Mini Gift Box

Mini gift boxes with 3x3 note cards with envelopes

Mini gift boxes with 3×3 note cards with envelopes

I have made a whole lot of these little boxes.  I have quite a number of them yet to create.  Along with more 3×3 note cards with envelopes to tuck inside the gift boxes.

Making envelopes and 3x3 note cards

Making envelopes and 3×3 note cards

Seriously, you HAVE to check out this website.  If you want to create boxes using the Envelope Punch Board The Crafty Owl has the “Box Buster“.

This box generator is in BOTH metric and inches.  It took me quite a number of tries to get this tool figured out and use it properly.  Don’t let my lack of understanding stop you from being your creative best.

I kept trying until I got it right.

I kept trying until I got it right.

Just a heads up.  Keep the following in mind.

  1.  BOX DEPTH:  This is the bottom of the box.  I would have preferred 1/2 inch but the generator’s smallest measurement is 1 inch.  The metric may be able to go smaller.  The bottom of the box is what it sits on.
  2. BOX WIDTH:  This is the left to right measurement you want for the contents to fit well in the box.  With my 3×3 note cards I needed to have just a bit more width than 3 inches.  I used 3-5/8.
  3. BOX HEIGHT:  This is how tall you want the box to be BEFORE the top tapers to the peaks for handles.  I used 2-1/2 inches for the height.

Keep in mind the BOX DEPTH and BOX WIDTH measurements are the two measurements  that are critical; you won’t have to do this 17 times to get it right.  Oye Vay!  What a mess.

3x3 note cards and envelopes fit the box well

3×3 note cards and envelopes fit the box well

My 1 inch hole punch crapped out on me.  I used tin foil to sharpen the punch.  Didn’t work.  I used wax paper to make the punch glide better.  Didn’t work.  I sicked Joe on it with his hand tools.  Didn’t work.  That just really bummed me out!

1 inch hole punch has a problem

1 inch hole punch has a problem

This is NOT GOOD!

This is NOT GOOD!

In my drawers, hidden away for many years and forgotten, I have a Coluzzle set of circles, squares, and rectangles.  Just in time I remembered that old favorite tool and got it out.

Circle Coluzzle

Circle Coluzzle

Saved by my hoarding once again!

Saved by my hoarding once again!

I have a YouTube video tutorial on how to create this box for the 3×3 note cards.  Anything of a different size or shape you are on your own :/


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. DeeAnn
    Sep 08, 2016 @ 01:49:46

    Oh my gosh your cards & boxes are so cute. I love the clock embossing design. I keep forgetting the envelope board makes boxes. True confession I use the corner rounder more than I use the envelope board, lol. My favorite scalloped punch finally heard it’s death knell. Even my DH & the DH tools could not save it. Breaks your heart to lose a punch. We get so attached to our tools. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Coluzzle. It is one of my most favorite and cherished craft tools. Use it all the time. I got into the Coluzze after ProvoCraft stopped production on it. I hope your feeling strong and your healing is going fast. Been thinking of you.


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