to go to that much trouble, the colours have to be just right, and the brush strokes have to be invisible or at least all in the same direction, and and and…

        Paper sounds like the way forward 🙂

        I haven’t written a lot recently, but you’re very welcome to go and see – in your own time, as and when you feel like it 🙂 No stress ☆

        I’m so glad you’re still so positive about all this treatment malarky – I hope it continues to go “pretty well” or better 🙂


  2. Linda
    Mar 28, 2017 @ 11:16:54

    Leslie, I would like to have your address if you don’t mind. I have a couple of things for you. My email is linda_batson@comcast.net


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