How to choose colors for your cards. 

Tonight we are in Hebron, Ohio. Tomorrow, early to mid afternoon, we will arrive in Ono, Pennsylvania to begin moving trucks to auction in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. 

Darleen Messenger, a friend and subscriber to my YouTube channel, recently asked how I come up with my color choices in card making. 

I take my cues from nature. I am, after all, pretty well immersed in it daily. Let me show you a photo I have borrowed from A very moody sunset. An author would call this a “bruised sky” I would imagine.  Purple, mottled blue, a peek of yellow, deep dark colors. 

Translate these colors to your creations. 

Think about a rose garden or a bouquet of roses to translate into your card or scrapbook layout.  has a photo of a bunch of roses. Deep red, sunlight yellow, a full pink, snowy white, bright red, dainty pink. The green leaves in the background, plus really great lighting, showcase an array of colors you can work with on a card or scrapbook layout. 

I am working on a video to show how I make my color choices. It will be a few days before I get that made and uploaded. Hopefully this little peek will help you in your color choices. 



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