I’ve had to be peeled off the ceiling. Freaking Out Here!

I was in my craft room preparing for my video this Friday.  Do you have the word dies?  They are all the rage right now.

Image result for word dies

123Stitch.com sells these dies.  I’ve seen several tutorials on YouTube using these dies on card fronts.

I don’t have any.  If I don’t have any, I am sure I am not the only one.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.  I was working away with my letter templates when I got a phone call from the OU Hospital where I am getting my breast cancer treated.

I don’t have a precise schedule for the surgery to implant the “Port” this Friday that will be used to deliver the chemo drugs next week.  I had been called on Monday and told someone would call me on Thursday to schedule the surgery and let me know where to go to have it done.  Then the following Wednesday would be my first Chemo treatment.

Back on track Leslie!  So I am working away in my craft space when I get a call from the Scheduling Department at OU.  The woman whom I spoke with told me I needed to have a $2,000 deposit on the day of my surgery.

WHAT?!  I don’t have insurance.  We can’t afford insurance coverage for me.  We have never been able to afford the extra coverage.  Joe is on Social Security and Medicare so his medical issues are handled that way.

I was so stunned by the call that I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I guess I just won’t be going on Friday for the Port surgery and I won’t be going to the chemo treatment next week either.

I told the woman I did not have the requested money.  She told me to get hold of the financial people at the hospital to work out some kind of arrangement.

Honestly, my brain had shut down after being told I needed $2000 before I had the surgery.  I hung up the phone and FREAKED OUT!

Throughout this breast cancer journey I have been able to give this to God and trust the doctors and the process.  Today….well let’s just say that I had a “Moment”.  Boy did I ever!

What am I going to do?!  Where am I going to get the money?!  I have less than two days!!  This means I will not be getting the treatment!!

Lord, I keep telling you I am leaving this in your hands.  I keep saying that this is yours to deal with because I have no control over this right now.  Then something like this happens and I take the problem back from  your hands and try to deal with it myself.

I called Joe and told him what happened.  GREAT!  FABULOUS!  That was the CORRECT thing to do.  I’m all freaked out so the best course of action is to freak my husband out while he is dealing with problems in Sylmar, California and Phoenix, Arizona.  Yes.  Add to his growing worry and problems.

So, Leslie.  How did that work for you?  Heavy sarcasm.

Joe didn’t have an answer either.  I had accomplished one thing though.  Now BOTH Joe and I are freaking out and clinging to the ceiling!  Way to go girl!

Back in my craft room I went.  Working on a couple cards to demonstrate on Friday I had my odd chat with God.  I don’t know how a person is supposed to pray.  Properly pray.  I just blab.  Nothing flowery or special.  Frankly what flits around in my brain comes out of my mouth.

Lord, I know I am supposed to leave this to you.  You are working to get the proper people lined up to help me in my cancer treatment.  You have the financial things under control.  I don’t believe this way of thinking, and you know it.  You know that I do whatever I can to take on the problem and solve it as best as I can.  You know that I have a lottery ticket worth $3.  I can take that to the store and buy another ticket for the $80 Million drawing soon.  I also know that is not going to work.  Putting my faith and trust, ALL OF IT, out into the ozone is not how I deal with life.

Okay.  I’m putting this problem back in your hands.  I will come and take it back about 10 times today.  I am going to believe that this whole thing is under control and I have to trust the process.

As I worked on the cards trying to distract myself from this major problem I thought about calling the Financial Advisor I am dealing with at the Stephenson Cancer Center.  Call her and find out what my options are.

Over the following 30 minutes I had my answer.  To my financial problem and to my prayer.  I make sure I show up for the surgery on Friday when it is scheduled.  There are forms for me to fill out that can  help with the surgical costs.  I have 14 days from the day of the surgery to get an answer to my filing of the form.  If I am disqualified I will owe the $2000 then and can make payments.

In short.  I don’t need to have the $2000 the morning of my surgery.

