Time for a “Viewer Vote”.

When I was in my early to mid 20’s…..in the 1970’s…..there was a term known as “Brainstorming” that was used nearly constantly.

What’s for supper?  I don’t know.  Let’s brainstorm that idea.

Ahem, uhm…..I tended to get myself in trouble with that phrase on a frequent basis.

Once, while I was at work at Arizona State University, I overheard a group of young men talking about something.  Don’t know what they were discussing but a phrase one of the men stated, excitedly, was “Let’s throw things around and see what sticks”.

I’m sure you can relate somehow to this.  That young man’s words brought back a teenage memory, from the mid 1960’s, of a trip to the Denver Zoo in Colorado.  My sister and I were taken to the zoo by our father who had come to our foster home for a short visit.  Anyway, we were at the Great Ape exhibit.  A huge white backed male Gorilla was being taunted by the large crowd of human males.  These human males were beating their chests and roaring loudly.

The male Gorilla was making his noises while he skittered sideways, back and forth, across the exhibits floor as he was being taunted.

These human males were so caught up in their show of “Gorilla Bullying” they didn’t notice the female Gorilla that was getting fed up with these stupid humans taunting her man.

Behind me was a zoo attendant quietly sitting on a concrete bench holding a section of a large garden hose.  To me that was the weirdest thing to see during this increasingly escalating agitated scene happening in front of me.  His presence would soon make total sense.

The raucous noise of the human males bating the male Gorilla got on his partners last nerve.  She moved to the left side of the enclosure (to the right as I was watching her).  She squatted down and pooped.  That wasn’t the best part….or the grossest part.  Once she had a good pile of excrement, that female Gorilla scooped up a portion and hurled it like a missile at those human males that were being so disrespectful to her man.

Poop flew through the air.  One human male was hit in the right eye with the stuff.  For his sake the glasses he wore took the biggest part of the hit.  Several other human males were hit by the incoming missiles in their hair, on their shirts, and spatters on their face.

Let me tell you.  All at once the bullying crowd of human males went totally quiet.  Then the guttural taunts became cries of complaints and whimpers of disgust.

That zoo attendant with the garden hose…..he was there to wash away the female Gorilla poop.  Those not hit by the volley of poop immediately left the Gorilla exhibit.  That exhibit emptied as if someone had called out “Fire!”.

So, as you can imagine, hearing “Let’s throw stuff and see what sticks” brought on a fit of giggles as I walked passed that group of young men.

Why, you may wonder, am I writing about Gorillas and poop, brainstorming, and viewer voting?

Because I’m trying to make some changes to my YouTube Channel’s video offerings.  I have a tendency to hop around.  Willy Nilly.  No consistency.  Several videos uploaded during a month or two then nothing for several months.

Now that I’m home and only cleaning my personal toilets, not a bunch of public toilets, I figured it is about time to learn how to use my video camera better, light my crafting area better, and create videos that have substance.

As a viewer of my channel and a person wishing to learn something, I have a video requesting your input to guide me in what you want to see.  What you want to learn.  Leave questions for future videos.  You can watch the video below.  Leave a comment here on this blog post or go directly to my Channel and leave a comment.

I promise there will be no poop hurling going on.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Aug 09, 2015 @ 09:14:12

    That gave me a good smile to start the day!


  2. aspot2stamp
    Aug 09, 2015 @ 15:35:03

    I’m ready to watch anything you post 🙂 I think your plan sounds spot on. I like you wonder about what everyone does with their hauls. I do have the problem of following the haul people off to the stores to get the latest goodies and bring them home to stuff them in the craft corner with the rest of my goodies. I don’t have a cricut but have toyed with whether I need one or not. I have a big shot with a plethora of dies, folders plates ect….. so do I really need one ????? maybe tee hee I can stuff another tool on my desk and since those little cartridges are so small I could surely find some where to put a few of them too. 🙂 Then I could use up some of my hoard of 12×12 paper.
    It’s good to see you making videos again you are a very good instructor and you have a lots of good ideas and advise to share so I say let the fun begin !!

    Big hugs,


  3. Jack Flacco
    Aug 09, 2015 @ 17:28:34

    Nothing wrong with hopping around, Leslie. I do it all the time on my site and I’m okay for it. I have yet to lose my mind, but I know where I belong in the greater scheme of things!


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