Scrapbook Layout Mayhem

In this Friday episode for my YouTube channel I show you what it is like when I create.  Interruptions, changing my mind on photo placement, hating one element that I permanently glued down and know that taking it off would be disaster.  Getting an idea that seems, at first bloom, to be the best idea I ever had in my life then find out it was not such a good idea at all.

When I first started making scrapbook layouts I binge watched YouTube videos on how to do it.  It looked so easy!  Being a “semi” perfectionist I would beat myself up and get really frustrated with the results before me.  Why couldn’t I get things to look like I saw in the videos?!  What was wrong with me?

I almost gave up because most of the people I watched on YouTube had a college background in graphic arts or art theory.  I never went to college.  I told myself that I was a total loser and would never figure this out.

I may not have a college education but I make up for that by sheer persistence and always searching for answers.

At the present time, I am trying to become “friends” with lace.  I thought a top border of pretty lace would be a really good touch on the layout for my twin granddaughters.  As soon as I glued it all on I regretted that decision.  It was too late by that time.  The paper would roll backwards from the application of the wet glue if I took the lace off.  Also, some of the areas where the glue had a thin application would be dry and the paper would tear.  So each time I looked at that flaming “Fabulous” idea I would cringe.

Application of lace.  Hate it.

Application of lace. Hate it.

Just move on….pretend like nothing is wrong.

I knew the title of my two page layout would be “Mischief”.  I knew where I wanted it to go.  I used my Original Sizzix Machine and thin alpha dies to create the title.  That turned out good.  Just get it adjusted before I glue the letters down permanently.

Title for the layout

Title for the layout

My “brilliant” idea was to create word bubbles for the mischief the girls got into.  I have an old desk top publishing software that I used for this idea.  I printed this out on regular printer paper to see the size and test on my Stampin’ Up! Word Window Punch.  When I saw this working on the printer paper I put a piece of card stock in my printer to be used on the layouts.

Word bubble idea

Word bubble idea

Well….application of the word bubbles make the layout look like I had a couple of turkeys show up 😦

I had also fixed my problem with the bad lace at the top of the layout.  So now I have lace festooned turkeys.  :/

A couple of turkeys show up

A couple of turkeys show up

I then moved the word bubbles to the outer edges of the pages.  Crowding the title distracting it from the impact I was going for.

Crowding the title

Crowding the title

Take the word bubbles off and place them around the outer edges of the layouts in a better pattern.  Giving each page the balanced weight they deserved.    I just placed the words where they would fit and wasn’t paying much attention to how they would read.  Oh well, my daughter will have a good laugh as she thinks about the girls “hiding in toilet” that can be read at the bottom right of the left page.  You can click on the above photo, or the one below, to see the “hiding in toilet” bit.

Pages deemed finished.

Pages deemed finished.

For the newcomers to creating scrapbook layouts I say to you….keep going.  Don’t stop just because you don’t think you are talented enough to do this art form.

If you want to watch the video I made showing the reality of creating scrapbook layouts I have added it below.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pearl Hudson
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 22:05:07

    hi Leslie, i think you layout looks great. love the lace and the placement of everything looks good to me. i think you did a beaut job. i too have a tussle with lace but i love it on my fancy cards. be kind to yourself you did great.


    • Message In A Fold
      Sep 05, 2015 @ 06:06:43

      Thank you my friend, Pearl, for your kind words. Do you share your “fancy cards” and your regular cards or creations anywhere? I’d love to see what you do….maybe I can learn from you 😀
      Hugs, Leslie


  2. Jack Flacco
    Sep 06, 2015 @ 18:01:04

    Oh, what a gorgeous layout, Leslie! I think if anything, it is so colorful that it fits perfectly with the kids’ theme. Great job with the color choices and the actual look of it all. I sill don’t get how you can come up with so many beautiful layouts. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!


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