Is this God working in my life?  Or is this standard procedure at hospitals?  I am going to say that the answer to this is BOTH God and the hospital are working in my life.  I have a large group of people that are getting me through this journey.  Some hold my hand.  Some talk me down from my lofty  heights.  All of them ease my fears and get me thinking straight again.

I believe that God whispers and it is up to me to listen.  Make the phone call and get things started.  Get my answers.  Just listen, and believe as much as I can.

I had to share this with you.  You may not believe in God.  That is of no concern to me.  I wanted to share my eventful morning and early afternoon.

Don’t FREAK OUT when you are met with a seemingly closed door.  Find out who has the key or where there is another door.  People work at hospitals every day of the week, month, and year.  They deal with all financial situations.  Insured and non-insured.  I was even told today that some insurance companies don’t cover the Port surgery because it is an “Out Patient” procedure.  Anyone can be met with this kind of a problem.  Make some phone calls and find out what your options are.



14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pearl
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 07:57:21

    i am glad i wasn’t at your house today or i would have been tearing my hair out with you. i am no good in a crisis as i scream for awhile and then try to sort it out too. oh wait …you did that too. hee. see you are not the only one to react like that. thank God or your guardian angel got it sorted. i wish i was rolling in cash i would send lots to you my friend. hope it gets sorted in your favor. love and hugs. xx life’s journey is full of brick walls. i have bumped into a few. xxxx


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 08:14:19

      Pearl my sweet sweet friend. You made me laugh. We would be a pair wouldn’t we. Screaming, yelling, and pure mayhem for a while 😀 That would be a terror 😀 LOL I love you so much and appreciate you even more! You have me rolling in love and friendship….better than money any day. Money disappears too quickly 😀
      Love you – Leslie


  2. Renie Schlader
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 08:31:41

    Hi there! Nothing like getting a person freaked out shortly before a procedure! I wonder how many calls people in that profession have to make every day? Money is such a big issue, and we all know it’s necessary. I am glad you are going to go ahead and have that port put in. Hoping everything goes well!
    Sending love your way 🙂


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 08:11:46

      Thank you, Renie. I felt pretty bad for the lady that called to give me that wonderful news. I can imagine there are lots and lots of people that get ugly with her when she tells them what she told me. I would not want the job she has…especially when she tells an insured that their insurance will not pay for the procedure they need. Nope, would not want that job at all!
      Hugs my sweet friend – Leslie


  3. Toni
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 08:38:42

    I am so sorry you’re having to go through this Leslie. I wish I could be there to help you through it. Always ask to speak to the financial office. They can work things out with you for payments. As long as you’re making payments to them they can’t do anything but accept them.
    When my husband four and a half years ago, I lost my insurance as well as his pension check. We weren’t married at the time he retired. So the company that he worked for 21 years screwed me over. Well, in that first two and a half years after he died, I was in the hospital twice, for a week at a time. Can you say expensive? Those bills are still being paid off $25 a month on each of them. They tell me they want $50 to $100 a month. Sorry I tell them I can’t afford more than $25. As long as I am paying them something they cannot touch me. Every once in awhile I get a call asking me if I can’t raise that amount and I tell them no. It will all work out in the end.

    Can you apply for disability?

    Hang in there sweetie.


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 08:07:54

      Toni, I am so sorry to learn of your great loss. Husband or not, he was such an important part of your life and connection to love. 😦 I know of a man whose wife had really bad heart problems and was hospitalized frequently. He was in our truck driving industry when we met. That man worked so hard and was gone from home so much because of the insurance payments he had to make. Then those dirty birds wouldn’t take care of a number of her hospital stays. He had arrangements with the hospital billing department,like you. $25 a month and that was all they were getting. So, I am totally aware of what you are having to struggle with and I’m deeply saddened by it.
      Love you my sweet friend – Leslie


