Time, event, and life planning. The struggles are REAL.

This is my FIRST time at actually planning multiple items on a daily basis.  Usually I only try to manage two, three tops.  My paperwork, some housework, and time for my crafting.

Yesterday, Joe and I went to Office Depot and I purchased a couple of items for the planning and organizing of my life.  First up….a large wall calendar.

Large wall calendar

Large wall calendar

Colored dots have been chosen to designate several different things.  Of which, by the time I turn the page for October I will have forgotten what colored dot goes with which event 😦

Green dot with an “R” written on it is our trash Recycle days.  Yellow dots with an “X” through it designates Joe’s pick up and delivery locations, and the hotels he stays in, while he is out on the road.  The red dots are my doctor appointments.  Blue dots are Joe’s medical appointments.

I have a solid yellow dot for the evenings our neighbors come over for dinner and a few hours of card playing.  We play a game called “Phase 10″ which is a kind of Rummy card game.  Our neighbors will bring dinner over, from time to time,  and that is enjoyable.  Tasting and seeing what other people cook in their homes and would like to share.  Seriously, they need a break from the bombs I offer from time to time in an attempt to do healthy cooking.  Let’s just say…..”Tandoori Chicken” will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be a recipe I will make again.  Once was horrible enough, and I made them suffer as well.

Appointments, work related, and just stuff

Appointments, work related, and just stuff

More appointments, work related, and stuff.

More appointments, work related, and stuff.

I made my own calendar planner for my breast cancer stuff.  I could start at any point in the year I wanted to since I was the one in charge of it.  Have you recently gone to an office supply store to purchase a calendar/planner for the remainder of 2016?  Good Luck With That!

I finally found one that goes into 2017 and am trying to make it work for me.

So a bit of a back story.  I have been attempting for many years to create a business from my crafting.  Never home long enough for craft fairs…..create a stock of items to sell.  Never home long enough to even get my mind focused on any one type of thing.  From 2001 to 2016.  15 years I have been thinking of doing this.

Who watches Food Network’s “Worst Cooks In America”?  I do, I do!  This year they have a celebrity edition.  One of the celebrities was cooking spaghetti noodles.  She did not know the cooking time necessary for done-ness.  She had a test of her own.  Pull a noodle out of the hot water and throw it at the wall.  If it stuck….the noodles were done.  There was quite a good shot of a growing pile of noodles on the floor. 😀

Well, that has been my story.  Throwing stuff to see what sticks.

Last year I found a set of videos on what a person needs to do to have a successful handmade business online.  Rich Mom Business.  Watching the videos and seeing what was needed to start and maintain a business, an actual Handmade Business, I wasn’t sure if that was even within my galaxy let alone world.  I talked with Joe about this.  He watched several of her videos and he approved the business strategy.  Creating, product lines, marketing, and online sales.  I thought it was a great series, being business owners ourselves we know this doesn’t come easy.

In January of 2015 I found out Renae Christine was selling her product line.  Rich Mom University.  Do I?  No.  Should I?  Yes.  Really?  No.

Joe knew that I had something on my mind.  When I have a big decision to make and am fighting with it I don’t share it. I keep it to myself and I struggle with it.  I become quiet and introspective.  Distant and remote.  Poor Joe thought he had done something wrong and I was punishing him for it.  Time to fess up.  This was near the end of February.  Poor guy had been worrying for a month that I was upset with him.  😦

The course is almost…..not quite but almost…..$1,000.  Spend that kind of money and let it sit unused for the remainder of my life?  Nope.  That is not a good decision.  Can I make do with the free classes at Rich Mom Business?  Yes.  Would I get the information and clarity as I would with the full course?  No.  Enrollment time was in March and for only 10 DAYS!

When I told Joe what was weighing on my mind……you can imagine the great relief he felt at knowing it wasn’t him!  We talked about Rich Mom University (RMU) for the month of February.  He telling me “GET IT” (because he was so relieved!) and me trotting out all the reasons why NOT TO GET IT.

January 1-8 2016 we were in:

  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Little Falls, Minnesota
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Glendive, Montana
  • Bismark, North Dakota
  • Clearwater, Minnesota
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Beloit, Wisconsin
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Sharonville, Ohio
  • Burlington, Kentucky
  • Danville, Illinois
  • Dubuque, Iowa
  • Osceola, Iowa

January 9-17 2016 we were  home.

