30 + Pounds Lost and a job abandoned.

The only thing I am going to say about the abandoned job is that I took the initiative in a situation and trod on some Corporate person’s toes.  I got reprimanded by the Corporate Office, instead of the Personnel Office at the store, and…..let’s just say that I had to leave before my mouth overloaded my a$$.

My Zodiac sign is “Leo”.  Need I say more?

I’m too old (61 today), to put up with insecure youngsters.

When I started the job I weighed in at a whopping 232 pounds.  Today, I weigh 212.4.  That job did me good while I was there.  It got me moving and it allowed me to interact with, and enjoy, the many people I worked with.

Try as I might, I just could not get into my craft room over the past six months – or more.  Hurt too much, not enough time to start much of anything before I fell asleep, and my all around feeling was just too much pressure to perform.

I received an email from a YouTube subscriber letting me know that she and her daughter are starting to scrapbook — on July 17th.

This mother asked me some questions about heat embossing.

  • What is the name of the embossing powder I used?
  • If she asks for embossing powder at the craft store will they know what it is?
  • Is is possible to craft on a tight budget?

I think I know which video she is referencing.  This got me to thinking about doing a series of videos on heat embossing.

  • What are the differences in embossing powders?
  • Will just any old embossing powder work?
  • Won’t I use all the powder right away in those little jars?
  • How can I craft on a tight budget?
  • What will I have to buy?

I’m finally going to get back into my room.  Mojo or not, I have a purpose now.  Someone needs my  help and I am ready to take up the challenge.

See you all soon.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aspot2stamp
    Jul 30, 2015 @ 12:59:37

    Great o see you surface on the crafty scene again 🙂 As to the job – it’s their loss They had a great employee so its too bad they didn’t want to see the good thing they had ( just my humble opinion ) But have been there done that myself. On the weight loss High fives.. You go Girl 🙂 been wrestling with that one this summer not so successfully either but all in good time. Been laying low in the craft corner this summer just enjoying the chaos of all the kiddies( had all 4 grandbabies plus my 3 the past few days ) much noise and laughter lol 🙂 The crafty corner is a wreck from the goodies I’ve picked up here or there. We have about 3 weeks til school resumes and then I will have time to get crafty. It will be nice to see a new video pop up from you. Take care of yourself my friend and give Joe a Hi from us.
    Love and hugs,


  2. Jen
    Jul 30, 2015 @ 19:37:48

    Great to see you on WP again. I recently said about an issue at work “They don’t pay me enough to keep me mouth shut!”
    I’ve been feeling the mid life pounds creeping for the first time ever. Reading a few books about mid life eating.


  3. tinakuhlman
    Jul 30, 2015 @ 22:48:46

    as per my facebook a few months ago i quit my 14 year factory job that was 1 hour away. and got a job at walmart 5 minutes away….cleaning….my daily mantra is…the electric bill is due..the lot rent is due..i now have power hungry 20 year olds (who know everything there is to know) looking down their nose being rude an giving me orders..lol.. which no problem BUT i cannot do 3 things in 3 different places at once. when i come home i’m drained physically an mentally. i feel totally disconnected from my life and family. so i feel your pain…an some day sooner then later i probably will open my mouth an not shut it…LOL hang in there girl.. but i’m glad to see you back. have you ever thought about trying to go the route of youtube an http://www.patreon.com or even do live streams or classes via video. just a suggestion but your in my prayers love ya


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