Celebrate the Father in your life

June 19, 2016 is Father’s Day.  You  have some time to sort through your photo stash to find the quirky and fun photos of this man in your life.  Either your father or your children’s father you want to show the love to.  If you don’t have a photo in your stash maybe it is time to get one taken.

Our “Day Job” can be dead boring at times.  Constant travel over highways we are all too familiar with sometimes take a bit of creativity to ease the monotony.  Case in point:  We had been away from home going on 30 days.  Joe was tired and quite a bit bored at the time I took this photo of him.

Making faces to distract him from being bored.

Making faces to distract him from being bored.

Joe told me he sometimes makes faces when he’s bored just to have something to do.  This was one of them.

To make a very special father a very special Father’s Day card it is quite fitting to use his image as the focal point.  It is his special day after all and you want to let him know what it is about him that makes you love him so much.

I have used the “Inchy” technique in a number of ways over the years.  It works really well with photos.  You can choose to mat each square with larger card stock squares or you can adhere the pieces directly to the card base.

"Inchy" technique used with a photo

“Inchy” technique used with a photo.

I will have a video of this process in the next day or two on my YouTube channel.  I am in the editing process right now and trying to keep it down to 15 minutes.  Make sure to have yourself a few copies of the photo. One for any “Oopsies” that may occur and one as a reference to get the pieces lined up properly.  This is much like putting a puzzle together.

If you have already had experience with Inchy techniques then this will be a snap.  Let’s do something special for those fabulous father’s in our lives.



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  1. pearl
    May 31, 2016 @ 22:56:24

    hello Leslie. welcome back to the craft room. this is great and i don’t remember hearing about this technique so will await the video ” how to”. hugs to you my friend.xx


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