January 18-23 2016 we were in:

  • Blue Mound and Tyler, Texas
  • Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Clinton, Mississippi
  • Register, Georgia
  • Pembroke, Georgia
  • Duncan, South Carolina
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • West Memphis, Arkansas
  • finally home

So, as you can see, I had a preponderance of proof as to why joining RMU would not work.  That was only for the month of January.  February we were gone the entire month.

RMU enrollment day came.  Joe had an hourly mantra going, which drove me crazy!  “Did you sign up yet?”  “Are you going to sign up?”  “Do I have to do it for you?”

I signed up.  The self flagellation began.  $1,000?!  Really?!  While I am kicking myself and berating myself, I have my husband next to me in our business truck…..way out in the back of beyond of McCamey, Texas…….”When are you going to start?”

The Rich Mom University course features online real time coaching calls from time to time.  Training modules 24/7 I have access to with videos and information to start thinking and acting like a business person.

“Really, Joe?!”  I have to watch all the coaching calls on my cell phone.  These live coaching calls come at times when I’m out in the boonies with 200 miles of spotty cell service.  Regular business matters need to be handled during these calls.  Watching the road for fellow drivers – auto as well as trucks – road construction, highway exits, delivery locations and/or pick up locations.

Well, the RMU course sat on the back burner until we came home June 27th when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  July, and August were months packed full of doctor appointments for me.  September things have begun to slow down enough that I can actually begin to focus on creating a handmade business and figuring out how to continue my YouTube videos.

So here’s the daily plan so far.

Today's schedule

Today’s schedule

For the time designated for “Meal Planning” I wanted to see if there was an App that I could use.  Well……there are……265 of them to be exact.

Meal Planning Apps for IOS

Meal Planning Apps for IOS

Okay….I’ve already blown my time management for the day.  TWICE.  I finally had a good nights sleep and didn’t wake until 7:00 this morning (that shot the 6-8 paperwork slot).  And now I am just about out of the time slot for “Meal Planning”.  I have the rest of the day to get back into my plan.

I do have a video to edit for my YouTube channel and get it posted today.  So I better get off of here and stop delaying things!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marianne
    Sep 23, 2016 @ 13:50:19

    Leslie! Leslie! Leslie! My heart went out to you as I read this. I was asking myself “My God, how long did it take you to put this post together?” When you mentioned that you’d overslept till 7am I reacted with “You poor thing, you must’ve needed it!” Leslie I think it’s great that you are taking this Mom University thing. I heard about it and also wondered what it was all about but never looked into it. Scheduling and planning can be a great thing to keep us focused on the tasks that need to be accomplished. Please think about scheduling a little “ME” time on those calendars. Take the time to take care of yourself, give yourself some extra love as you’re going through this tough time. You have a lot of people rooting for you, cheering you on and wishing you well. Pencil in a couple of hours to nap, soak in a tub or whatever else you think your body and mind might need. We love you and want to keep seeing your YouTubes, blog posts and whatever else you like to share with us!


    • Message In A Fold
      Sep 24, 2016 @ 09:32:02

      Thank you, Marianne, for your really great advice! “ME” time is never on my thoughts, and it really should be. I am one of those personalities there is not much of a category for. All or nothing. I’m not Type A or Type B. When I take “ME” time it usually consists of doing nothing that requires using my brain….binge watching television. Problem with that is: one hour becomes eight – or more. I get so upset with myself for wasting so much time when I could have been doing something constructive. A downward spiral begins to take shape. One eight hour mindless binge turns into several days. I founder when I’m left to my own devices. That is a holdover from my childhood when I had, virtually, no adult supervision. I don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have structure. So the schedule gets set, a few days of working it and making changes until I get it to the point of where it works.

      Marianne, I really do appreciate you and your advice. Now I just need to figure out what “ME” time would consist of. A time that is productive, beneficial to my mind and psyche, and one that takes me from the precipice of the looming spiral 😀


  2. pearl
    Sep 24, 2016 @ 03:45:14

    well that is one busy calendar. you can do it friend. hugs xx


    • Message In A Fold
      Sep 24, 2016 @ 09:36:58

      Thank you, Pearl. That old adage, “Idle hands is the Devil’s workshop”, is often way too true for me. When I fall off the edge and go into a depression it is, usually, during an elongated period of time of doing nothing. I have been playing with the card you made for me 😀 I LOVE THAT CARD! And I get to see your face, too. Extra BONUS 😀
      Love you my Bionic Friend!


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