  4. Gayle Enouen
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 08:45:53

    Thanks for sharing this, Leslie. A good reminder to me and other readers that God has all our problems handled if we just trust Him enough to let them go. We don’t know what lies ahead, but God knows; and that’s enough. Some of his richest blessings are just around the corner. “Live by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 08:02:14

      Thank you, Gayle. It is so comforting to me to be surrounded by all the love and support. Especially when I am reminded that God is in control of it. I am so sorry that I had to run out of your fund raiser last Saturday. I was having so much fun chatting with the other ladies at the table and getting to use the new stamp and die sets. That was so much fun. Let me know when the next one is and I will load up on pain killers if I have to 😀 LOL
      Hugs – Leslie


  5. Sharon Lehmann
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 10:00:59

    Aw girl I wish I could help you through all this and take all your stress and anxiety away , so all you would have to do is make yourself better.xo {{{HUGS}}}


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 07:57:17

      Thank you Sharon. You are so very sweet and I appreciate you greatly. I have to remember to get out of my head and just focus on what I can take care of. LOL Things go better with focus….and Coke 😀
      Hugs – Leslie


  6. DeeAnn
    Oct 07, 2016 @ 01:17:59

    Leslie, Hugs to you. What a horrible stressful day. I don’t know if this will give you comfort. I was reading one of my frugality forums the other day and they were talking about health insurance and healthcare. Several of the doctors and nurses said that insurance will not pay for a lot of outpatient surgery or the co-pay is more than it is worth. The doctors and nurses on this forum said they have a lot of financial options because of this issue so definitely explore them and take advantage of them. I am changing hospital providers so I can receive better care since my current one has misdiagnosed me seven freaking times! It took a naturopath (sp?) doctor to diagnose me and that is the second time in my life I had a naturopath (sp?) doctor correctly diagnose me. My husband is so mad at our hospital he is refusing to pay for a lot of treatments. We were told not to pay them and fight it since I received care that caused me more medical issues. I didn’t know you could do that but apparently you can. Trust me we are not like this on bills. I guess the hospitals would rather you fight it instead of suing for malpractice. Point of my silly story is that there are a lot of options available to us for medical care and the cost.

    Last long thing. 🙂 I don’t have any word dies. Funny story. I am redoing my art room right now. I was working with my die cutters the other day trying to scale down to least one of them. My husband said to me “Why do you have to use so many plates? That is so stupid and not good for the machines.” I told him that was the way it is. I don’t like it. I don’t like the cost of consumables. I don’t even like the dies either because they are so limiting to me. I make my own words on my Cameo. I am tired of being hooked up to my computer. Tonight I was just surfing around and the angels brought me to a wonderful website with this lady who is my twin in art thinking. She has Scan n Cut & an WRMK Evolution. I am going that route.

    I wish you the best during your procedure. Take care of yourself and spoil yourself. You deserve it. You will be in my thoughts.


    • Message In A Fold
      Oct 08, 2016 @ 07:55:22

      DeeAnn, I am really sorry to learn that you have been through some horrendous troubles medically. I’m glad to know your naturopathic doctor has been the one to notice what the other doctors had missed, AND got you on the right road to treatment. TWICE even. Are you now back to a semblance of good health after all of your ordeals? I surely hope so.

      I don’t blame your husband for being upset and stomping the ground over medical costs for procedures that made your more ill than before. “First, do no harm” is what is supposed to be the medical mantra. Personally, I think the insurance industry has the medical field and every insured person by the “balls” and twisting them. Makes me so frustrated I could spit nails!

      Girl….I know what you mean about the die cutting machine situation going on in your world. I’m not sure which machine it is that takes wide dies. Evidently there are some new fancy schmancy dies on the market that don’t fit in the Sizzix Big Shot. That Scan n’ Cut machine is a work of GENIUS! I have not seen the WRMK Evolution, guess I will have to go check that one out.

      Hugs – Leslie


  7. wendy0322
    Oct 07, 2016 @ 06:19:32

    Think good thoughts Leslie! Things sound like they are working out. Hugs💗🎀!


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