When is it good to be an Enabler?

This is not the typical meaning of the word “Enabler”.  One that congers up feelings of dread and fear.  Although I do have to admit that I did have some feelings of dread and fear at times.

Power tools are not my thing.  The roar of a turning saw blade, the scream of the wood as it is being torn apart.  Ooooh, that sounds Creepy!  I do like the smell of sawdust as the wood is being cut, though.

For well over 12 years, no matter how much I b**ch, complain, and threaten…my husband brings his tools into the house.  Table saw, drill press, skill saws, lumber, drills, and all other manner of hand and power tools.

Why?  Because he has too much cr…., er, uhm, stuff to go in the small shed we have.  He has over grossed the small shed with his other cra……stuff.

He had been looking for a larger shed over the years but there just wasn’t anything he found to be large enough to store his tools plus be a good size as a work room.  He finally found one in February or March of this year.  Spring brought many weather problems.  Tornadoes, rain, hail, and high winds.  The ground had to dry out before the new shed would be delivered.  Keep it from sinking into the mud.

The shed arrived in mid August.  While Joe was out of town he requested that I paint the floor of the shed.  I had to get out in the early hours of the morning before it got way too  hot.  While Joe was home we used some kind of Spackle stuff to fill the screw and nail holes on the floor.  Once that was dry and sanded then I was able to paint the floor.

Painting the shed floor

Painting the shed floor

I first went around with a paint brush so I could get under the floor stud thing-a-ma-bobs before using a paint roller on the rest of the floor.  One word of caution.  If you have long hair….tie it up and out of the way.  The tail end of my braid was really good at flinging paint all over my arms, neck, and parts of my face :/

My hair got in on the action

My hair got in on the action

It only took about three hours to get the floor painted.  And the paint I used…floor and deck paint….dried in a couple of hours.  I would need to put another coat on the floor, and I did do that several days later.

Floor painted

Floor painted

Last week, while Joe was home, he was really excited about getting started on his shed.  First to be built would be a platform to cut the plywood sheet that would finally become a ramp to move his heavy tools in and out the door.  He called his contraption a “Sacrificial Base” to cut plywood over some plastic sawhorses.

So, for five days I helped him get his Sacrificial Base made, steps to replace the concrete blocks at the shed’s door, and the ramp.  During that time I got to use both of my cameras to video his work.  There were even some really cool shots from underneath the plywood as he cut his way through.

I made two videos showing Joe’s skills and his teaching ability.  I thought it would be really great for his kids to have a reminder of their Dad’s handy work.  They are all grown and gone and don’t get to see him much.  Now they can watch him whenever they want to 😀

If you would like to watch the two videos I made showcasing my husband’s creativity you can watch them both below.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jack Flacco
    Sep 20, 2015 @ 08:31:44

    I’ve got to also get a new shed since I tore apart the old one in the spring. I didn’t want to put it together this year, wanting to have a break from any manual labor. But we’ll see next year, once the snow will have melted and I will have had time to recover from a few years of major renovations on the house.

    The floor looks amazing. Too bad your hair suffered as a casualty from the best efforts. Well worth it, though, if you ask me!


    • Message In A Fold
      Sep 27, 2015 @ 21:45:27

      Thank you, Jack, for your nod of approval on my painting of the shed floor.

      Ouch! Home renovations. The ideas and planning are the fun part. They are also the harbingers of much trouble and pains. 😀

      I think you know what I mean….everything takes three times as long to complete and the dollar amounts involved boggle the mind. Well done though, getting your major renovations done and it is time or a long needed rest from the labors.


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